4-8-18 Talking To The Little Ones

I was in the hot tub talking to the Little ones, and I was telling them how good they are and that I love them and Jesus loves them and that they’re good kids. They are good children and they did their best. I thanked them. I told them thank you for doing their best and that no matter how old they were, they did their best and even if they did things against me, they still did their best. I thanked them for that.

Then I released them from any curse or any spell, and I asked them to do their best for me at the age they are at. I thanked them, because I said I know they will do their best for me. They’ll do their best for themselves. I released them from condemnation. (that was a big one). I release you from condemnation from yourself and from anything that anyone said to you or did to you. I release you from condemnation put on You by other people. Because you wouldn’t have thought those things.

There was one that was a little hold out. I told her yes, even you. You did your best. And I thank you for doing your best. Come join the others, I love you. Jesus loves you. You’re a good girl, yes, you are a good girl.  *whispering*  yes.

Now I want all of you to help me at whatever age you are, to do your best for me and I want you all to love yourselves. I love you, Jesus loves you.

And God thinks you’re pretty terrific. As do I. I’m happy with all of the things that you’ve done. You have done your best whether you think it was bad or whether you think it was good, you did your best.

The only thing anyone can ask of another is to do their best. And you did. Thank you. Now I know you will do your best for yourself and for Janine. I want to know, do you all like yourselves? Everyone said yes, except one Little one. Let me talk to you honey, I love you. I know that you know that you did wrong and I’m not saying you didn’t do wrong, but what I’m saying is that I forgive you, Jesus forgives you and I want you to forgive yourself. Honey, you could only do what you knew. You could only do what you knew. And now the curses have been broken off of you, you have been delivered from all bad things, all bad memories. Everything. Jesus is right here, do you want to meet Jesus? You do? Okay Jesus will you please meet with this Little one?

Do you see Jesus? “Yes.” “Good.” She wanted to know if she could get in Jesus’s lap. But it was awfully high up there. I said “sure you can” and Jesus just picked her up and put her in his lap. “See? Jesus is kind and he’s very patient. He just waits for you, till you want to be with him, then he just lifts you up in his lap. She wanted to know if she could go with Jesus because she felt very comfortable and loved and she said, “it’s comfortable here.” I said yes it is. And I said sure, you can go with Jesus! I said “there are other Little ones in heaven too, that you’ll probably recognize. I said “you know, if you go to Jesus you’ll probably be there the whole time.” She asked, “Can I come back and visit sometimes?” “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Jesus. So let’s ask Jesus if you can come back and visit.

Jesus, can the Little ones come back and visit?” “If they want to and if it’s good for you. Most likely they’re not going to remember. But if you need them, you can ask. You may petition Heaven.” “Thank you Father. Father while I’m here, there was a Little One of Sheryl’s that was sent away. She doesn’t want her sent away, she wants her back in her life. Would it be all right for her to come back to Shirl?”

“Yes it’s fine with me.”

‘I ask that Little one of Sheryl’s, will you come back and be with her and help her? She really needs you and wants you back. She wasn’t fully aware of what was going on when the others sent you to heaven and she really wants you back. There’s a couple of you, you’re sisters aren’t you?’ “Yes.” “Will you go back and be with Sheryl? You’ll be at the same age you are, will you go back and be with her?” They talked among themselves, then both said “yes!” in unison. “Father they said yes. So will they come back to Sheryl?” Jesus said “yes.”


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