4-10-18 Tangible Surprise!


“I miss you Lord, I miss our sessions. And I’m scared. I don’t know where to go or where to live.” God asked, “Will you trust me?” I gulped down my coffee and said “yes.” He said “Good. A lot can happen in a year.”

“Do you still want me to get rid of things and stuff?” “Yes. As much as you can.” “Okay Lord.”


His Mom and Dad were sitting on the bed wondering what was in the bag. Not wanting to open it really, just kind of waiting. Her husband asked, “Should we shake it?” “Pick it up, it’s pretty light.” He picked it up, “Yes it is! What could be in here? It’s so light.” “Go ahead honey, open it up,” she said. So he gently pulled the tissue out of the top and reached his hand in the bag. He pulled out an envelope. “Babe you open it up, I got this far,” he laughed. “You open the envelope please.” She laughed, “okay honey.”

She opened the envelope and there was a folded piece of letter paper. She opened that and a key fell out on the bed. Then money fell out. She looked at it and looked up at her husband with her eyes wide. He looked at her and looked down at the money, his eyes wide too. He picked up the key and turned it over in his fingers. She said “Look, there’s a note.” “Read it!” he said.

She unfolded it all the way and began to read. “’This key is to a brand new RV. It is completely furnished with everything you will need for your three week vacation.’ Honey??” He shrugged.

She continued to read. “Your vacation starts on Saturday after your Bible study. You will be flying into Sacramento, California where you will pick up the RV. You will head north on the Coastal Highway. I’m sure you’ll want to stop in Mendocino to go to the chocolate store and the beach. There is a delightful store on Main Street, called Out Of This World that looks out at the Pacific ocean. There is a telescope there I’m sure the Little Boy would love. They have wonderful Botanical Gardens between Mendocino and Ft. Bragg. Past Fort Bragg, there are sand dunes, a State Park with sea anemones and starfish on the rocks. Then on up to the Redwood Forest. There’s a House of Mystery that you all will enjoy and many other things to see and do. Then up through Oregon, to Portland. You will be in time for some flower festivals and you will have time to visit anything you like.

In the glove box you will find 3 credit cards. One credit card – and you will be able to tell the difference – will take care of all entrance fees to anything you want to see. Another credit card is for gas, and the third credit card is for clothing. The money is for souvenirs and any special food you would like. Everything you need is in the RV. There’s binoculars, a camera, bedding, pots and pans, everything. The RV has plenty of room and sleeps 4 comfortably.

The Stranger will meet you in Mendocino and take The Little Boy deep sea fishing and camping in a tent for two nights, while you two get reacquainted with each other. When you are done with your vacation, someone will drive the RV back to your home for you and you will fly back. I hope you enjoy your vacation. I know you’ve never had one. I know your wife has longed for an RV for years. But she doesn’t talk about it. I know you have wanted to have a vacation with your whole family sir and now you have it. The RV is yours to keep. ENJOY!”

“Honey look! It’s signed!” “What does it say?” he asked. “It says, ‘The Boss’!” “That must be my new boss, but I can’t imagine them doing something like this! They’re already doing so much, I can’t imagine them doing this.” “You know honey,” his wife said, “I wonder if it means God.”

“GOD?? Do you think God would give us a key and money and credit cards?” “Sure, why not? He gives people things all the time. Tangible things.”

Her husband scratched his chin, “I don’t know, but this is so much, it must be. Let’s pray right now okay?” She said, “I think that’s a good idea!”




"If you have no good self identity, you will have no boundaries.  "

Janine Joi

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