5.2-3.18 Lion Suit, Risk, Cork Road, Lessons, Fighting the Devil

Lion Suit, Risk, Cork Road, Lessons, Fighting the Devil

“Honey!” The Little Boy’s Dad had just gotten home from work. “I saw The Stranger today and he said that they’re going to start work on our new house on Monday. And that we are to get our things together, to go on our vacation. His wife’s eyes got big and she said, “so soon? I thought it would be later.” He said, “yes it seems that there’s something going on. I’m not sure what it is, but something’s going on. I can feel it in the air or something.”

His wife said, “maybe that’s the Holy Spirit talking to you.” “Maybe so.” She said, “I’ve been talking to the little girl’s parents and a couple of other families today. They are all interested in starting a Soldiers Of The Cross club for the kids.” Her husband said, “Oh that’s exciting!” “Yes it is. I’m so glad that it won’t be left to us to do.” “Yes I know, we have so much to do already. Have you gotten everything together for tonight’s Bible study?” he asked.

“I have. The Stranger has had people delivering things today. Food and other things like linens for the bathroom and our son got a new bed. However I have the feeling that we are supposed to leave all this here when we move into the new house. Her husband said, “oh?”

“Yes, I know the little girl and her parents will appreciate it. I made snacks for tonight, I also made iced tea and I have coffee. And water of course. But I spent some time practicing the culinary skills I learned at school before we got married.”  Her husband grinned at her and rubbed his hands together, “that sounds good! I know what a fabulous cook you are,” he said as he came over to her and gave her a hug.

He was looking around the kitchen, “what did you make? Where is it?” She laughed and said, “you’ll just have to wait and see! You won’t have to wait very long, our son should be home shortly and the Bible study is going to start at 6.” “So early?” her husband asked.

“Yes I thought it would be good to have a time getting to know each other before we start. I know that many other places do their get together after the lesson, but I want people to get comfortable with each other before. I made plenty of food. The Stranger saw to it that there is plenty of food here. I made it into different things. I think you’ll be surprised!” Her husband smiled at her and said, “honey, you always surprise me with what you do with your ingenuity and talent.”


“Mama I’m home!” They could hear their son come through the door. “Daddy? You’re here early!” “Yes, I got off of work early. Tonight is our first Bible study for the adults and your Mom has some news for you.” “Son, I talked to other mothers and fathers today, and they are going to start a Soldiers of the Cross Club! Isn’t that exciting!?”

“Oh YAY! I’m so glad Mama! Everybody wants to do it, we were talking about it at school yesterday. We don’t have to put up with the girls do we?” His mother laughed and said, “no Son, the girls are separate from the boys, for most of the activities.” “Good. Girls are okay, but it’s funner with just us boys.” “I’m sure it is Son”, she said as she ruffled his hair. “Scoot upstairs and wash your hands, dinner is early tonight because of the Bible study.”


“Jesus? Can we play? Instead of the story?” “Sure baby!”‘Can we just talk too?’ “Whatever you would like sweetheart.” ‘Jesus, Janine is wondering what to do with this story.’

“I know she is sweetheart. Whatever she wants to do with it. It’s entirely up to her. There is no wrong and no right on this, it is entirely up to her.”

‘Jesus? I know you’re going to have me turn eight soon…’ “Yes I am. But not if you’re not ready sweetheart.” ‘So I can stay little forever?’

“Well, you and all the little ones will stay the same age that they are right now. If you want to stay with Janine and help her, you can, or if you would like to go and play with the other ones, or the other children in heaven you may.” ‘Jesus? I like it down here. And I don’t know what it’s like up there and I think that Janine would miss us if we were gone. ‘Cause she likes herself and she likes us.’

Jesus said with a smile, “I know she likes you and yes I agree, she would miss you very much.” ‘Jesus? Is there any way that we can go to heaven and peak in?’ “Sure sweetheart, want to go now?”

‘Yes! Jesus? All the other times Janine would close her eyes and sometimes I would too. Can I leave my eyes open?’ “Whatever you like sweetheart.” ‘Well, people talk about having their eyes open and then all of a sudden they just see heaven. I’d like to do that, but do I have to do anything special? Do I have to praise you first or do I do something special to get to that place?’

“No sweetheart you don’t.  Maybe it would be best right now if you just close your eyes and come here that way first.” ‘Ok Daddy.’

I closed my eyes and I thought about the table, but I don’t need to go to the table anymore. I just popped up in heaven. On the grass with Jesus. I have fuzzy animal slippers on my feet! I laughed, “Jesus why do I have animal slippers on my feet?”

Jesus said, “because I knew they would make you laugh”. I was giggling, “they do Jesus! I like them! What am I wearing Jesus?” “You’re wearing a lion suit.” ‘Really? I said ‘really’ Jesus. Let me take that back.’ Jesus smiled, “OK”.

‘I’m in a lion suit? Am I a lion?’ “I’m going to teach you how to act like a lion.” ‘Do lions get on their tummies, like this?’ I got down on my belly on the grass and I started crawling through the grass. Jesus laughed and said “No! Lions are fierce! They protect each other!”

‘Am I a boy lion or a girl lion?’ “Why you’re a girl lion of course!” ‘Don’t boy lions have more fun Jesus?’ “I don’t think so baby, it all depends on how you look at things. Perspective, it’s how you look at things.”

‘I remember in the story, the little girl’s mama was teaching her about perspective.’ “Ah, yes” said Jesus. “perspective is pretty big in people’s lives. It’s how you look at things. If you don’t take offense at what people say, then you will be a happier person.” ‘Oh.’

“Nini, remember how I said you need to learn to fight the devil from the two-year-old Warrior Princess?” ‘Yes Jesus I do.’ I was getting a little afraid, this didn’t sound good.

Jesus smiled and slightly laughed. “Nini, you do not have to be afraid! Didn’t you go down the well on your own? I offered to take you down on my back, but you wanted to go down on your own, remember? You are brave! Most would have gone down on my back the first time. But not you! You are brave. You are a brave little girl. The devil has told you things that are not true. He has told you that he would hurt other people in your family, if you told. He has told you things that he would hurt you, he has told you that he would make you afraid all the time. But honey, that is just not true. So we are going to learn how to fight the devil from the two-year-old! Are you ready?”

‘I guess so Jesus.’ I had a little more confidence in myself at this point. ‘Jesus? That’s why Steve said to Janine that he thinks she’s a risk-taker huh?’ “Yes.” ‘Because he thinks she takes risks, because she’s brave in doing some things huh?’

“Yes, that is what risk-taking is. It’s facing your fears and doing it anyway. You are a huge risk taker Janine. You are constantly facing your fears and going through them. Sure, sometimes you go around them. Sometimes you try to go around them, but you can’t. You have to go through them. You have had a lot of fears in your life honey and you and all your little ones have stood up strong and tall to fear. I am very, very proud of you all. And you need to learn more.”

‘Okay Daddy, I’m ready. I think. I’m ready, well, I will be ready.’ “Good girl!! You always are up for a challenge. That’s one of the things I put in you that I absolutely love about you. I love you Nini, I love you Janine. I love you with all, my, heart. You are precious to me, and you are so very important to me.”

‘Why is Janine so important to you Jesus?’

“Honey, it’s not just Janine. It’s all of you. Remember? I call Janine when I’m talking to all of you. The adult Janine and all of the little ones. You are all extremely important to me. You are the ones that help Janine do what she needs to do. You help her fight the devil, you give her confidence, you help her to laugh, you help her to shake off things, all of you, even you older ones and you teenagers that we haven’t talked to yet. All of you are wonderful, wonderful people. You are wonderful helpers. There is no one perfect, I want you to know that. And some people are not going to understand that they are made up of all of their ages and all of their parts. That’s okay. They don’t have to understand. The ones that need this will understand. And the ones that don’t, if they are open to me, then I will heal them and help them. And if they’re not, I will still love them! Of course I love them!

Each person has to decide for themselves how far, how deeply into me they want to go. As Janine has found out, there are layers and layers to me. I am unsearchable. That means there’s so much to me that no one will ever be able to figure me all out, ever.” ‘Ever Jesus?’ “Ever little one. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to understand me and figure out what I mean when I’m saying things or giving you dreams, or giving you visions, it doesn’t mean that I am unsearchable and that people cannot find things out. It means that I am God. There is none other like me, there was no one beside me. There are some really smart people in the world Janine. I created them that way. Even the people that understand physics and math, and all those things Nini, they still don’t match the level of knowledge and understanding that I am.”

‘Okay Daddy. Did you get off on a tangent Jesus?’ Jesus laughed. “Yes honey, a little bit. But you will understand more as you get older.” ‘Oh Jesus, my mom always says that, why did you say that?’

“Honey it’s true! You will understand as you get older, because you will gain more understanding through each year that you are alive. And each little one, each part that broke off, is also gaining understanding. So guess what? Think of all the understanding and wisdom you will have! Because each part that was wounded and is now whole. Each part gets their own wisdom. Baby, I know it’s complicated and I understand that you don’t understand it yet. But you will sweetheart, don’t worry about it, it’s just seeds that I’m planting. Just like when Janine prays for other people and talks to other people about me, these are seeds that she’s planting. And seeds spring up. Don’t worry about it baby.” ‘Ok Daddy. Can we go back to me being a lion?’ Jesus laughed and said “yes sweetheart.”


“Good baby, what did you learn?” ‘Jesus, I learned I think, you have to be loud when you talk to the devil.’ Jesus smiled. “Go on.” ‘Well you have to be loud when you talk to the devil and forceful. And you have to keep forcing the air out of you ‘cause she was kind of saying it really loud. And…and I’m not sure what I learned Jesus.’

“Well honey what did the devil do? Did you see him do anything when she was saying this?” ‘I did not Daddy, but it kind of felt like things got clear. Like there wasn’t anything in the house anymore and it felt like things were clean.’ “Good baby, those are good observations. Shall we talk to the two-year-old?”

‘Sure Daddy.’ “She was there right?” ‘Oh yes Daddy, she was. Janine could tell we were both there too.’ “So Warrior Princess did you learn anything?” ‘Jesus, I learned that Janine thinks she has to yell. And I know that sometimes we yelled, because we were vehement about it.’  “That’s a big word for such a little girl.”

‘Yes Daddy,’ I smiled, ‘I know. But you gave me a lot of wisdom. And besides you told me that I know all the things that the adult knows.’ “Yes that is true. You did well Nini. Did you learn anything else?” ‘Well Jesus, let me think for a minute.’ “Okay baby, take your time.”

‘Jesus? I think I learned that just saying your name and applying the blood over things is just as powerful as speaking scripture. I’m not sure Jesus, if I already knew that or not.’ “That’s okay sweetheart, I was just checking in with you to see if you learned something new, it was not a trick question.” ‘Thank you Daddy.’

“So little Lion girl, what did you learn?” ‘Oh Daddy, after I listened to her, I learned, I think, that you’ve got to be forceful. And I’m not sure what I learned Daddy.’

“That’s okay baby girl. Before you go, I want you all to know that you don’t have to be forceful. You do not have to yell. Saying my name, even if you whisper, is exceedingly loud to the devil. You can talk in your normal voice, you do not have to yell. Also is the fact that I live inside of each of you. Do you remember Janine has read that when Paul’s shadow would fall on people, that people would be healed?” ‘Yes Daddy we do,’ we said in unison.

“That’s because he stayed close to me. It could not have happened if he didn’t have me inside him, inside his heart and his spirit and if he didn’t stay close to me. So as long as you stay close to me, when Janine walks by people that will happen as well. You remember, Janine has stretched out her hands at different times when she’s driving?”

‘Yeah Daddy we thought that was weird.’ “No sweetheart it was her sending me into the situation and into the people. Try it while you’re out and about okay?” ‘Okay Jesus,’ we both said. ‘We have to get dressed now, or, Janine does.’ “I know babies. You get going.”

‘Jesus I plead the blood over my car that nothing bumps me and I bump nothing. Jesus? This is Janine talking.’ “I know.” ‘Thank you for integrating me more with the little ones.’ “You’re welcome my girl. I’m doing this all for you Janine. Everything is for you. Because you are that important to me. I love you Janine with an undying love. With a forever love.”

‘Thank you Daddy’, I whispered.



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