4-4 thru 4-5-18 Cork Road

4-4-18 Cork

I was praising Jesus and telling him that I loved him. I just kept saying ‘I love you Jesus.’ Then I said ‘you’re a good Daddy’ and I started to cry.

“Why are you crying?” I thought for a second and said, ‘I think I’m crying because I know what a bad Daddy is.’ Jesus nodded his head. ‘That was good insight wasn’t it?’ “Yes.”

‘Jesus? I’m glad that you’re always with me. I know that Janine knows that you’re always with her, but I think that’s more in her head than in her heart. I know that you’re always with me now. Because I know how you’ve treated me in all these sessions, in all these times together. And how much you’ve done with me and taught me and healed me. And, oh! Jesus! A feather fell down today when I was in the hot tub! And there were no birds around. And it was white and little. Remember?’

“Oh yes, I remember,” he smiled. “I did that for you pumpkin.”


Jesus laughed, “I told you to watch TV shows and movies with good Fathers in them. These are called Terms of Endearment. Remember I told you that before?”

“Yes Daddy I remember. But pumpkin?”

“It’s just another term of endearment honey. People use lots of different sweet things to say to people they love.”

“But God you’re not a people.”

“I know honey, but for all intents and purposes I am now, with you, aren’t I?”

“What’s tents and purposes?”

“It means that I am a person with you now, that’s how you see me. So even though I am a spirit, you see me as having a body.”


Jesus smiled, “You don’t understand do you?”

“No Daddy I don’t.”

“Well honey, it’s not important. What is important is that I love you and because I love you so much as your Father, and even as your Mother, I call you all kinds of sweet things that Daddies and Mommies call their children. When they love them, they call them sweet things and I love you. With all my heart Nini, I love you.”

“I love you too Daddy. Should I call you ‘Daddy God’?”

“No honey, Daddy’s fine. You can call me ‘Father’ if you want. I know that the names that some other people call me, you don’t want to and I understand. You can just call me whatever you want sweetheart. Father, Daddy, Dad, whatever you want.”

‘Daddy? I’ve been reading the stuff that Janine’s been typing out of all the stuff before this. All the stuff that we’ve been doing and talking about. Is that okay?’

“Oh yes Nini, I want her to type it out. I want her to share it with whomever she wants to share it with, or she can just keep it to herself that’s fine. Because I want her to go back and read it over and over and over. Just like reading the Bible, when you read it a lot, then you learn something new each time. Especially when you study it.” ‘What’s study?’

“It’s when you read something and look up the meaning of the words, and what things mean. What the meaning of a word means, and how it applies to the situation.”


Jesus laughed a big laugh.

I smiled up at him, I knew he was not laughing at me. I knew he was enjoying me. “Oh yes honey, I enjoy you so much. I enjoy your sense of humor, I enjoy how you look, I enjoy how giving you are to others, I enjoy you. I just enjoy how you are and who you are.”

‘Jesus? You read my mind didn’t you?’

“Yes honey I did. I know all your thoughts.”

‘Really? Even when I think bad things?’


‘Wow! I better watch what I think! But I don’t know how.’

“Do you want me to show you how?”

‘Yes please.’

“First, when you think a bad thought, no matter where it came from, remember how you are able to tell whether it’s my voice or the devil’s voice?”

‘Yes Daddy. Will I be able to do that all the time?’

“Yes, but you do need to practice discernment.”

‘What’s discernment?’

“I will explain that to you after I explain to you how to watch what you think.”

‘Okay Daddy thank you.’

“The way to watch what you think, is to think only on good things. Think on things that are pretty, think on things that are good, think good thoughts about people. I know there will be times when bad thoughts come in your mind and when you have those bad thoughts, I want you to stop what you’re doing, picture it being a wad of paper, roll it up in a little ball and give it to me.”

‘Like a peashooter huh?’ “Yes honey” Jesus laughed, “like a peashooter. In fact, you could even do that in your mind. You could picture a peashooter and blow it to me. You could also, in your mind, stop thinking that thought and give it to me.”

‘What do you do with it Jesus?’ “I take it like a pirate does and I bind it up and put it in jail.” ‘Does it ever come out Jesus?’

“Not that particular thought honey. People sometimes do seem to think the same thought, but it usually always has a little tiny tweak in it, so it’s not exactly the same. But that’s only true if they have taken that thought captive to me.”

‘What do you mean, captive to you?’

“That’s what it’s called Nini, when somebody gives me a bad thought that they’ve had, it’s called taking it captive. Captive means that they’re not going to think it again, they stop thinking it, so that thought is now made captive and you give it to me!”

‘Daddy, what’s the other word? dis…dis..?’ “Discernment?” ‘Yes. What’s that?’ “It’s figuring out if something is right or wrong, good or bad. Strong or weak, using your intellect. Your mind and your spirit and My Spirit within you.” ‘Huh?’

“Like when you are around someone and you feel they are not a nice person. You’ve felt that, haven’t you?” ‘Yes Daddy.’ “That’s discernment. That one is particularly called discerning of spirits. When you listen to the voices in your head, really listen to them, you can tell if they are negative or positive by how they …how they what Nini?” ‘I know this one Daddy! By how they make me feel! If they make me feel bad, then they are bad ones, huh?’ “VERY GOOD NINI! Yes!  They are bad spirits if they make you feel bad. If they speak things that are in any way negative. Do you know the difference between discipline and punishment?” ‘No.’

“Do you know the difference between doing wrong and doing right?” ‘YES! I DO! That’s a big girl thing huh?’ “It IS sweetheart! So discerning is what Nini?” ‘Discerning is being able to tell the difference between right and wrong, good and bad and feelings and thinkings that come up in my head. To be able to tell who’s voice it is by what they say or how they make me feel.’ Jesus was beaming. “Wow! I am SO VERY proud of you!” ‘Thank you Daddy!’ “Let’s go to the story ok?” ‘Yes please.’

4.5.18 Cork

The Stranger and the Little Girls Daddy were in the living room at the Little Boy’s house . He said to the Little Girl’s Daddy, “My employer has hired some men to come into your house tomorrow and put in a stove for heating and a new stove for cooking.”

“Oh, thank you very much sir!”

The Stranger said, “it will help you get by until you move here. I’ve also hired a cleaning crew to come in and clean this house before you move in. So when you and your family move in, everything will be nice and bright and shiny.” The man said “Oh sir, you don’t need to do that, my wife is an excellent housekeeper.” The Stranger waved his hand and said “No no, we want to do this.” “Well then, thank you very much. We accept your generous offer.”

“Besides”, said The Stranger, “your wife is already going to be pretty busy having a part time job at 6 hours a day.”

“Oh I thought it was 4 hours a day?”

The Stranger replied, “That is the time she will be spending with the teacher in the classroom, but she also needs to prepare for the scripture school before school in the morning. There are also full benefits with this position, so your family will be taken care of for medical needs and all the other things that come with a job.”

The man’s eyes glistened, he smiled and said “thank you.”

Then The Stranger turned to the Little Boy’s Daddy. “I see how much you have changed, how much you have grown in the short time you have known the Lord and have been reading your Bible. This has not gone unnoticed by the Lord, or those watching you. I want you to start a Bible study in your home for the new families that came to know Jesus today at the luncheon. This gentleman can help you.”

The Little Boy’s father nodded his head yes, “Yes I will, thank you for the opportunity and the compliment.”

The Stranger smiled widely. He liked the positive attitude of the Little Boy’s father.

“There are some things I’m going to have delivered to your house tomorrow. Will you or your wife be home?”

“I believe my wife will be, I’ll be at work. Let me ask her. Honey?” he called, the Little Boy’s Mama came to the doorway, “yes?”

“Will you be home tomorrow? The Stranger said he’s going to have something delivered tomorrow.” “Yes honey I’ll be home all day.” “Okay good.” His Mama didn’t ask what it was, there had already been so many wonderful gifts since he came to town, that she knew it must be something good.

The children could hear their moms talking from the kithcen. But it was muffled, they couldn’t make out what they were talking about. Then the Little Girl’s Mom said “okay everyone, supper’s on the table. Come on in!”

Everyone got up and went into the kitchen. The children started clapping and there was a gasp from the men. There was a pink tablecloth on the table, balloons tied to everyone’s chair, and streamers all over the kitchen. There was a big ‘happy birthday’ sign that the two moms made from the colored craft paper.

It was the Little Girl’s birthday! She sat in the chair of honor. There were wings on the chair. Angel wings. The Little Boy’s eyes got big and round. He saw an angel behind the chair. He pointed his finger and his mouth dropped open, no sound came out. The Little Girl said in almost a whisper, “you see the angel don’t you? You see the angel huh?”

The Little Boy could only nod his head yes. Her mom put a princess crown on the Little Girl’s head. Then they all sat down to have dinner. It was the Little Girl’s favorite meal. Spaghetti with green beans cooked, then sauteed in butter with dry Italian dressing as a seasoning. There was orange Nehi soda for her and grape Nehi soda for the Little Boy.

“Wow! Such a feast!” said one of the men. The Little Boy said, “I didn’t know it was your birthday.” She said, “I know, I don’t tell anybody. It’s always been my Mom and Dad and me celebrating. I’ve never really had friends before. I didn’t know if I should say anything.”

His Mom said, “Her mother and I were talking a few days ago and it came up that it was going to be her birthday, so we decided to do this surprise!” The Little Girl said “I sure am surprised! This is so pretty! I’ve never had anything this pretty! Thank you Mama, thank you Daddy,” and she turned to the other two adults “thank you!” “Oh honey you are most welcome”! said the Little Boy’s Mama and Daddy.

The Little Boy asked her in a whisper, “Does the angel always come to your parties?” The Little Girl whispered back, “The angel is always with me. Just like yours is always with you.” “I have an angel with me?” “Sure you do! Everybody does. Even your Mama and Daddy.” “They do?” “Yep,” and she shoveled a fork of spaghetti into her mouth.

The adults were talking amongst themselves. So the Boy felt bold enough to ask her some more questions. “Can you see my angel now?”  She said “yes, can’t you?”

The Little Boy looked around him and he said, “No. Is it a boy angel or a girl angel?” The Little Girl said “it looks like a boy angel. But I can’t really tell. Does mine look like a girl angel or a boy angel?” “I don’t see your angel now.” “Oh” the Little Girl replied, laughing, “my angel does that. He appears sometimes and doesn’t appear other times.”

“Why does he do that?” “I don’t know,” she said.

Her Mama said to her, “honey you quit talking now and finish your supper.” So they stopped talking and started eating with gusto.

When they got done eating, the Little Boy’s Mama took the dishes off the table and put them in the sink. The Little Girls Mama got up and went into the room off the kitchen. The Boy’s Mama turned off the lights as her Mama came slowly walking in with a cake all lit up with candles!  The children clapped their hands.

The Little Girl squealed, “oh isn’t it pretty! I love white and pink!”

Everyone started singing happy birthday to her. And you could see her face lit up by the candles and the Little Boy thought ‘she looks just like an angel.’

She closed her eyes and made a wish. Then she took a big breath and blew out all the candles!

Everyone clapped. The Little Boy asked his Mama, “why do people clap?” She said, “because she blew all the candles out with one breath.”

Then the Little Boy’s Daddy turned the lights on and went to the cupboard to get more plates. The Stranger said, “oh wait! I’ve got this covered.” He pulled out of the bag next to him on the floor, party paper plates and napkins and forks. In the meantime, the Little Girl had pulled out all six of the candles and had licked the icing off the bottoms. Her Mama cut the cake, and the Little Boy’s Mama scooped out vanilla ice cream, putting it on the plate next to the cake. They put each plate in front of each person, starting with the Little Girl first, since it was her birthday.

The adults had coffee with their cake and ice cream and the kids had their sodas to wash it down.

As soon as they were finished, the Little Girl’s Mama said, “are you ready for your presents honey?” The Little Girl put her fork down and her eyes got big. “Presents Mama?”

“Yes honey, there’s gifts for you for your birthday.”

“Really Mama?”

Her Mama said in a soft voice “yes honey, really.” Her Mama knew that the Little Girl wasn’t accustomed to getting presents on her birthday. She also knew that her daughter was not accustomed to so much attention and so much love. But since her Mama and Daddy asked Jesus into their hearts, things have changed. There is more love toward everyone now and things have gotten better in all ways. The Little Girl put her hands in her lap and said in a subdued voice “yes I’m ready.”

The Little Boy just sat there and listened to everyone and watched. He couldn’t imagine not having presents on his birthday. His Dad would always make him carved animals or people, and his mom would crochet him a hat or a scarf, or slippers for the mornings when it was cold.

The Little Boy’s Mama said, “why don’t we all go into the living room? There’s more room in there.” So they all went into the living room. The Little Boy’s Mama went behind the sofa and pulled out packages. They were wrapped in the colored craft paper and some were wrapped in brown paper bags with colored string.

The Little Girl sat in the chair that his Daddy normally sat in, while her Mom brought the gifts to you. She tore off paper and string, opening all the gifts she was surrounded by! There were crocheted slippers from his Mama for the mornings when it was cold at her house. There was a butterfly that his Daddy carved for her. There was a new brush and comb set and a brand new pink Bible that her Mama and Daddy gave her.

The Little Girl kept saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ to everyone. Looking around you’d think that the adults got presents, the Little Boy thought to himself. They seemed just as happy to give her these things as she seemed to get them.

The Little Boy thought he hadn’t seen his Mama and Daddy smile so much in a long time. The Stranger said, “I asked your Mama and Daddy if I could give you a present. They said yes, however I couldn’t bring it here, so it is at your house. When you go home you’ll find it.” The Little Girl was so excited she said “can we go home now Mommy? Can we go home now?”

Her Mama laughed and said “in a few minutes honey, let me help the Little Boy’s mom clean up the kitchen.” So the two Mama’s got up and went into the kitchen and you could hear them laughing and talking in the kitchen along with the clink from the dinner plates.

The Little Girl’s Daddy started picking up the wrappings and string. When he had a handful he asked the Little Boy’s Dad,”Where do you want me to put this?” “Oh right over here, this trash can is okay.”

The Little Boy just watched the two men talking together and being friendly, he knew that the Little Girl’s Daddy had been mean before. So he just kept watching him, because he’s really nice now. And he was watching his Daddy, the way his Daddy was talking to him and acting with him. He was watching how they acted with each other.

The Little Girl’s mom came out of the kitchen, and she said “okay honey, let’s go”! The Little Girl jumped up from the chair and said “oh thank you everyone for the presents! I gotta go see what The Stranger gave me!”

Her Mama said “slow down honey, you need to hold my hand going up the street.” So everybody congregated at the front door. The Little Boy started yawning, so his Daddy picked him up saying, “this has been a really full day for you kids hasn’t it?” The Little Boy nodded his head sleepily. The Little Girl was running down the steps, when she got to the gate, her mom called out “wait a minute honey I’m coming” the men shook hands and the Little Boy’s Mama waved. The Little Girl and her family went home.

His Daddy shut the door and said, “I think it’s time for you to go to bed Little Man.” The Stranger said, “I need to be leaving too, it’s late, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said to the Little Boy’s mom. “Thank you so much. You’ve done so much for us. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” He smiled at her, shook her hand and said “I am very pleased to be able to do anything that helps.”

The Little Boy wondered what it was The Stranger gave the Little Girl for her present, but he was so sleepy he forgot to ask as he laid his head on his Daddy’s shoulder. The Stranger left and his Daddy took him upstairs, put his pajamas on him and put him in bed. The Little Boy was asleep before his Daddy turned out the light.

His Daddy went downstairs and said “Honey, are you ready to go to bed?” “Yes I am. It’s been a full day.” “Yes, it surely has.” He wrapped his arm around her waist and they walked to their bedroom.



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