4.23.18 Lots of Questions, Lots of Answers

Emotions, Questions, Answers

Jesus I have another problem. And I know you’ve ministered to me about this, it’s where I think I can do it and I don’t need you. I don’t turn to you. I don’t remember you. I am just focused on myself and what I need to do. It’s a problem between you and I. I know it’s the Little ones. I ask that you heal me. Heal all the Little ones that have that issue, Father. I think the controlling part comes from that. This is a real problem Jesus. It’s the part of me that says I don’t need your help, I can do it. When I know that I can’t do it and I just need somebody to say, ‘let me help you’ and they help me. A woman said that she would help me with my wedding to Steve, if I asked her. Why should I have to ask? She saw that I needed help.

Why wouldn’t she just help me? There’s an underlying deeper, whole deeper thing here Lord, and I ask you in the name of Jesus to heal me and teach me in Jesus name.

“Do you want to do it now Nini?” ‘Yes.’ “Okay, close your eyes, and come with me, we’re going to soar.”

“No no no Jesus! I’m afraid! I’m afraid! No, don’t make me do this! I’m afraid!”

“Nini, you have to trust me. You have to trust me. You have to trust someone in your life and since there’s nobody you can trust you need to trust me. Do you remember that we went flying before?” “I remember one of the Little ones did, but I didn’t go. Jesus don’t make me do this! I’m afraid!” “What are you afraid of my child?”

“I’m not your child. I’m afraid that I’m going to fall, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop myself from falling, I’m afraid that, that I will get hurt, I’m afraid of doing things that I can’t control. Because when I can’t control situations and places then I get hurt. Don’t make me do this Jesus, please.” I’m sobbing.

“Do you know who I am Nini?” “They say that you’re God and Jesus.” “But do you know who I am sweetheart?” “No not really.” “Why don’t we take some time and get to know each other?” “Because you might hurt me. Every time I trust somebody they hurt me.”

“Sweetheart, there’s a difference between them and me. I know I look to you like I’m a human being, that’s because that’s how I show myself when I’m with other human beings like this. Do you know who God is?” “No. It’s somebody in the sky.” “Let’s walk along here”, Jesus said.

He got up and held out his right hand and I put my hand in his and we started walking along this grass area. It was the prettiest grass I’ve ever seen. “Why don’t you take off your shoes Nini?” “Can I?” “Sure.” “Can I take off my socks too?” Jesus laughed and said “of course”! I sat down on the grass and took off my shoes and socks. I stood up and put my hand in his. The grass felt so good, it was cool and soft.

“Who are you? I asked. “Are you God or Jesus or that other one that they talk about, the Holy Spirit?” Jesus said “I am all of those.” “How can you be three different people?” “Well, I’m not three people. It’s like – do you know how you are made?” “No. I came out of my mommy’s tummy.”  Jesus smiled and said, “I don’t mean that way. You have a spirit, a soul, and a body.” “Huh?”

“There’s three different parts that all human beings are. They have a spirit, they have a soul and they have a body. You can see your body right?” “Yes.” “Do you know what makes you choose an orange popsicle over a red popsicle?” “I don’t eat orange popsicles.”

“Okay, do you know what makes you choose a red popsicle over an orange popsicle?” “No.”

“It’s part of your soul. Your soul is made up of three parts to. Your soul is your mind, which means that’s how you think, your will, which is the part of you that figures out if you want a red popsicle or an orange popsicle, and your emotions. When I work with people, I’m always working with the soul part of them.” “Ok.”

“How old are you Nini?” “I’m not sure, it feels like part of me is 6 and it feels like part of me is 8.” “Well, I know that when I talk to you about the soul and the spirit and the body you’re understanding quite a bit. I would say that you are the eight year old with some of the fears of the six-year-old.” “OK.”

“Do you understand how human beings are made? What they’re made up of?” “I think so. What do I call you? Do I call you God or Jesus or what?” “What do you feel most comfortable with?” Probably Jesus. I know some of the other ones call you Daddy. But I’m not comfortable with that.” Jesus smiled and said “that’s okay, you don’t have to call me Daddy, you can call me just about whatever you want.”

“So Jesus, what about this flying stuff? Are we done talking about this soul and body?”  “I think so, do you understand?” “I think so. You deal with the soul part of us and our soul is our mind – how we think, our will – if we’re stubborn or not or if we, what’s that word…. Surrender?” Jesus said, “yes that’s it.” “Or if we surrender our emotions and you didn’t tell me the difference on that.”

“Emotions are what makes you feel happy, or sad, or excited, or disappointed. Emotions are your feelings. If you’re afraid, that’s an emotion.” “So sometimes emotions are not good huh?”

Jesus replied, “you’re right, sometimes emotions are not good. Sometimes, emotions lie to you, sometimes people use their emotions to think about things and decide about things. Instead of using their mind. Sometimes the emotions get so tangled up with people’s wills, that they can’t separate them very easily. When each person learns how to control their emotions, then they will be able to deal with other people and situations in a better way than if they let their emotions have the upper hand.”

“Upper hand means stronger than the others?” “Yes Nini! Very good! So”, Jesus continued, “as you can see, you and all the other people have a soul and that is made up of three things that can each do something different. Your mind can think that you’re not going to do something because you know it’s wrong, but your will can overcome that if it’s not disciplined.” “I get disciplined sometimes.” “Yes, all children do.”

“Oh.” “And the emotions, you cannot always trust them to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Emotions are very strong, it’s like they have their own mind.” “Do they Jesus?”

“No honey they don’t. It just seems like they do sometimes, because some people do not control their emotions. They will just do whatever they want. They will let their emotions tell them what to do instead of letting their mind tell them what to do. The mind is controlled by the spirit. The spirit knows what’s right and wrong. When someone asks me to forgive them and asks me to be their Savior, then I do. I forgive them and I come into their hearts, into their spirit. So then people have to train their spirit to be righteous, which means to do right things and say right things. Before, the spirit was controlled by their will and their emotions and sometimes their mind.

But when I come into their spirit, then their spirit is a new person. The spirit needs to have the top authority. If the person really wants to be with me and learn about me and love me, then they will train their spirit to be strong. They have to train their mind and their will to be strong in doing good. To do what is right instead of what is wrong.

The mind and the will are also very strong. Whichever part of the person is strongest, that’s the part that will rule. For most people their emotions and their will are the strongest. You’ve seen the kids around you saying I want this, I want that. It’s mine, it’s mine. Right?” “Yes.”

“That is their will being commanded by their emotions. However if they have been taught by someone to be nice, to not be emotional and to not try and have their own way all the time, then that means that their mind is stronger than their emotions. They won’t be stamping their feet and saying it’s mine! It’s mine! They will be sharing and speaking more politely. They will be respectful. So that’s how they work. They kind of work together but they do separate things. I’m not sure if you understand this Nini, do you?”

“I don’t know God, I’m trying.” “Well we’ll revisit this later, much later. But the seed has been planted. So when I say I’m God, I’m Jesus and I’m the Holy Spirit it’s kind of like how humans are. That’s how I made them. They are spirit, soul, and body. Inside that soul there are also three different parts, but they all work together. Mind, will, and emotions. When they all work together as a unit, then the person is happy, they are well-adjusted, they know how to act in situations, they know how to speak. Their perceptions are usually correct. When little ones have been taken advantage of, lied to, promises broken, when little ones have not been taught how to live in the world; then that warps their perception, it muddies up their mind, it muddies up their will, it muddies up their emotions. And all that has to be cleaned up.

That’s what I am doing with all the little ones with you now. That is loosely an explanation of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. We are 3 in one, we are not three people in one, we are what is called a triune being.” “Geeez, can we talk about something else now?” Jesus laughed and said “yes baby.” “I’m not a baby.” Jesus said, “no you’re not a baby. When I call you “baby”, it’s a term of endearment. That means, it’s a nice word to call somebody that you really, really love.”

“You really, really love me?” “Yes I do.” “Really?” “Yes really.” “Why?” “Because I made you.” “My Mommy and Daddy made me.” “I gave them the ability to make a human being, but you were created by me in your mother’s womb.” “Does that mean her belly?” “Yes” Jesus said, “That means her belly. So in all truth, since I created you, I’m your real Daddy and your real Mama. I gave you to two people to be your parents, your Mama and your Daddy. I was hoping that they would work through their issues. But neither one of them knew me. So they didn’t and they didn’t raise you. Your mother particularly. She didn’t teach you how to be a Little Girl. So I’m going to do that. And that’s what I’ve been doing with all of your little ones. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes Jesus. Jesus? Can I brush your hair?” Jesus said “sure”! So he sat down in the grass and gave me a brush. I started brushing his hair. It was really long and it was dark dark brown. “How come you let me brush your hair?” “Because you like doing it. You like the way it feels in your fingers.” “How did you know that?” “Because as God, as Jesus, I know everything. I know what you’re going to do before you do. I know what you’re going to say, I know how you’re going to act.” “Really?”

“Yes really. I don’t interfere unless you ask me to. Unless you belong to me because you’ve asked me to forgive you of your sins and you’ve asked me into your heart. If you’ve done that, then yes, I help in all ways. That’s what the Bible is Nini. It’s a book to guide you and to help you, it’s a book to show you and tell you what other people did a long time ago. How they worked through their problems and overcame them and how they worshipped me.”

“What’s worship Jesus?” “It’s when you sing songs to me and tell me how great I am and do things out of pure motives. When you’re obedient to your parents, that’s worshipping me.” “Really?” “Yes really.” “Jesus, Janine is fasting today. She wants you to help her with her bones.” “I know she does. I’m going to.” “She’s been asking you a long time.” “I know she has because I’ve heard her.” “How come you haven’t done something by now?” “Because I do things in the right time. I’m never too late and I’m never too early. I do things in the time they should be done.” “It’s hard for her, Jesus.” “I know it is sweetheart.” “Don’t you care?” “Yes baby I care. And she needs to have faith and just keep saying the scriptures and believing.”

“Jesus, I know it’s really really hard for her.” “I know it is baby, but things will all turn out in the end. Sweetheart, that’s something else you never learned. That things will all work out. If you trust in me.” “Jesus how does that work? Sometimes babies die and that can’t be something that’s turned out right for their parents? It doesn’t seem like it.” “It’s a matter of the heart. Your heart has to be open to me in order for me to be able to work in your life.”

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about more of this Jesus?” “You brought it up”! He said laughing. “That’s funny Jesus.” I came around and I sat down across from him. “Jesus?” “Yes baby girl?” “I think I love you.” “That’s great” he said, “I know I love you. You are very special to me and you are extremely important to me.” “Why am I so important?”

“Because you’re my daughter, you’re my baby girl. I love you. You are important to me, like every other person on earth is important to me. You are all my children and I love all of my children deeply. Your welfare and how you feel and how you work your faith, is very important to me. And it’s important to you too. You are important to me because you’re a part of me. How could I not love you? That would be like my heart would stop beating. I couldn’t forget you, that would be like forgetting how to breathe. I love you with everything I have Janine. I love you and all your Little ones. You are precious to me.”

“Why did you call me Janine?” “Because I’m talking to all of you at this point.” “Wow. Jesus? I remember Janine heard those words from somebody.” “Yes she did. And they were true. The reason she heard them is because I put them in the heart of the person that spoke them. You all need to know that you are loved deeply, greatly, thoroughly. You all need to know that I will not ever forget you. Sometimes I use people to get my message across. That was one such person.”

“So Jesus? The person that said that was just saying words that you told him, that you put in his head? He didn’t mean them?” “Oh yes baby girl, he meant them. Yes, he spoke words that I gave him. Through a heart that I gave him. A  heart of love. Sweetheart, nothing happens by happenstance. Everything is orchestrated by me, with those that have given their hearts to me. Lots of times people do what they want to do on their own. They have their will and their emotions and their body, which is the flesh. The desires of the flesh are super, super strong. And lots of times my children do what they want to do. It’s important to understand that what I want my children to do, is from a position of love, because I know what is best for them. I see the whole picture, not just the bits and pieces people on earth see. I know what will harm and what won’t.

There are scriptures in the Bible, Nini, I want you to find them. They say that I will take broken things and make them new. One says that I will work everything together for your good when you are one of my children. Nothing is wasted baby girl, everything can be used as a lesson. All you need to remember sweetheart, is to run to me whenever anything happens in your life. Whether it’s your emotions, your will, your mind or your body, you just need to run to me. I am always here, I’m always listening. I love you, you are my precious, sweet, kind, girl. I take great delight in having you as my daughter!”


“Jesus, Janine’s hungry. She’s fasting today and she wants to know if you want her to keep fasting or what?” “She can drink something.” “Jesus, she thinks that that’s not fasting.” “I know what she thinks.” “Are you exasperated with her?” “No baby I’m not, I just need to teach her as well.”

“Am I ever going to be an adult? A well-adjusted adult?” “Yes you are Janine. I will make sure of that. As I am now.”

“I have learned! I’ve learned not to say things to people that might make them feel bad. Like when someone doesn’t do something and I have to do it and it was kind of important. Before, I would have said something and laughed about it or made it sound like a joke. But it wouldn’t sound like a joke would it?” “No baby it would not have. I noticed you did that and I’m very proud of you.” “It’s because you teach me, Jesus. I’ve been learning.” “I know you have sweetheart. I’m very proud of you.”

“You say that a lot.” “Do you want me to quit?” “Well maybe… I don’t know, do what you want Jesus.” “Baby girl?” “Yes Daddy?” Jesus smiled when I called him Daddy. “Do you see what happened just now?” “No Daddy.” “You did not try to control the situation by telling me to quit saying I’m proud of you. That’s a step baby.  Every step makes a bigger step and eventually you’ll get to the point where you will be acting and speaking and living like the lady that you’ve always wanted to be.”

“THANK YOU JESUS! I’m hungry. Can my Little ones eat and I still fast?” “Yes. That’s what I was going to say, that you could have a smoothie. That will feed the little ones and you will continue fasting.” “God that sounds pretty whacko to me.” “Do you want to trust me or do you want to do what you want?”

“God you know I want to trust you. It just seems whacko. It doesn’t seem like that’s a Biblical thing to do. The fast that you have called to loose the bands of wickedness and set the captive free. Everybody in the Bible when they fasted, they just did water.” “I’m aware of that.” “Why do you tell me to drink juice or to have a smoothie or something?” “It’s all in my plan Janine. Do you need to know everything I do?” “No Lord I’d like to, but I know I won’t, ever. I just don’t want to do what’s wrong.”

“Janine, too many people go by the letter of the law. You have gone by the letter of the law your whole Christian walk. I want you to have fun, as I’ve told you repeatedly. I want you to soar with me, as I have also told you repeatedly. And I want you to relax and enjoy your walk. You have asked me to have fun as a Christian, do you remember that?”

“Yes I do. Of course.” “Well honey, you’ve got to lighten up. I see your heart on fasting. I see your heart. I love your heart. You really make me happy.” “Really?”

“Why do you always question me?” “Because nobody has ever said things to me like you have said. I ask Jesus, that you help me to say ‘thank you’ when you say these things instead of ‘really’. Really implies that I don’t believe you. And I want to believe you. Sometimes it’s just hard. But I ask that you help me to just say thank you. God I just want to be pleasing to you, that’s all I want.”

“Baby girl, you are pleasing to me. You are, you are. I teach you things so you will be a better version of you. So you will be a better version of you in this world. So you will be able to be my hands outstretched Janine. I work through you. You are my hands, my mouth, my eyes, my stomach. I know that sounded kind of weird, but baby girl, I work through you. I work through each of my children that are surrendered to me. And I love each one so, so much. So many do not know how much I love them. I want you to tell them for me.”

“God how do I tell somebody how much you love them when I struggle with it myself sometimes?” “Stay with me, stay close to me. Keep doing these visions everyday. Keep listening to me and let’s keep writing this. It will be stronger and stronger in you. Before you know it, you’ll just be confident, proud and happy. I’ll say as you go walking down the street, with your shoulders back, “there goes my girl. That’s my girl! Just like a proud father says when he sees his daughter all grown up, well-adjusted, treating others nicely, you already do that Janine you just don’t see it. I am going to open your eyes. You’re going to be blown away by you.”

“Thank you. That was hard, God, not to say ‘really’?” LOL “ Just an FYI, it’s not against me to be proud of yourself, to be proud of what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done. I’m proud of you. As long as you don’t think more highly of yourself than you should, as long as you are not wise in your own eyes, as long as you are not any of those haughty things, it’s fine to be proud of yourself baby.”

“Thank you Daddy”

I was thinking a little bit that maybe this was too much, or from me and not from God. It was just a little tiny thought, but it was there. There is a book I have, called Come Away My Beloved. I’ve had it for 38 years. This is the only book I do this with: I ask Holy Spirit to turn me to a page he wants me to read and which side. I did this last night and he said the left side and I opened it up, and this is what I read.

Oh my child have I ever failed you? Have I ever turned my back upon you or forsaken you? Have I not been your refuge and your strong defense? I have protected you and kept you, in sickness and in health. Yes I am with you to help you now. Fear not. My purposes will be fulfilled in spite of your weaknesses, if in your need you rely on my strength.

My will shall be done regardless of the flaws in your life, if you count upon the power of my righteousness. I do not work only in cases where there are no obstacles, but I glory in overruling the prevailing circumstances and I take pleasure in bringing victories in those places where no victory is anywhere in sight. Reckon upon my coming. Know that whenever faith brings me on the scene, everything is changed. Darkness is turned to light. Grief is turned to joy. Sickness to health. Poverty to my sufficient supply. Doubt to faith. Anxiety to trust.

No negative force can occupy the same place as my Spirit. When my Spirit comes in, all these things must go. Yes they shall go. Ask for the victory. I will come and bring it. Don’t look for the victory – look for me and you shall see the victory that I shall bring with me. After I have come, you shall behold the miracles that I do.”



"Frequencies are like dreams, they can work their spiritual goodness without our minds getting in the way.  "

Janine Joi

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