apr 16-18, 2018 Little Girl Lessons and Cork Road Story

4.16.18 talking to the Little ones Lesson

‘Why did I never trust you little ones?’

“Because we were always acting up. But you always figured that we were too little and didn’t know anything. We did know stuff and we do know stuff! You just, you had a hard time. And we didn’t know how to help you.”

‘Are you learning how to help me now?’

“Oh yes! He’s telling us and teaching us all kinds of things! We’re not so afraid and we’re learning to fight the devil and we’re having fun. We never had fun when we were wounded, but we’re having fun now!” ‘I’m glad.’

“Are you really?”  ‘Yes, I really am. And I think I was jealous of you. Please forgive me for letting the interruption happen.’ “We do.”

‘Thank you. I think I was jealous of you because you got to be a kid and I didn’t. I think I fought against you. I don’t know. However, I am not jealous of you and I embrace you and I love you, and I’m glad you’re being healed and I’m glad you’re having a good time. As you are healed, so I will be healed.’

“Yes we know!” They said. ‘Will you always be around, little ones?’ “Yes, unless we go to Jesus.” ‘Will you be able to come back if you go to Jesus?’ “Only if he releases us.”

4.17.18 lesson

Dad, why don’t you get mad at me when I say things that sound bad?

“Because I know your heart. Janine, you are so used to being shot down. I don’t shoot anybody down. I know people’s hearts and I go by that. Nobody else knows another person’s heart truly, but I do.

I know you meant well by putting your book cover up on those two groups. However, you need to pick and choose more wisely. You know in your heart what you like and you know in your heart what looks good. Instead of asking everybody, you should only ask those whose opinion you respect.”

‘Thank you Father for that.’

4.18.18 Cork 26

When The Stranger got to the cafe, much of the lumber had already been unloaded from the trucks. There were people milling about with cups of coffee in their hands from the cafe. Other groups had hard hats on and were stacking lumber and sheets of plywood. The Stranger thought they were doing very well.

The cafe owner saw him and called out “Hi there!” The Stranger called back, “hi!” The owner said, “This has gone a lot more quickly than I had anticipated.” The Stranger said “Good I’m glad to hear that.”

“We have several men here that know exactly how to get everything done quickly. We have plumbers, electricians, framers, tiler’s and supervisors for everything. With as many hands as we have here and with everyone coming over after their regular day job, we should have this room up and usable in a week.

The Stranger said “Really? That soon? That’s fabulous!” “Yes, everyone wants to be a part of it.”

“That’s great! There is a lot of building that’s going to be going on in this town, so if you could get the word out for anyone that wants to start a construction company there will be plenty of work for them for the next several years.”

“Sure! I’ll pass the word around. I know there are several men here who have been talking about getting together and starting such a business. There just hasn’t been much call for construction in this small town.” “There will be now,” The Stranger replied.


At school the kids were learning math and some of the boys were arguing about how to do it and what was right. Then one of the boys called another boy stupid, which he replied with, “you’re stupider.”

One of the children in the classroom yelled out “Look! look!” She pointed over to the hearts. Two of the hearts had a dark spot on them and both hearts were pulsating and that made the dark spot stand out even more.

Everyone in the classroom stopped what they were doing and looked at the hearts. The teacher spoke first, she said “Children, that was not nice to call each other names. You know that and now you can see it. Do you really both think that the other is stupid?”

They pulled their eyes away from the hearts to look at each other, and they both shook their head no. “If you are sorry, then I want you to say so to each other.”

The Boy that started it said, “I’m sorry that I said that to you. I don’t think you’re stupid. I was just mad.”

The moment he said that the spot on his heart turned back to red. You could not see any spot at all. Someone yelled “look at the heart”! The heart was not pulsating, it had gone back to its original state of glowing. There was no dark spot on it. However the other Little Boy’s was still pulsing quickly and the dark spot was still there. The other Boy said “I’m sorry too. I don’t think you’re stupid either. I was mad too.”

The children yelled “Look”!

And that heart had no dark spot and it too, had stopped pulsating and was just glowing.

Everyone in the classroom was pretty awestruck. Ms. Amazing started shepherding the children back to their seats. “Come along children, go back to your desks and sit down.”

The teacher thought this would be a good time to speak to the children about their words. She said, “Children, you have now seen what happens when you speak harshly to someone else.” One of the children raised their hands and said “Teacher? What does harshly mean?”

“Harshly means saying something mean to someone else when they don’t deserve it and didn’t expect it. Just like when the two boys were arguing, the first boy lashed out at the second boy and he said ‘harshly’ that he was stupid. The second boy was not expecting him to say that and it was a mean, hurtful thing to say. That’s what harshly means.” “Thank you.”

She continued, “This is what The Stranger meant when he was here teaching us about the nice words that we need to call each other. That’s why you have the necklaces around your neck with the cards on them and the words. So when you go out at recess, which will be in a few minutes, I want to hear all of you talking nicely to each other and calling each other by the word on your card. Let’s practice for the few minutes before recess.”

The room soon filled with the chatter of young voices saying “hi wonderful,” “hi smart,” “hey handsome,” “hello beautiful”, “hi funny,” “hello friend.”

This changed the atmosphere in the classroom. The children started smiling again, the hearts were just glowing. The bell rang for recess and the kids ran outside. The teacher called after them, “remember to use positive good words to each other!”

Out on the playground the Little Boy called all the Cork Kids together. “Let’s go under the tree, I wanna tell you something.”

So everybody went over under the tree. The Little Boy said, “The Stranger was at our house this morning, and he told my Mama and Daddy about a kids club. It’s called Soldiers of the Cross. Boys are called Warrior Princes and girls are called Warrior Princesses.

Maybe you guys can talk to your parents and see if they’ll do it?”

The other kids asked what’s a kids club? What do they do? The Little Boy told them, “we do things that earn us badges. Every time we learn something good, or do something good, then we earn a badge.” The Little Girl said, “why don’t we talk about it in my new clubhouse?” Everybody said, “okay, after school!”

The bell for recess rang, signaling recess is over, the kids all ran back to their classroom.



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