5.7.18 What Prayer Does, Activating Angels, Forgiving, About Heaven

5.7.18 A Very Emotional Lesson on Forgiving, Angels, Prayer and Heaven

‘Jesus, I know that I’m 8 now. Why did I say on May 4th that I didn’t know what heaven was like? Because I’ve been there with you.’

Jesus, “You forget sometimes honey. It’s okay. Everyone does. Those are times with me, most people call it a mountaintop experience. That’s when they are experiencing heaven.” ‘But Jesus, I said that I hadn’t seen heaven. Isn’t that where I am with you when I’m with you?’

“Yes baby it is. There are different areas of heaven baby. You haven’t seen the parts where the other little ones are. There are places that I can take you, where you can go and it is heaven. However there are other places where people – as a spirit in a human body, I do not take you. I generally don’t take anyone there, there are of course special circumstances with certain people. I know you have heard of people that have gone to heaven and they have seen their relatives. What they see is particular to what I am teaching them. For the most part when I take people to heaven, they don’t go to every place in heaven. Like you don’t see the other little ones that are in heaven playing elsewhere.”

‘Why is that Jesus?’ “There’s just some places that are reserved for only spirits in spirit form.” ‘Oh. Jesus, do I have any problems not measuring up?’ “Do you baby?” I thought about it, ‘I don’t think so, Jesus.’ “Okay, if you feel that you have any problems in that area you’ll just come to me right?” ‘Yes Daddy.

Daddy? I know that I have thought this at different times, I know that the little ones have too. It seems sometimes like you don’t know what’s going on. And you ask me questions. But I know what you’re doing.’

“What’s that babygirl?”

‘You’re teaching me as a Daddy and a Mommy. And you’re kind of having me think things through and come up with some answers huh?’ “Yes babygirl, that’s part of it.” ‘What’s the other part Daddy?’ “The biggest part sweetheart, is that I am teaching you as a parent.

This isn’t about me being God, it’s about me being your Daddy and me being your Mommy. It’s about you learning.” ‘And being healed too, huh Jesus?’ “Yes babygirl and being healed too”.

Are you okay being 8, Nini?” ‘I think so Daddy, I just feel old.’ “You’re not old sweetheart, you’re only eight.” ‘That’s when I didn’t have my real Daddy and Bill was my stepfather. He was a bad, mean man, God.’ “I know he was mean to you sweetheart.” ‘There was underlying stuff going on, wasn’t there Jesus?’ “Yes baby there was. And you picked up on it and it made you uncomfortable. And you hated him. Do you still hate him?”

“Yes Daddy I do. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. He was mean to me, Jesus. He was always sucking his teeth and always eating a chocolate covered marshmallow and sucking his teeth. He was a mean son of a bitch.” “O Nini! Where did that come from?” “Out of my mouth. I hated him. Jesus, I hated my mother too because she never stuck up for me. She was always grounding me because he didn’t like me. And he was always beating me.’ “Did you do anything to warrant being punished?”

‘No Jesus. Because no kid should be punished. They’re supposed to be disciplined. That’s what you said.’ “You are right Nini. Do you remember what I said to one of the little ones? Do you remember that I told you that when people don’t take care of their issues, that they grow up to be adults, but they’re not always grown up?”

‘Yes Jesus I remember.’ “This is true of everyone sweetheart. Especially people that have mean things happen to them when they are kids. They grow up and they take it out on other people. You’ve seen Janine act that way haven’t you?” “Yes Jesus. But she didn’t mean to!”

“Honey, nobody wants to be bad. Most parents do not think in their heads, ‘I’m going to have a child just so I can be mean to them’.”

I’m sobbing. (It’s the strangest thing, when I’m sobbing like this and Jesus and I are talking and my dog doesn’t even move)

“I know Nini, that deep inside your heart you have thought that your Mother and your Father had another child just so they could be mean to the child and that child was you. Maybe that wasn’t the truth.

That lie was told to you from your grandfather and his cronies. And they were operating with the devil. Satan does his best to get a hold of people and turn them into horrible people. And sometimes he actually succeeds and he does turn them into horrible people and sometimes they stay horrible their whole life and when they die they’re still horrible.

Other times they come to me and they ask me to forgive them. And I do forgive them. But just like you have learned with the other little ones – and everyone needs to learn this – forgive the people that have hurt you. Because what does it do, Nini?”

‘I don’t remember Jesus. It makes me better?’

“Yes baby. When you forgive someone else, then you are no longer tied through soul ties to that person. When you forgive someone, it sets you free from anger and from retaliation from evil spirits that have a right to stay in your head and talk to you if you don’t forgive.”

‘Jesus what do I do when I’m so mad at them?’ “Babygirl, give me that anger. I will take it. You give it to me and you don’t hold on to it. Let me have it and you just forgive them.” ‘What Jesus? Act like it never happened?’

“Babygirl, you know that it happened, but when you forgive them and give me the hurt and give me the anger, then it doesn’t hurt you anymore. You don’t have the anger when you give it to me. And you don’t have the hurt feelings when you give them to me”.

“I don’t understand that Jesus.” “Sweetheart, what I do is I take that hurt and that anger out of your heart and I heal up that wounded part of your heart and then it’s made whole. And you don’t have to remember if you don’t want to. If you do remember, it does not hurt.” “Really Jesus?

Jesus stretched out his arms to me and he said “Come here babygirl. Yes honey really.” ‘Jesus he did a lot of things to me. He was really mean to me. He would beat me with all kinds of things.’

Jesus said “I know honey.” “Why didn’t you make him stop?” “Because people who have given themselves to Satan, the devil, those who have an unregenerate heart, I can only do so much with baby.”

‘What’s an ‘ungenerate heart?’ “An unregenerate heart is someone who has closed themselves off to me and who has said in their heart, ‘I do not believe in God. I will not serve him. I will not try.’ Sweetheart, people like that basically do what they want to do. That is usually hurting other people.”

‘What about my angels? How come they didn’t stop him? These angels, you say there’s Michael the Archangel and all these angels are in the heavenlies fighting. Why didn’t they protect me? That girl in that class, her father was raping her when she was two and three and four and five, why didn’t her angel stop him? Why didn’t they protect her? You God, why didn’t you make the angels do something worthwhile? What good are angels if they don’t help somebody. You call them personal angels, you call our guardian angels. But God they’re worthless, they don’t do anything.’

[My dog is still sleeping on the sofa while I’m sobbing. This is a FIRST, when I cry]

‘God? All the little ones had a hard time. I know some of them did not trust you or like you, but there’s never been so much anger and hatred at you, I don’t think, as this one. And there’s a lot of anger at you for these supposed angels that are supposedly protecting and supposedly doing something good that you have created. They don’t protect us from getting hurt. I know that you understand and I ask that you give me an answer. Because I am so pissed off at you and angry and in a way I hate you God, but I don’t hate you and I need your help Jesus, amen.’

“Sweetheart, although I am God, I have given the world over to Satan. For a time. He controls things on the earth. Except he does not control people who have given their hearts to me. People that do not give their hearts to me, do whatever they want to do.” ‘What about angels God?’ “Angels are like me, they can only do so much.”

Is that you God? Seriously?

“Yes sweetheart. Your angels weren’t activated, babygirl. That’s why it’s important for people to pray for children all over the world. Pray for them. So their angels will be activated.” ‘God that sounds so crazy. It sounds so wacko.’

“It’s a part of prayer Janine. You said you wanted to know more about prayer and what prayer does. Prayer is a very powerful force. When you pray, you release forces on earth that cannot be stopped. When you and others pray for children and pray for others, you release good on the earth. You release angels to do good.”

‘So God, you’re telling me that if I pray for a child and this activates their angel that they’re not going to be raped? They’re not going to be neglected? God that’s not true! Because there are Christians that are praying for their children and they get kidnapped and murdered!’

“How do you know they’re praying for their children? Because they say so?” ‘Yes Lord!’ “Not everything is as it seems Janine. Not everything is as easy as an explanation from people’s lips.”

I pray the hidden secrets in secret places will be open to me. I pray for wisdom and knowledge and understanding. I pray for me.





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