5.4-5.18 Lessons for the 7 yr old, Short

5.4.18 being unsure

“Jesus, am I fixed?” Asked the 7 year old. “Yes, I think so.” ‘You are God, don’t you know?’

“Yes honey I know. You see what words do? You see what difference the word ‘think’ has instead of the word ‘know’? That’s one of the things that people are looking for. They’re looking for someone who knows. When an adult says ‘I think so’, instead of ‘yes’, or ‘yes I know’, then the person listening is unsure. And that’s part of the problem of people these days. They say ‘think’ instead of ‘know’. Resulting in a reinforcement of being unsure. This my girl, is the enemy’s work. People know quite a bit, however they have no confidence. I want you to pray for people to have confidence in what they know about me.”

‘Yes Father.

I pray Father, that your children will have confidence in what they know about you. I pray they have confidence that you love them. I pray they have confidence that they are important to you. I pray Father, they have confidence that they can do what Jesus did when He was on the earth. I pray that we all have that confidence in Jesus’ name.’

5.4.18 words, self curses

We make God all about us. But it’s all about God’s Word.

God will never push me away, he will always be my father and mother.

He will never not talk to me. He will never ignore me. I’m too special to Him for him to ignore me.

If someone ignores me, they are not my friend. If this happens, I need to keep my own counsel. Not as in if they are preoccupied with something else and I interrupt.

But as in, I say I don’t like something and they do it anyway. Or I say please do this and they don’t. These are people that are currently in my life.

If you ever agreed with a Peter Pan movie saying ‘I’m not going to grow up,’ you need to repent and you need to ask forgiveness. It will block a lot of good things that should come into your life.

5.4.18 Working together! Eph 3.20


He is able, through his mighty power at work within me, to accomplish infinitely more than I could ask or think. Ephesians 3:20.

5.5.18 lesson

Just like our parents tell us things over, and over and over, so Jesus does from the Bible. Those things that are important for us to know he says more than once, sometimes more than twice.

Tune of ‘to sir with love’

The little ones’ days of

Being angry and defensive are gone

They are healed, some will go to Jesus and some will stay on

I’d like to thank you, for teaching me and healing the girls

It was hard but we’ve overcome!

5.5.18 dates of changing ages

I went from 6 yo to 7 yo on the way to the airport to pick someone up. 3-23-18

I went from  7 yrs old to 8 yrs old in the hot tub on May 5th, 2018

[I went to 9 yo, Dec 6, 2019.]


"We can't judge yesterday by today's standards.  "

Janine Joi

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