3-19-18 thru 3-22-18 Cork Road Mysterious Coats

3.19.18 cork

The little girl shivered because the morning air was cold. The Little Boy saw it and he took off his coat and gave it to her. He said, ‘it’s raggedy but it keeps me warm, so it should keep you warm.’ The little girl smiled gratefully at The Little Boy.

Right at that moment, one of the town boys fell on a rock. “Owwww!” he hollered. He started to cry, the other boys started to say, ‘you big baby’, but The Little Boy told them ‘shhhh, he’s not a baby! Look! He got cut, he’s bleeding!” the boys stopped and told the one that was hurt, ‘I’m sorry’. The Little Boy said ‘we need to go back to my house, this is bleeding too much. My Mama will know what to do.’

[remove this later, but I started crying, wishing I had had a ‘Mama’ like this. So weird. I get SO into this story when typing it out. Just think, me, at some point, Jesus is gonna have that ALL healed and I won’t hurt at all anymore. 6.22.18][update 12-10-19, I’m not taking things like this out, this is my journal. And now, I AM over it. Praise God].

So two of the boys locked hands together and the hurt boy sat on their hands. They would switch off with the other two boys until they got back to The Little Boy’s house. The Little Boy ran ahead, with The Little Girl trailing behind. When he got to the gate he yelled “Mama! Mama! Come quick!”

His Mama heard him and came running to the door. She saw the blood all over the boy’s leg and dripping down. She said, ‘Oh my goodness! Bring him in boys, set him here at the kitchen table’. His Mama said, ‘Lord Jesus, I ask you to heal this little boy’s leg, so there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not dirty and it heals up real quick.’

She then went and got a pan of hot water from the hot water on the stove and she got a pan of cold water. She got some rags from the kitchen pantry, they were the ones we use to wipe off the table. She dipped one in cold water and wrung it out and put it on his leg. Then she dipped one in  hot water and washed all the blood off his leg with that one. He knee was bleeding pretty badly. The Little Boy watched as his Mama kept putting a cold rag on it, then a hot rag. She had him stretch out his leg and told one of the boys to hold it. She saw it was clean, then she told her son to go out in the backyard and pick some of the yarrow. She said, ‘Son, only get the leaves this time’.

So The Little Boy ran out in the back. There wasn’t any grass but there was a lot of herbs and stuff growing wild. So he went to the yarrow, he knew which one it cause his Mama uses stuff in the yard for their healing. He grabbed the leaves and ran back inside. His Mama said, ‘Lord, you gave this for our healing and we thank you for it’, and she put it on the boy’s knee. It was amazing to watch. In about 5 minutes, the bleeding was all stopped.

In about 30 minutes, it was starting to close up. His Mama got some bandages and wrapped it around his knee with new leaves underneath it. She said, ‘ok boys, you can put his leg down down. They did and there wasn’t any blood coming out.

The little girl said, ‘my Mama uses that too when I get hurt’. The Little Boy’s Mama said, ‘she does? I’m going to go over to see her today. I’m going to bring her some angel food cake and we can talk about herbs! I’ll leave the cake at your house, so you can have some when you get home from school.’ The little girl’s eyes got wide and she said, ‘oh thank you Ma’am’!

His Mama said, ‘ I see you’re wearing my son’s coat, but you know, I have something that’ll fit you better’. She went upstairs and I could hear her rummaging around in her room. She came downstairs with a really pretty coat that had these little squares all over it. My Mama said, ‘this is a quilted coat, this will keep you nice and warm’.

The Little Boy said, ‘Mama? Where did you get that’? His Mama said, ‘never you mind son, you just go on to school with the rest of the boys and girl’, she winked at The Little Girl, The Little Girl winked back, “I’ll see you when you get home”.

So they all headed out the door. The Little Boy looked at The Little Girl and said, “I didn’t know you knew how to wink!” She said, laughing, “you didn’t ask me!” The Little Boy said, ‘do you know how to whistle?” The Little Girl said, ‘of course I do! Don’t you’?

The Little Boy replied, ‘no, I keep trying and trying, but no sound comes out’. She said, ‘show me how you do it’. The Little Boy pursed his lips and blew out. The Little Girl said, ‘no, you can’t just do it like you’re going to kiss somebody. You got to do it really tight. Curl your lips up really tight and you have to blow down a little bit’. So The Little Boy tried it again and a tiny sound came out. “I did it! I did it!”

The little girl laughed and said, ‘yes, you did! Try it again, but this time don’t put your upper lip so far out. you need to make a little tiny hole for the air to come out’.

The town boys said, ‘can you tell us how to walk on this rocky road so we can get to school without falling down again’? The Little Boy said, ‘you have to watch where you’re walking. You have to look down at the road and see where you put your feet. You can’t just walk along like you do on the Cork road, the Cork road has nothing on it. So you can just walk along on that. but on this road, you’ve got to watch where you’re going. You have to make sure you do things the right way. You have to not step on the sharp rocks cause those can go through your shoes. Those are really hard and those are the ones people usually fall on. But you can stop on the rocks that have a round top on them. You still have to be careful though. Pretty soon, if you keep walking on it,  you will figure out which is the best way to go. Your ankles and legs will get really strong and so will your back.

My Dad walks it a certain way and my mom walks her walk a different way. I walk a different way than she does. We all, each have our own ways, but we’re all doing the same thing. You just have to find the way to walk, once you find the way to walk, then it gets easier.  And you trust yourself more that you’re going to walk in the right way. You still have to look down sometimes, even my Dad looks down sometimes! But we always get to where we’re going.”

So for the rest of the way to school, while the town boys were carefully watching where they put their feet, The Little Boy and The Little Girl practiced whistling.

They got to their classroom and the teacher saw the boy’s leg and said, ‘my goodness, what happened to you”? he said, ‘I fell down on the rocky road.’ The teacher said, ‘what were you doing on the rocky road? You live on the Cork Road. You live where there aren’t any rocks, where it’s soft and feels good.’

The boy said, ‘we went down to The Little Boy’s house and when we were walking back, I fell on a rock. Then we went back to his house and his Mama washed my leg off and she put these leaves on it!’ The teacher exclaimed, ‘Oh my! Leaves?’  The Town Boy said, ‘yes Ma’am, leaves. And you could see it stopped bleeding real quick and then it started closing up real quickly. So she put a bandage on it and I came to school’.

Teacher said, ‘well ok, hang up your coats and put your lunches away children.’

All the kids came in, put their lunches away and hung up their coats. They went over immediately to the side of the room where the red boxes were. The teacher cautioned them, ‘remember do not touch those boxes!’. They remembered what happened yesterday and did not touch the boxes. But they sure wanted too.

The teacher asked, ‘did you remember to bring your colored craft paper? If you did, raise it up in your hand.’ Everybody got out their craft paper and all the kids in class had colored craft paper, including The Little Boy and The Little Girl.

They looked at each other and smiled, excited that they could be a part of the class activity, since they have these gifts. They didn’t feel like they were outsiders.

‘ok’ said the teacher, ‘I want everybody to get in groups of three.’

So The Little Boy and The Little Girl looked at each other and they agreed they were going to be together, now they had to find somebody else. The boy with the cut knee came over and asked if he could be in their group. They said, ‘sure’!

The teacher said, ‘you will find in front of you a package. Inside the package there is tape, scissors and crayons.

What we are going to do altogether, is think up all the wonderful, encouraging words we can think of and I will write them on the board. Then you children will fold up your paper – I will show you how later – and you’ll cut the paper into squares. Then you’ll take a crayon and write one of the words on one side of the square.

I want every child to pick four of their favorite colors from the colored paper pack now.’

So all the children selected four of their favorite colors from the packs of paper. All you could hear was all this talking, it got louder and louder until the teacher said, ‘class! Class! Keep your voices down’.

The Little Boy picked orange, red, green and blue. The Little Girl picked purple, pink, lavender and orange.

The teacher said, ‘ok, now we need to start putting words on the board. Who has a word for me to write down?” all the kids started yelling at once. The Teacher said, ‘wait a minute, we need to do this one at a time. So we’ll go with the boy in the back of the room over there by the red boxes and we will go up the row, then start at the top of the next row and go down. Then to the next row and start at the bottom and go up, until everyone has said a word’.

She asks the boy, ‘what’s your word son?” The boy said, ‘amazing’. So The Teacher wrote it on the board. She called out, ‘next?’ The next child said, ‘wonderful’. ‘Next?’

‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.  The Teacher laughed and said, ‘what does it mean’? The child said, ‘it means the bestest, most amazing, wonderfulness, best!’ The Teacher said, ‘honey, it’s a great word, but we won’t be able to fit it on the square. Can you come up with another word’? The student said, ‘#1’. The Teacher said, ‘that’s better, thank you. Next?’ And so it went until every single child in the classroom had given a word. There were 24 different words up there. The teacher has added four of her own.

Then The Teacher showed us all how to fold the paper. we folded it like I’ve seen letters come in the mail. Then we folded it in half, longways.

We did this to each of the four pieces of paper we had. Then The Teacher told us to cut out the squares. So we did. Then she told us to take four of the pieces of the same color of each page and trade them for different colors with a different kid in the room. So I traded a green for a purple with The Little Girl, and orange for a black, a red for a bright pink, an orange for a brown, a blue for a greenish blue. So it went with everybody doing this so we all had a whole bunch of different colors. So nobody knew who got what from who.

Then The Teacher told us to take a crayon and write down a different word on each of our pieces of paper. she said, ‘make sure you do your best printing. This is part of your lesson for today’.

After a while The Teacher said, ‘ok children, it’s lunch time. Go outside and have your lunch’.

So we grabbed our lunches and ran outside. Now all of us, the 5 Town boys, The Little Girl and me all sat under the tree and we all shared our lunches.

After we ate, we went and played tetherball and hopscotch. Some got on the teeter-totter. We all had a good time.

When we got back into the classroom, we saw that The Teacher had put a round circle with a hole in it, in each square.

She also put stars on the squares. Gold stars, silver stars, blue stars, red stars and green stars. It was really pretty thought The Little Boy to himself.

So the kids were asking The Teacher, ‘what’s this for? How come you put stars on it’? The Teacher said, ‘hush children, sit down in your seats. I’m going to give you all some cord. It’s already cut, I want you to put it through the hole in the square and then tie a knot at the very end of the cord.’

The Little Boy thought, ‘this will be easy, but I bet the other town kids don’t know how to make a knot.’

Sure enough, he made a knot at the very end of it, and the teacher came over and saw it. She said, ‘well done!’ she looked at the other kids and they were still struggling. So she asked The Little Boy to come to the front of the class and how everyone how to make a knot at the very end. The Little Boy went to the front and he held it up and showed everyone how to make a knot at the end. So then all the students in the class were able to tie the cords at the end.

The Teacher said, ‘ok! It’s time to go home! You children did very well today. You learned how to print neatly, you learned how to print in a straight line, you learned how to tie a knot, you learned how to tie a knot neatly, you learned how to share and you learned how to work together to come up with words. I’m very proud of you all.”

The students all said ‘thank you teacher’. Then they all grabbed their coats and sweaters and left the classroom to go home.

The teacher called to The Little Boy and said, “son, come here please.” She said, “you seem different today. What is it?” The Little Boy said, “I think it’s The Stranger, because since he came, everything seems like it’s better. My Mama got three bags of groceries on the porch, my Daddy got offered a job in another city and my Daddy started reading the Bible that my grandma left him, last night.”

The Teacher smiled and said, “oh, that explains it.” The Little Boy said, “explains what?” The Teacher said, “why the town boys are getting along together and with you, now. Why things seem to be better. Ok honey, you can go home now.”

The Little Boy said to her, “remember! The Stranger is coming tomorrow!” The Teacher laughed and said, “how could I forget with all those hearts over there?”

The Little Boy ran out of the classroom and caught up with the boys and The Little Girl and started walking home.

The town boys said they could not walk on the rocky road now. Their parents were getting mad at them that they weren’t coming right home after school and getting their homework done. So where the rocky road meets the Cork Road, The Little Boy and The Little Girl waved bye to their new friends and everybody went to their own house.

3.21.18 CORK

When the kids got to the halfway point, where The Little Girl lived, The Little Boy’s mom came to the door! The Little Boy was surprised! She motioned for him to come in, so he looked at The Little Girl and she looked at him, then grabbed his hand and brought him into her house. His Mama said, “son, I want you and The Little Girl to go into the kitchen and have some angel food cake. There’s fresh blueberry sauce to put on it if you want some. I’ll be a little longer with her mom.”

The Little Girl’s eyes got big. She’d never had angel food cake before!

They went into the kitchen and there were two plates of cake and the sauce in the middle of the table. There was water to drink. The kids hung up their coats and went to the table and sat down. The Little Boy passed the sauce to The Little Girl and she put a whole bunch on her cake. She gave it back to The Little Boy and he put the rest of it on his. They started eating and there was blue all over their faces. The Little Boy stuck out his tongue at The Little Girl. At first, she thought he was being mean, then she saw his tongue was blue! She started laughing. She stuck hers out at him and they were both laughing. They got done eating their cake and drinking the water, then went to the sink to wash up. His Mama said, “are you kids done now?” The Little Boy said “yes Mama.” She said, “come on in here.” So the kids went into the living room. The Little Boy saw the rug on the floor and it was all raggedy. It didn’t look much like a rug at all. He noticed because he tripped over it. The Little Girl reached out her hand to steady him. The Little Boy’s Mama said, “come over here and sit down children.”

So they went over where their moms were and sat on the floor, looking up at their mom’s expectantly. The Little Boy’s mom said, “I’ve been talking to The Little Girl’s mom today. She has asked Jesus to forgive her of the things she’s done wrong and to come live in her heart. Son, just like your Father and I did last night. Her Daddy is over talking to your Dad, Son, and they are doing the same thing.”

The Little Boy started sneezing and he kept sneezing. Then he started coughing. The little girl’s mom was all concerned, saying, “oh my, oh my. I know it’s the dust in this house. There’s just no way to keep it out, because the windows don’t close all the way and that’s why it’s so cold in here too.” The Little Boy’s mom said, “oh, that’s ok, it will pass.”

She asked The Little Girl’s mom, “why don’t you and your daughter come over to our house for supper tonight? Your husband is already at our house. I put food in the crock-pot this morning and there’s plenty to eat. So why don’t you and your daughter come on over for supper?”

The woman said, “that would be lovely! Thank you!”

So the kids got their coats and the women got theirs and went to The Little Boy’s house.

All four of them went directly to the kitchen when they arrived, because they could hear the men talking in the living room. They didn’t want to interrupt. The Little Girl’s mom said, “oh, it smells so wonderful in here! And it’s so warm!”

The Little Boy’s mother said, “we only have this one stove to get the house warm with and it gets it somewhat warm in the living room, but we’re usually in the kitchen anyway, so it works.”

The other woman said, “we don’t have any heat in the house at all.” The Little Boy’s mother exclaimed, “you’re kidding me? What do you do when it’s so cold out?”

The other woman said, “we just try to find more clothes, or sometimes, my husband makes a fire in the backyard and we’ll sit around that and try to get warm.”

The Little Boy’s mother said, “oh no, that will never do! You need to get warm! Let me ask my husband tonight if there’s anything he can fix up.” The woman said, “oh, I would be so grateful!”

The Little Boy went upstairs and took The Little Girl with him to his bedroom. He was showing her the toys his Dad had carved out of wood for him. He had a donkey and some people. He explained to her that his Dad was making him a barnyard of animals.

It was getting dark and there was a moon out. The light was coming through the window. The Little Girl said, “oh look at that! you can see the moon right from your window!”

The Little Boy said “yes and on some nights, when it’s more full, there’s a blue light in the bedroom.” The Little Girl said, “oh that must be really pretty!”

“it is,” he replied, “one night, I even saw shiny bits in it.”

The kids heard their mom’s calling them for supper. So they went downstairs and everybody sat around the table.

The children’s Mother’s had set the table and everything looked really good. The boy noticed that it was more of the groceries that someone had left on their porch. He knew this because they never had a salad, except sometimes in the summer when his mom could grow it in the backyard.

His mom had made stew. There was potatoes in it, and onions, and carrots, and celery, he had to ask his mom what the celery was because he’d never seen it before. Yes, even though he was 5 years old, almost 6, he had never seen celery before.

He watched his dad take potatoes out of the stew, and mash them up with his fork and put the gravy from the stew on top of them. So he did the same thing. The little girl watched him do it so she did the same thing, so everybody was eating their dinner and everybody seemed to be talking at the same time.

The grown-ups talked about the stuff they had talked about that day, and the kids just sat there and ate. As soon as dinner was over, his mom told the kids to wipe the plates off, and put them in the sink. She got coffee cups and the other woman got the sugar, and they took it into the living room. Both The Little Boy and girl were straining to hear what the adults were talking about, but they couldn’t hear words. They got the dishes wiped and then they went in to join their parents.

The Little Boy saw the man and the woman holding the red boxes. So he guessed that his mom and dad told them about the red boxes. They did not open them up. They just looked at them and felt them. Then they put them on the table in front of them.

The little girl looked at her mom and dad, and saw that their faces looked different.

It seemed almost like they were glowing, like the moon does at night. They saw her looking at them quizzically, and they said “honey come over here.” Her dad picked her up and put her on his knee, and said “we want to tell you about Jesus.” The little girl said “okay.”

So her Daddy and her mommy told her about Jesus, and how much he loves her, and she said, “I know.”

They looked at her in surprise and said, “you know?” She said, “yes. I didn’t know what his name was, but I’ve talked to him before. And I know he loves me. There’s also angels and I’ve seen them, and talk to them.”

Her parents looked at each other wide-eyed. “Angels?” they said in unison. The little girl said “yes.” She said, “Daddy, there’s one right behind your shoulder now.”

Her dad’s eyes got big, and he said, “there is?”
She nodded her head yes. And pointed over his left shoulder. Her mom asked, “is there one around me?” The Little Girl nodded her head yes, and she said, “there’s one behind you and it’s a lady angel and she’s really pretty just like you are Mama.” Her mother smiled and said, “thank you honey.”

The little girl said, “there’s angels everywhere in this room. There’s angels around his mom and dad. And there’s one with me, and there’s one with him,” pointing to The Little Boy.

Her Daddy said, “well I guess I don’t need to tell you about Jesus!” The little girl said “well Daddy, thank you for telling me his name!” Her mom asked, “do you talk to him?”

The little girl nodded yes, her mom asked, “what do you call him?” The little girl said, “I never call him anything because he’s always right there.”

The Little Boy had been listening to this with ears wide open.

The Little Boy’s Daddy said, “well we have all been talking about about me getting a job in the new city and when we leave this house then this family is going to move into it.”

When he said that, the boxes on the table glowed. Everybody saw it. They glowed.

3.22.18 Cork

I started praising the Lord, and I felt like I’m seven. I think Jesus is going to have me be 7. And I asked Jesus, “why do I want to be 7 now?”

Jesus said “Because it’s time.”

“Time for what? Why do I want to grow up?”

“Because that is how things happen. First, you’re born as a baby. The whole point is to learn things in life. Learn about me, and grow up to be a mature, responsible, human being if that’s how you were programmed to be. [I knew he meant there are some children that aren’t programmed to be]

“And since you were programmed to be, that’s why we are having the stories. So I can be your Mom and your Dad and teach you the things you need to know.”

“But Jesus, you’re not teaching me like a mommy, it doesn’t seem like.”

Jesus said, “It may not seem like that to you Nini, but every story we have, I’m building in you trust and sure-footedness, knowing those things that you need to know in order to be a well-rounded woman when you grow up. It’s all part of my plan babygirl.”

“So Jesus? I’m learning how to be, even though you’re not giving me the words, I’m still learning it aren’t I?”

“Yes you are.”

“Like when Janine had to get her eyes checked and she didn’t say that she hated the lady when she did that light thing in her eyes, that she hates. I hate it to Jesus.”

Jesus laughed and said, ‘I know you both do.’

“But Janine said, and it was really me Jesus, “I don’t like it”, neither one of us said we don’t like the lady. So that’s you teaching me when you’re my mom huh?”


“So, why is it okay with me to be 7 now?”

“Because you are gaining the feelings inside that this is how it’s supposed to be. And because I have healed you along the way thus far, you are okay with it.”

“Jesus, is Janine your babygirl too?”

Jesus smiled gently and lovingly and said, “yes”.

“Jesus? When you look at us, do you see us as your babygirl? Any of your children, do you see us as your babygirl or your sons, I don’t know what you call them. Do you see us as that or do you see us as grown-ups?”

“I see you as whatever maturity level you are at, at that time, that’s how I speak to you. Whatever it is that you can understand and handle.”


So Jesus? How do you see Janine? Do you see her as old as she is, or do you see her as me like when we’re talkin?”

“I see you both. I relate to you as both. I relate to you actually as all of your bits and parts.”

“That’s weird Jesus.”

He laughed and said “I know. I knew it would be too much for you to understand, but I wanted to tell you anyway.”

“Jesus, why did you want to tell me anyway when you knew that I wouldn’t get it?”

“Because one day you will. This is not just a story for you as a little girl, this is a story for you to refer back to for many years to come. There are many lessons in here.”

“Ok. Jesus are we going to do the Cork Road?”

“If you want to.”

“I do.”

“Okay, get your drinks and get your blanket and come sit on my lap. Do you want to sit on my lap, or would you like to sit on the chair?”

“I don’t know, can I tell you in a minute?

Jesus? Do you do these stories with everybody?”

“No. Just the ones who need it and want it and will sit still with me long enough to listen.”

“Jesus, thank you for giving me that dog. He’s really tuned in to me isn’t he?”

“Yes he is. He is your heart, he pays attention to you, just like you saw he did. You both heard a noise, but then he laid back down and you kept looking. And then you looked at him and looked over where the noise was. You only did that like two times didn’t you Nini?”

“Yes Daddy, and then Pico got up and went outside to see what was going on. Daddy? Is Pico like an angel for me?”


“Thank you Daddy. Daddy?”

“Yes Janine?”

“Will you please not call me Janine but call me Nini or babygirl?”

“Yes babygirl?”

“Daddy can I ask you a question?”

“Yes babygirl.”

“How do I pray Daddy?”

“You just talk to me like you’re talking to me now.”

“Okay Daddy, when I say it, do I say ‘I want you to’ or do I ask you to”?

“You ask. And sometimes you demand.”

“How do I demand? Isn’t that rude?”

“No honey. When you say my Word back to me you’re putting a demand on it. A demand means, you are taking something forcefully and applying it. Like when you put paste on a piece of paper and then you push that piece of paper onto another piece of paper. When you push down on the pasted paper, that is like putting a demand on my word. You take it and you believe it and you use it and you strongly use it and you claim it as yours and you don’t let anybody take it from you.”

“GOD! GOD! That’s what Janine has been learning from Gloria Copeland! Gloria Copeland says to take it! That’s what she means isn’t it Daddy?”

Jesus smiled and said, “Yes! That’s what she means. Now you can explain it to others!”

“Oh! May I? May I?”

“Of course. You can share anything that I teach you with other people”.

“How do I do that Daddy?’

“On the blog that Janine writes. And face to face. But let’s finish with the stories first okay?’

Okay Daddy! Daddy! I almost forgot to ask you. Will you please make it easy for people that have been hurt by their families and other people-will you please make it easy for them to hear you, to get their story so that they can be healed to?

“Yes Nini, for you, I will.”

Thank you Daddy!!


The Little Boy just looked at the boxes glowing. Everybody stopped talking and was staring at those boxes. The little girl said “I know I know! I know what that is!”

Everybody looked at her and her mom said, ‘what honey?’ She said, ‘that’s the angels. That’s the Angels making them do that because his Daddy said something nice. But when it’s super nice, when it’s really, really nice, they glow like that. I’ve seen the one in heaven!’

They looked at her and The Little Boy said, “you’ve gone to heaven?”

She said, “yes, I’ve gone to heaven. I thought everybody went to heaven.”

Everybody in the room shook their heads no, they didn’t. The little girl looked at The Little Boy and said, “don’t you go to heaven?”

The Little Boy shook his head no. The little girl said, “I’ll teach you how.”

The Little Boy said “when? When?”

She said, “I can teach you no.”” She shyly looked around the room. “Does everybody want to know how”? They all said “yes!”

She said, “well first you have to think good thoughts about Jesus and you have to tell him that you love him. You don’t have to, but he likes it. And I like to give him things that he likes because he’s nice and he loves me.

You can just close your eyes. I guess you don’t have to close your eyes if you don’t want to, but Jesus told me that it’s easier at first when you’re a grown-up, if you close your eyes because you won’t get so distracted. So everybody close your eyes.”

Everyone closed their eyes. The little girl went on and said, “Now just picture yourself with Jesus. Just picture Jesus is there and you’re at a table, and you need to see what the table looks like. And then once you see what the table looks like then, um, you’ll see things with Jesus and, you can talk to Jesus. And when you’re doing that you’re in heaven. And then once you keep doing that, then he talks to you and you talk to him. And you can ask questions and all kinds of stuff. You’re in heaven when you’re doing that”.

A grown-up said, ‘really?’ The little girl said ‘yes.’

She said to The Little Boy, ‘once you do that, then we can go up there to heaven and we can play, and we can play with Jesus and they have a really nice playground and we can play on the playground together if you want to?’ The Little Boy nodded his head vigorously yes!

The Little Boy’s dad said ‘well this has been an exciting evening! I think though, that we need to get these children to bed, tomorrow will be a big day! The Stranger is coming tomorrow! ‘

The hearts had quit glowing so brightly, but they were still glowing – like a night light.

All the adults got up, and The Little Boy’s mom said, ‘Son, you go upstairs and brush your teeth and get your pajamas on, then come back down.’

The Little Boy’s father was talking to the other couple at the door. And he gave them a flashlight to use to walk to their house, because there were not any street lights on their Rocky Road. The husband picked up The Little Girl to carry her home. He could hear his mom and dad saying their goodbyes. And the family started up the road.

The Little Boy’s Daddy shut the house door, and put his arm around his wife and they went back into the living room. The Little Boy brushed his teeth as fast as he could, ran into his bedroom, took his clothes off and put them on the chair and put his pjs on as fast as he could, and ran back down the stairs. His mother said “young man, you march back upstairs and get your socks on. It’s cold in this house”! So The Little Boy ran back upstairs and grabbed his socks, jumping around on one foot and then the other, trying to get them on quickly. He ran back downstairs. He didn’t want to miss anything his parents were saying.

His parents were in the kitchen, and they were both doing the dishes! The Little Boy couldn’t remember the last time he saw his Dad washing the dishes with his Mom. Usually it was him helping her. But tonight The Little Boy did not have to help with the dishes. They got done and his Dad said ‘let’s go into the living room.’

His Dad went and got the Bible out of the desk. He said, ‘even though the sofa is hard to get out of, let’s all sit on the sofa together.’ So his Mom moved the lamp over to the sofa and she sat next to his Daddy, and she motioned for him to come over, so he went over to his Mama and she picked him up and put him on her lap. She put her arm around him and he put his head on her shoulder. He was getting sleepy, it was late. His dad opened the Bible and he read Psalm 93.

He closed his eyes as he listened to his Daddy’s voice reading. He woke up in his bedroom. It was sometime in the night.

He saw the blue shaft of light coming in the window. As he was looking at it, he could see the outline of a wing like it was a shadow.

He blinked hard a few times as he stared at it and yes, he could see the outline of a wing. As he kept staring, his eyes got accustomed to the dark. He saw that the blue light coming in from the window was outlining an angel. He sat up in bed with a start! He asked, “Are you my angel?”

The angel nodded. The Little Boy said “do you guard me?” The angel nodded affirmative.

The Little Boy asked, “are you going to be here all night?” The angel nodded yes. The Little Boy asked sleepily, “can I go back to sleep now”? The angel nodded yes. The angel moved over to the foot of his bed and stretched his wings out so the whole bed was encompassed in the wings of the angel. The Little Boy thought that was so cool, but he was so sleepy he couldn’t keep his eyes open to watch. So he closed them and woke up with the sunlight coming in his bedroom window.





"The power of God delivers me. The energy of God heals me.  "

Janine Joi

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The Cork Road