4-12-18 Blueberry Sauce

4.12.18 Blueberry sauce

So they held hands sitting right there on the bed, closed their eyes and they prayed, “Lord, this is so much, it must be from you. We have never known people to give so much to someone else. We have read in your Word, that you give us life more abundantly. This sure is abundantly!”

(At this I start crying. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I’m jealous of the people in my own story, or that I haven’t felt like this has happened to me.  I’m not exactly sure why, but my dog comes over and gets on my lap because he hears me crying. As soon as I tell him ‘I love you’, he gets down)

His wife said, “thank you Father for making your love abundantly clear. Thank you for this vacation, thank you for the RV! Thank you for providing everything. Thank you Father. We welcome this into our lives. Thank you for the job you’ve given my husband, thank you for everything you are doing in this town and with these people.”

Her husband added, “Father, if there’s any way that we can bless others, show us please. In Jesus name amen.” His wife said “amen.” Her husband asked, “Honey? When is this going to happen?” She said “Oh! I don’t know. Let me look and see if the note says. It says after Bible study.”

She started getting excited, she hadn’t planned for a vacation in such a long, long time! It was going to happen. She realized she is trusting God. What a wonderful feeling it is! She thought to herself.


In the morning, her husband said, “honey I have to get ready for work.”

“I know sweetheart. Have a great day!” He said, laughing, “oh I will! There’s so much coming. There’s so much excitement and so much to look forward to!” “I know! Isn’t it grand? Why, just two months ago, we were just living. Now we’re living excitedly!” Her husband grinned at her.

“It’s The Stranger”, she said. “That’s what started all this.” “I believe you’re right,” he said as he kissed her. “I’m going downstairs, are you going to make coffee?” “Oh! In all the excitement I forgot! Go make sure our son is awake okay? I haven’t heard the water running.”

“Sure thing.” He walked across the hall to his son’s room. He poked his head in the door and was immediately surprised. The bed was made and the room was clean.

“Son? Where are you? Son?” He called louder, “Where are you?” He went to the top of the stairs, and he smelled coffee. And he smelled something else, he wasn’t quite sure what it was.”

“Babe?” He called “Come here.” She came out of their bedroom and stood next to him at the top of the stairs. He asked her, “What’s that smell?” Alarmed, she said, “I smell coffee! Who could that be! Who’s in our house?”

“I looked in our son’s room and his bed was made. He didn’t answer when I called out for him. Then I smelled coffee when I came to the head of the stairs.” Curious, his wife started down the stairs with her husband behind her. They went into the kitchen and saw a wonderful sight! There was The Stranger at the stove, with an apron on. They heard a noise behind them and turned around. The Little Boy was grinning from ear-to-ear. “Look Mama! Look Daddy! Look what The Stranger and I made!”

His mom’s mouth was hanging open. His Daddy had a smile on his face. “What’s going on here?” she asked.

“Well Mama, I had to get up early to go to scripture school. And when I came downstairs there was a knock on the door,  so I opened it and it was The Stranger. He came to pick me up. But we decided to make coffee for you and Daddy. And breakfast! We’re having pancakes and blueberry sauce!”

His Daddy said, “that must have been what I smelled that I didn’t recognize. The blueberry sauce!” “Oh yes Daddy! It’s very good! And The Stranger showed me how to make coffee. So if you and Mama will sit at the table, I will bring you coffee.” His Mama looked at his Daddy with this incredulous look on her face. He grabbed her hand and they went and sat at the kitchen table.

“Mama? Daddy? The Stranger said that there’s something called Royal Rangers. And it teaches Boys and girls how to do things. But there isn’t one in our town. Do you think you could start one? His Daddy said, “I don’t know son, we have to look into it. We’ll have to see what it entails.” His Mama said “yes honey, we’ll have to find out what we have to do.”

The Little Boy said, “oh! The Stranger knows all about it! Maybe he would tell you at breakfast?” He turned around to look at The Stranger, who nodded yes. “That’s if your parents want to hear right now” he said. “oh yes” they said, “sounds great, fill us in.”

The Stranger poured coffee in two cups and the Little Boy brought it over to the table. “Mama? We have half and half and we have Healthy Sweet™ sweetener, would you like either one?” She looked at her husband and giggled, “yes honey I would like to have both!”

So the Little Boy carefully poured the half and half in a little cream pitcher and brought the sweetener over to the table. He went back to the silverware drawer and got a spoon.

His Mama spooned the sweetener in her coffee and poured some of the half and half in, stirring it. The Stranger dished up the pancakes for everyone and spooned the blueberry sauce into a bowl. He told the Little Boy to put the butter on the table and to get some mango juice for him and the Little Boy. His mother said “oh! Mango juice? I would like some please. Honey, would you like some?” He said “sure.” So the Little Boy poured the mango juice in the glasses and brought them over 2 by 2.

The Stranger gave the bowl of blueberry sauce to the Little Boy, who took it to the table. Then The Stranger brought all four plates of Pancakes over to the table giving one plate to each person. “There’s more pancakes if you’d like some,” he said.

His Mama said, “Oh! This looks like more than enough!” Her husband said “this looks so good. Thank you so much for making it, both of you!” The Little Boy beamed and smiled up at The Stranger, who looked down at him, smiling. “You’re welcome!” The Little Boy said. “Yes indeed, most welcome”! Said The Stranger.

They all dug in with gusto, putting lots of butter on the hot pancakes and spreading blueberry sauce on them. The Little Boy already started eating. His Daddy stopped him and said, “Son, let’s thank the Lord for the food and ask him to bless it, okay?” The Little Boy said, “Sorry Daddy.” “That’s all right son.”

So they all bowed their heads and closed their eyes. Her husband thanked God for the food. While he was doing that, his wife looked up and opened one eye a little bit, looking at The Stranger. He was glowing. She smiled to herself. The Stranger looked up at her, and winked. She smiled back and closed her eyes. Her husband finished the prayer.



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