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5.1.18 me and Daddy 

Jesus, these are big lessons, these are big lessons. Are you going to get them in me? When little kids are trained in all this stuff they’re trained over and over through the years by their parents, but God I mean, that’s like 15 or 16 years God, and I don’t have that long to learn all this stuff …

“Sweetheart, you are learning this, you are acting differently. You don’t have to worry about this, I’m getting it inside of you.”

‘Thank you Daddy.’  “Do you want to come play Nini?” “You almost called me Janine huh?” “Yes I did” Jesus said, “do you want to come play Janine?” “I do Daddy. I do. Jesus? How am I going to talk to you when I talk to you as Janine? I don’t feel as close to you as when I talk to you as Nini. How come?’

“Because baby girl, I haven’t gotten to that age yet. You’re still seven, remember?” ‘I’m going to turn 8 soon though huh?’ “Yes baby girl you are,”  Jesus laughed. ‘I love it when you laugh Jesus, because I know that you’re not laughing at me.” “Oh sweetheart, no I am not laughing at you. I know there have been others who have laughed at you. I know there have been others who have said mean things to you. You need to forgive baby.”

‘Jesus I forgive Bill Samuelson. I saw him on Facebook. You saw that huh?’ “Yes baby I did. He was the one that put the note in the mailbox. Jesus that was a long time ago.’ “Do you forgive him?” ‘Yes Jesus I forgive him and I give you that hurt that was attached to that. Or, I don’t know if it was attached, but that hurt that’s been around with me since then, that was like 8th grade wasn’t it?’ “Yes it was.” ‘Jesus I forgive him that hurt and I forgive him. Lord, I ask that you bless him and don’t hold it against him in Jesus name.’  “Okay baby girl I will not.”

5.2.18 talking with Jesus

‘Father, there’s a lot of people that are adult and responsible.’ “You are adult and responsible too.” ‘But you said everyone has issues.’ “They do, some are deeper than others, some are bigger than others, some are taken care of already and some are not. There is no perfect person Janine.”

‘But Lord, isn’t it about perfection that the issues are about?’  “Issues my love, are about not being perfect, they are about living in a fallen world ruled by the evil one. Issues are inherent to everyone, believers too. Because no one is perfect while living on earth. Oh yes, there are those that have most of their stuff together. There are those that have overcome many, many things. There are those that are healed of most of their issues. Healed so much, they appear not to have any issues at all. But appearances can be deceiving. Not everything is as it seems with so many people.

Some people, Janine, have learned very well how to cover up their anger, their fears, their hopelessness. Some have so successfully pushed them down, that they appear completely put together with no issues. Only I see the heart my girl, only I. Only I see what is truly going on inside each person. No one can hide from me. And yet I love each one. I am not shocked by, or ashamed of, my children. There is no one that is any different than the next.

Some clean up differently than others. Some have more privileges than others, but deep down, everyone is the same. You are all human. That’s why it’s so important to love each other. Why it’s so important to be kind to each other. As I’ve been telling you recently and you have read elsewhere, you never know what someone is going through and your smile can brighten someone’s day. Your kind words, reaching out in prayer, can make the difference in someone’s life.

You all will not get along with each other. And that’s ok! Just as I made different ways of healing, so I made people different from each other. Why, even your fingerprints are not the same! That is how you each have a story to tell, that is how you each have a calling. Because you are all different, one person can be touched in several different ways by different people.

Oh my love, my girl, people are complex and each person needs only what you, what each other person, can give them. No one comes by your path by happenstance. Move in love, walk in love. Give joy, spread out your gifts. As each person does this, hearts will be knitted together, lives will be mended, issues will be healed.”

‘I feel pretty special Jesus, because you’re my Mom and my Dad. And you’ll never die.’ Jesus smiled.




"If it's something of God, then the devil will have twisted it negative.  "

Janine Joi

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