5.18.18 What Is Putting On The Armor of God?

5.8.18 the armor of God

Father? How do I put on the armor of God? Reading your Word is putting on the helmet of salvation right? I wash my mind in the word. So when I read my morning prayers that I have personalized from Ephesians, then that is putting on the helmet of salvation right? Because I’m reading your Word.

And having my feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel, also means that I have read the word so when someone asks me something, I have the answer. Be instant in season and out of season your Word says. In order to do that I need to read your Word and understand it.

Having on the breastplate of righteousness Lord, what’s that? How do I put on the spiritual breastplate of righteousness? Would that be reading your Word, so that I know that I am righteous in you?

Having my loins girded about with truth. That means again, reading your Word doesn’t it? I would only know what the truth is if I read your Word.

The Shield of faith, again that’s reading your word and believing what I read. It’s learning about you and understanding and believing. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Also reading. So the shield of faith, would be listening to Holy Spirit filled teachers. But Dad, the shield of faith is more than that. It’s memorizing scripture, knowing what Your Word says so when flaming arrows are headed my way, I know how to stand on Your Word. I have scriptures at the ready to deflect words and actions.

The sword of the Spirit then, again it’s the word of God. So reading the Word of God, memorizing the Word of God, knowing what the Word says, being washed in the Word, having my mind renewed by the truth of the Lord. It’s a lot like the shield of faith isn’t it?

Lord, it seems there is a lot of redundancy in Your armor. Just sayin’.


"An imagination is more important than arms or legs.  "

Janine Joi

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