4-9-18 Warrior Princess Staying Here

4.9.18  I talked to the Little One sitting in Jesus’ lap from the day before. I asked her if she loved herself and she asked me if I loved myself. I stopped to think. “Yes, I love myself. I love my body. My body has done an awesome job in fighting off things and doing it’s best with the stuff it’s been given. Yes I love my body and I love my vagina.  Do you love your vagina?” She wasn’t so sure. “I think it’s dirty.” “Oh no honey! It’s been made clean by the blood of Jesus.” “Okay! I love my vagina.” I asked her if she loves her body. “Yes I do. It’s soft.”
“It is. You are a Princess you know. Because you have been so strong. You are a very strong little girl. You have done a lot to keep yourself alive and to help me. You’re a very strong little girl and that makes you a Warrior Princess. I declare you are a Warrior Princess.” “Will I be a Warrior Princess in heaven?” “Yes, but it’s only a title there, because there is no warring in heaven. If you stay here with me, you can war here and you would be an active Warrior Princess.” She got excited. “Oh! I want to stay here and be a Warrior Princess! Can I stay with you? Can I fight for you and learn to fight better? Can I stay?” “Honey, of course you can stay!”

“Oh good!” and she threw her arms around my neck and said “I love you!”

‘I love you.’ So she’s going to stay here as a Warrior Princess to help me fight battles. But for right now, she’s going to stay sitting in the lap of Jesus. That’s where she’s been for a few days.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

As The Stranger was walking down the street, the children were just getting out of school. He waited on the corner for the Little Boy and Girl to catch up to him. They came running up to him, talking all at once. The Stranger said, “Whoa! One at a time, one at a time!” The Little Girl said, “Look look!” She had stickers on her hand. The Little Boy said “we did our necklaces today for the first time and it was kind of hard but we did it! And I got lots of stickers! She gave me a purple sticker because that’s her favorite color. I found that out today. We had a lot of fun!” The Stranger just laughed, “I’m so glad to hear it! Are you going to the scripture school in the morning?” Both of them said “Yes we are! We like the new teacher’s assistant too. She’s really nice. And she has a lot of patience.”

The Stranger laughed again, “How do you kids know what the word patience means?” The Little Boy said, “Because the teacher explained it to us at the beginning of the year to teach us how to have patience with each other.”


‘Jesus, what’s patience?’ “Patience, Little One, is when you don’t get angry at someone for doing something that you think is slow, or dumb. Patience is treating another person the way you want to be treated. Patience is taking the time to listen to someone, even though you’ve heard them tell a story before. Patience is not being demanding. It’s not demanding someone to act a way that you think they should act. But allowing them the time it takes to speak or act however they are. Patience means when you’re teaching someone something, that you don’t get short with them.”

“Jesus? Like my Dad does? When he teaches me something, if I don’t get it right away, he gets really mad.” Jesus said, “Yes honey. That means he doesn’t have much patience. You should not yell at somebody. It doesn’t make you feel good to be yelled at, does it Nini?” ‘No Daddy, it doesn’t. And I get all flustered and then I forget what he said and then he gets mad again.’ “Yes baby I know.”

“Jesus? Will you help me to be patient? I don’t want to be like my Daddy on earth. I want to have more patience with people and I want to be nice to people. I don’t want to be like he is.” Jesus said, “yes baby I will teach you.” ‘Daddy? You’re really patient with me.’

“Yes I am baby, because I love you very much. I want you to learn all that you can. I want you to be healed in all your parts and I want you to be able to help others.” “Daddy, does Janine know that?” “Yes she does.” ‘Daddy? Are you going to help Janine too?’ “Yes baby I am. I already am.” “Thank you Daddy. Daddy? I’m sleepy, can I go to bed now?”  “Yes baby.”

“Goodnight Daddy. I love you. Thank you for doing all this for us.” “Oh sweetheart, you are most welcome! I love you too, my sweet baby girl.” I smiled, “you haven’t called me baby girl in a long time.” “No sweetheart I haven’t. You like that one the best, don’t you?”
“Yes Daddy I do.” “Why is that baby girl?” “Because it makes me feel special to you, specially loved and cuddled, and wrapped up in marshmallows. Or blankets. I like blankets, Jesus.”

“I know you do honey, I see how many you have.” “Oh no Jesus! Those aren’t mine! Those are Janine’s!’ “Baby girl, why do you think she’s always getting so many blankets?” ‘I don’t know.’ “It’s because you like them.” “OH! REALLY JESUS?”

“Yes baby, really. All of you Little ones have a profound effect on the person that you’re attached to. If you’re angry and act out, then they act out in their lives. That’s why it’s so important for you to be healed. That’s why I’m teaching you all these things. I know that Janine did not have an upbringing. That’s why I’m taking time to teach all of you this. So that you can all be healed and you can help each other and help Janine.” ‘Ohhhh.’

“When you are all healed and you all know how to act, then you will all work together helping each other and making the adult, who is Janine, a better person.” ‘Oh Jesus! Thank you! I know that she wants that.’ “Yes honey, she does. She’s very appreciative that you all have helped her for so long, but she does want you to learn that you can be healed and be happy. So that’s why I am here helping you all. Because you as a group, as one-unit, are very important to me. Every single person is very important to me.”

“Ohhh. Well Daddy, I’m glad you’re doing it, because I really like knowing you and I like that you teach me and I like that you have patience with me and I like that you don’t ever call me names… “ Jesus interrupted and said “Baby I would never, ever do that. You are so precious to me.” ‘And I like that I’m precious to you. And I like that you love me so much and I like that you’re patient with me and I like that you listen to me. Thank you Jesus, thank you Daddy.’

“You are welcome, my baby girl. All my baby girls. I love you sweetheart.” ‘l love you too Daddy, I love you too,’ I whispered back.

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