4-6-18 Story With Lesson Cork Road

4.6.18 Cork

In the morning the Little Boy opened his eyes, rubbed the sleepy out of them and remembered the Little Girl got a special present from The Stranger! He thought to himself, I’ve got to hurry up and eat and go see what she got! So he hurriedly brushed his teeth, combed his hair, got dressed and went down to the breakfast table. His mom said “slow down honey. I know you’re anxious to go see what your friend got, but you’re still going to have to eat breakfast.”

On the table was oatmeal. The Little Boy was glad, because he had it so much before, that it was a comfort food for him. There was also toast with butter and a glass of juice. “Wow Mama! I don’t remember having juice and toast with oatmeal!”

“No honey, we haven’t had this in a very long time. The Stranger brought some flour and other things yesterday and I made some bread!” His Daddy came in and sat down at the table. “I bet you’re excited to go see what your little friend got aren’t you?” The Little Boy said, “yes Daddy I am!” He gulped down the rest of his juice and asked, “Mama may I go?” She laughed and said “Yes Son, you may go now. Don’t forget your books.”

So the Little Boy grabbed his books and the screen door slammed as he blew through it. He ran up the rocky road, the rocks were not a problem for him. He knew how to run or walk on them, he had that mastered. He got to her house and she was not out front. He went up and knocked on the door. Her Daddy came to the door. The Little Boy at first was afraid of him, but he said, “Come on in Son, I imagine you want to see what she got from The Stranger for her birthday?” The Little Boy said “Yes sir.”

“She’s out back, why don’t you go out there?” So the Little Boy walked through the house out to the backyard. That’s when he saw her present! It was a park! There was a swing set, a slide, a jungle gym, monkey bars, a teeter-totter, tetherball and rubber mats underneath. Over in the corner of the yard was a little house. There was a walkway that led to it from the playground.

“WOW!” The Little Girl saw him, and laughed. “Isn’t it great!? I love this! Now I can have friends over to my house! We can come here for our club meetings! That’s what that little house is for! For club meetings!

We could even have Bible study meetings in there!” “Wow! This is awesome!” He went over and got on a swing. Just then, they both heard her Mama call out, “Children! Get your books, you have to go to school!”

The Little Boy groaned. The Little Girl said, “don’t worry, we can come and play here after school.”

So they grabbed their books and started up the road to school. They saw The Stranger on the road, just ahead of them. They ran and caught up with him. “How come you didn’t wait for us?” “I knew you’d be along and I was moving slowly, I knew you would catch up.” So they each held one of his hands and their books in the other. The Stranger said to the Little Girl, “How did you like your swing set?” “I love it! Thank you so much!” “You’re most welcome honey.”

Up ahead of them on the road they could see some people walking on the rocky road. Some people were walking with a limp, some were walking really slowly, while others were doing okay.

The Little Boy asked The Stranger, “Are they mad at us?” The Stranger said “no honey they’re not, they seem like they are, they might sound like they are, but it’s just because they’re not used to walking on such an uneven road and with hard objects under their feet. Once they get used to it a little bit more, it’ll be easier. Just make sure that you smile and, if anyone yells at you or barks at you, just tell them you’re happy to see them walking so well, wish them a good day, smile and go on.” “Yes sir.”

They got to the middle of the town. The Stranger said, “We’re going to have to part ways here children, there’s some things I must get done this morning and you kids know the way to school. Have a great day and I’ll see you when school is out at the Little Boy’s house!”

They both said “okay, bye! We’ll see you tonight!”


“Daddy? If I do something wrong, am I a bad girl?” “No honey.” “Then what is it called?”

“It’s just called that you made a mistake or you made a bad choice. Too many people don’t take the time to slow down and talk to children or in their dealings with other people. People try to abbreviate everything, whether it’s their words or their actions. One of the definitions of patience is taking the time with each person, don’t hurry things.”

“So no one is bad? Someone who murders isn’t bad?” “No. They made a bad choice. There’s more I’ll teach you when you’re older. But for now, they made bad choices. People aren’t ‘bad’ Nini. There are times when their minds are bad, they’re thoughts, their actions. Everyone has a choice to make. Everyone needs to decide what they want to do with their life, what or who they want to live for. It’s this decision that dictates whether their mind and thoughts go to good, or to bad.  People can change their minds whenever they want.”

“So if someone does something to me I can’t tell them they’re bad?” “Oh as a Little Girl, yes! You can! Better a stone be tied around their neck than to hurt you or one of my other little ones! Remember Sheryl teaching you that I will deal with those that hurt you once you forgive them?” ‘Yes.’ “It is with the righteous anger of that scripture that I deal with them. Children are my precious ones.”

‘Oh. Ok’ “Do you understand Nini?” ‘Not really.’ “Let’s explore more in the morning, ok?” ‘Ok Daddy. Gn.’ “Gn my precious one. Sleep well.”




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The Cork Road