4.25.18 Flying With Jesus, Believing For Things

4.25.18 It wasn’t jealousy and it wasn’t envy, it was longing. I don’t have the longing anymore. The longing for something that I wish I was, I wish I was more like Gloria Copeland or Billye Brim, I wish I was more adult, I wish I knew how to say things, do things. I wish I knew more about God. I don’t have that angst of longing now. That’s what you’ve done Lord, I know who you are more now. Jesus has made me satisfied with him.

You are my father, you love me, I am super important to you. I don’t feel this huge gap in my heart of wanting what I couldn’t grasp. Not knowing what it was. I don’t have that feeling anymore. When I talk to you now, I start to cry a Little bit, but I don’t cry all the way. So you are healing my Little ones like you said you were going to. Thank you God.

I no longer have to act like I’m an adult. I don’t have to act a certain way. Jesus is healing me. He’s healing my soul, my Little ones. He’s teaching all of me. I feel like a different person. I feel more settled. I feel loved. This is what being loved feels like! And learning and knowing how to act and what to say. Thank you Father.

4.25.18 what about fathers

Fathers love their daughters. Fathers will protect their daughters. Fathers take care of their daughters.

4.25.18 me and Jesus fun

“Jesus, can we just talk? Can we just…” “Nini, do you want to come fly with me? Do you want to soar?” I nodded my head yes, so I must have been the young one.

‘Jesus where’re we going?’ “We’re going to fly over the fields and over the valleys and I’m going to show you flowers like you’ve never seen before!” ‘Can I say ‘really’?’ Jesus laughed and said “if you want to.” ‘I’d like that Jesus!’ “Why lookathere Nini, you figured out something different to say! See? You are learning my girl!”

‘Jesus, what are those flowers over there? Those white ones with purple stripes.’ “Those are my special Columbine lilies.” ‘Jesus! Can we fly over there?’ I point over to where there were red and yellow flowers in the distance. Jesus said, “Nini all you have to do is think it.” “What do you mean Jesus?”

“You just need to think that’s where you want to go. If you think in your head, I want to go look at those red and yellow flowers then you’ll be flying over there to them.” “Really?” “Yep! If you think about the flowers you see in the distance and you think ‘I want to be sitting right in the middle of them’ then there you’ll be.”  ‘Wow Jesus, is this like magic?’ “Well in the way that you see things in movies, kinda.”

‘Ok.’ I’m thinking ‘I want to go over to the red and yellow flowers’ and there we were! Over the red and yellow flowers! We were sitting, like on a carpet, but there wasn’t anything beneath us. We were just sitting, on nothing! I laughed.

‘Jesus are those marshmallows over there?’ “You’ve got a good eye Nini. Those are my new marshmallow flowers.” I laughed and said ‘Jesus, there’s no such thing as marshmallow flowers!!’ “Marshmallow flowers are here. And there’s Gumdrop petals. I want you to look at this flower I’m making, Nini.” Jesus held out his hand. All of a sudden it just appeared there. “You see the middle is a carved marshmallow, you see that?” ‘Yes Jesus’” I said looking into his hand, ‘and it’s white.’ “Yes, this particular one is white and the petals are spiced gumdrops.” I gasped. “Really Jesus? Can I have one?” Jesus said “of course you can sweetheart!”

“Jesus if I eat it, will it be like the pink rose buds and it’ll still be there? Because I don’t want to eat it and it goes away.” “Of course sweetheart. Nothing goes away up here, anything you want, you just have to believe for it. If you see it written in my Word in the Bible and you want it, then you can have it. You just have to believe. Do you believe that you could have one of these flowers in your hand?” ‘I don’t know Jesus.’ “Why don’t you try?” “Should I close my eyes or keep them open?’ “Oh, keep them open, it’s much more fun that way, don’t you think!?

So I kept my eyes open and I looked at Jesus and I looked at the flower in his hand and I looked in my hand and I kept looking at my hand and there was nothing there. I kept looking at it. I looked at the flower in Jesus’ hand and all of a sudden the flower came in my hand. It had yellow and orange candied fruit slices for petals, and it had a pink marshmallow center. “Jesus why is it a pink center?” “Because” Jesus replied “you like pink, so you must have thought about pink.”

So I kept looking at it in my hand and the center changed to purple and then it changed to blue, because those were the colors I was thinking about. “Jesus? How come Janine can’t see angels?” God said, “she just hasn’t practiced enough.” “Jesus? How does she practice?’ “Just tell her to keep her eyes open, not to get scared, to know that I love her and soon enough she will see an angel.” ‘Lord? Will she know it’s an angel?’ Jesus was laughing, saying, “yes, I’m pretty sure she’s going to know it’s an angel!”

‘Jesus you laugh a lot don’t you?’ Jesus said “yes I do, why do you ask?” “Because you’ve told Janine to take vacations and to lighten up and  laugh more.” “Yes I have Little one.” “She sees you laughing now.” “I know she does.” “That’s good for her Jesus.” “I know that.” “It’s good for me too. Jesus I like seeing you like this, I like knowing that you laugh and that you’re not always mean looking.”

“Nini, the things they taught you in Catholic school were wrong. I am not an ogre. Do you think I am?” ‘Oh no Jesus,! I don’t think you’re an ogre, I’m not afraid of you at all now!’ “I’m glad. I love my children. I take great delight in my Little ones. I love playing with you and showing you things. When you grow up, I don’t want you to lose this child like faith and trust in me.” “Oh I won’t Jesus!” “Are you sure?” “Oh yes Jesus! I’m sure! Because Janine hasn’t lost it has she?” “No, Janine has not lost it.”

“Thank you Jesus, I love you.” “I love you too baby girl.” “Jesus? Will Janine be able to get everything done that you told her to get done?’ “Pretty much.” “Jesus she was thinking about putting stuff in boxes that she wanted to keep, is that a good idea?” “I think maybe she should just put things in boxes and get rid of those boxes.” “Okay Jesus. Is she doing good, Jesus?” “Oh yes, she’s doing marvelously.” “Jesus? I like to hear you laugh.” Jesus smiled. “Jesus? Will Janine laugh this summer like you told her to?”

Jesus said, “If she lets go of her worries and her cares and gives them to me. If she just goes and does what her heart calls to her to do. All is not gloom and doom Nini. Janine has a good time.” ‘Not like she used to Jesus.”  ”No honey, not like she used to. But things will change. This year, things will change.” “Thank you Jesus. I love her, you know.” “I know baby girl. And you’re helping her a lot. Have you heard her talking today?” “I did Jesus, but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.”

“Nini, you are helping her by learning all these things that I’m teaching you. You are helping her a lot.” “I’m glad Jesus, can we do something else fun?’

“Sure baby, what do you want to do?” “I want to see a maypole!” “You do? You’ve never seen one?” “No. It’s a pole in the ground with ribbons on it, isn’t it Jesus?” “Oh honey, it’s ribbons and flowersCome! Let’s go to the maypole area!” And we flew over to the maypole area.

“Jesus? I like the flying. I like seeing all the stuff. There’s so much to see and it’s easier to see when you’re up above it.’ “Yes” Jesus smiled knowingly, “isn’t it?” “Jesus? Can we do the maypole tomorrow? I’m tired.” “Sure baby Let’s do the  maypole tomorrow.”

“Thank you Jesus for the laughing and the fun and the flowers.” “Oh you’re welcome my girl, you’re more than welcome.” “Jesus? One more thing and will you answer this tomorrow too?”

“Yes baby, what?” ‘There’s people around and they look like they’re adults and they act like adults; is everybody really an adult inside and it’s only me playing catch up?” “Nini, I can answer that right now. And it won’t be long.” “Okay.”

“No sweetheart, everybody is not healed inside. Most people have learned how to cover up their emotions. And how to act like an adult. Some people are healed and they don’t have issues, however over half of the people on earth have issues. They’ve just learned from their Mommy and their Daddy how to control their emotions. Some people control their emotions in a bad way. They just stuff them and don’t ever deal with them. No sweetheart, everybody has issues. It’s whether someone wants to deal with them or not that decides how they are in their soul. If anyone wants to come and sit with me, as you are, I will give them a story and heal & teach their Little ones too.”

“Jesus? You’ll teach me more on this later, right?” “Yes I will baby” “Thank you Jesus I love you. goodnight.”

“Goodnight sweetheart, I will be watching over you.”


"If it's something of God, then the devil will have twisted it negative.  "

Janine Joi

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