4-3-18 Pulling up the Cork

4-3-18 When all the adults got to the grassy area and the tables, there were waiters coming out and serving them catered food, such as they never tasted before! While they were eating, they were chatting amongst themselves, asking each other questions like ‘what is this about’? And, ‘isn’t the food excellent’? Toward the end of the meal, The Stranger went to a table that had a microphone on it and started talking.

“Did everyone enjoy their meal?” All of the people started clapping. He held up his hand to have them stop and said “I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I brought you all here because I want to tell you a story.

As you know, some time ago I came to town and I gave the Little Boy on the rocky road some new clothes. I saw that he was in need of them as he was in need of other things. He was not in need of love, he got that in plenty at home. But he was in need of friends, new clothes and some other things. I started going to the school with the Little Boy. We went out for ice cream and bought items needed for projects at school. The Little Boy and I talked quite a bit. I had dinner at his house quite often. His mother is an excellent cook.”

Everyone looked over at her and she went red from her neck all the way up to her forehead. But she was smiling. Her husband put his arm around her.

“The Little Boy and I had several talks about different things. Most especially at the beginning, we talked about the rocky road. And why he lived on a rocky road, but most of the other townspeople did not. His feelings were hurt.

We talked about how his legs are strong and how he knows which rocks to avoid and how he can help others learn to walk on this road because he is so good at it. It’s very hard to walk on rocks, sometimes you trip over them and fall, get cut and bleed. Sometimes when that happens people make fun of how you look, because you’ve got a fat lip, or your clothes are all torn. That did happen to The Little Boy. The town Boys used to taunt him and mock him, make fun of him and generally just make his life miserable. Also because he didn’t live on a cork road, he lived on the rocky road. But as he and I talked together, he saw that he was stronger than the other boys at school.

He also met a new friend up his block. Someone who seemed to have it worse than he did. The family in that house have no heat. They have no stove, they cook over an open fire in their backyard, when they can find enough wood to cook on. They have been living like this for a year. Yet no one in the town knows about it. Do you have a Welcome Wagon in this town?”

Everyone shook their heads no. “Ah,” he said, “that’s why nobody knew their predicament. Sometimes we are too proud for our own good. Sometimes we don’t ask for help or offer help because we are just too prideful.Sometimes we don’t know who to ask and sometimes we don’t want to be a burden, but that, too, is pride. False modesty.

So The Little Boy and this Little Girl became fast friends. In school he started eating lunch with another boy and they would share their lunches, because The Little Boy only had two pieces of bread and the other boy only had meat.

The children learned to get along. They learned there really are no differences between each other. They discovered the only difference between them is that the people that live on the cork road have a very easy life. They learn no lessons, because when they fall down, they fall on something soft. They did not have to learn how to forgive other people because nobody was mocking them or teasing them. They didn’t have to learn what it was to go without food, or warmth, because they all lived in houses on a cork road that kept them warm, safe, and dry.

As the children and I would meet after school, everyone learned how to respect each other, how to share what they have with each other, they learned to be good neighbors. One of the things the children want for all of the adults of this town to learn, is how to be good neighbors. They want you all to learn how to walk on a rocky surface. They want your legs, ankles and feet to get stronger. They know that if your feet get strong then it will be easier for you to walk on things that are hard in the future. They know that if you fall down a few times and get hurt, you will have compassion for others. Compassion for people that might not have hot food everyday. They want you all to be healthier in spirit, soul and body.

So they asked me if I would help them today, since they all got out of school early. I organized this luncheon of information while the children have been pulling the cork up off all the roads in town.” You could hear a gasp go through the crowd.

“Yes, all the cork that you laid down on almost alll the roads for yourselves, so it would be easy on your feet and soft to walk on, has been pulled up. I agree with the children. I think it’s a good thing that they are doing. They have all learned much compassion for their fellow man. They’ve learned a lot through walking on the rocky road that The Little Boy lives on.

The Little Boy and his family are going to leave the area soon. His father was offered a very good job in another neighboring town. Their new friends, the family with the Little Girl, are going to be moving into their house. I hope that before another family moves into town, that the people of this town will fix it up and make it livable for the next family. I hope that through this new way of walking and the things that you are going to learn, I hope you all come to respect each other, love each other and look out for each other.

On to another issue, my employer has enabled me to deposit money in a trust for a teacher’s assistant at school.

Along with the teacher’s assistant there is going to be a new club in the morning for the children. It is a scripture school where the children will learn scriptures. Scriptures are from the Bible. Many of your children have asked Jesus into their hearts.

All the little ones that are in kindergarten and the nursery school, have asked Jesus into their hearts and they are all healed and set free from all the pain that they’ve had in the past. They are all looking forward to helping their older brothers and sisters and to the future they will have.

One of the reasons the children want to learn scriptures is because of a project they are doing at school, learning how to speak to each other nicely. You parents might want to go sit in the classroom on visiting days, I believe you will find it enlightening.

All your children that want to attend scripture school are welcome. I have provided the Bibles, workbooks, coloring books and crayons. Everything the children will need for this class, has already been provided.

Regarding the assistant teacher, the teacher was very specific about the type of person that she wanted as her assistant. Since my employer has donated the funds and the equipment, he has selected the person he knows to completely fit the request.

The teacher requested a Christian woman, who was willing to teach the children Bible scriptures and who is eager to learn about the Bible. One who has a compassionate heart for others, who is loving, courageous, and fun. The person selected, is the Little Girl’s mother. Ma’am? Would you please stand?” She was blushing furiously.

“Do you mind coming up here?” She walked up to the head table where he was.

The Stranger asked, “Are you willing to accept this position? You are the perfect one to be the teacher’s assistant. It is a part-time paid position with full benefits and extra perks that you will find out about along the way.”

She was smiling, with tears running down her cheeks. With a voice barely above a whisper she said, “yes thank you.”

Everyone started clapping.

She turned to look at her husband, he stood to his feet and was clapping louder than anybody else.

The Stranger said, “If there is anyone here who would like to learn who the Bible is about, then please come over to my left when the luncheon is done. If there is anyone who already knows about the Bible and would like to start a Bible school for adults, please stand to my right.

Thank you everyone for coming, thank you for sharing in the luncheon with me today. Are there any questions?”

Amazingly, no one had any.

“Since no one has any questions then I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”

The Stranger stood up, and the waiters came to take the rest of the dessert plates away. Five people came to stand on his right side. Twenty-one came to stand on his left.



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The Cork Road