5.8.18 SUPER Important Answer about Angels and Prayer

5.8.18 answer Re: Angels

Father, last night was difficult. It was really hard. I went to bed being so angry at you and not wanting to be, it was just that I didn’t understand.

Until I read previous pages and I got to where I knew you loved me and everything, so I was better. So Father, I understand today, after reading a post online, that angels don’t have enough power to protect anyone, children or adults, anyone, if people don’t pray.


That article also explained to me, about when you have told me to pray for children to activate their angels, the concept of that. When we pray for others it activates their angels.

Father, I pray that you do not let me forget this. Help me to get it down. I ask you to get it down in my spirit so I fully understand prayer and fully understand how to pray. Fully understand about reading the Word and speaking the Word out loud and listening to people teach about the Word.

8.6.21- PLEASE avail yourself of more wisdom and knowledge and go read that post.

"When believed and spoken, any promise of God is turned into the power of God.  "

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