Blue Sage Naturals

Hello old friends and new! Blue Sage Naturals has closed and I have now opened up Doors To Joy, a non profit specifically to help people through opening doors to joy and emotional healing.

Some of the products Blue Sage Naturals used to make, like the Seabuckthorn Soap, Relief N Rescue™, Seabuckthorn Shampoo, are still being made because we love them.

Relief N Rescue
Relief N Rescue™

And of course, I still make some of my own face care products. How could I stop? [secret, when I buy something from a store, I just don’t look at the ingredients, otherwise I wouldn’t buy it]. However as of yet, Steve has not decided what business he wants to open. It’s almost impossible for him to mail out during the week, so mail outs would only be able to take place one day a week and I don’t know what that day would be. I deal exclusively with Doors To Joy now.

I would love to hear from you and what’s been going on in your world! I would love to pray with you if you’d like.

I’m currently in Northern Virginia. I know, a change huh? Yer tellin’ ME! I went from the frying pan {Phoenix}, to the freezer {Idaho}, to the water dispenser {Virginia}. I would love to find a place that just sits me, like butter, on the counter, where it’s slightly humid, somewhat hot, low to no snow, normal rain, with many choices to shop and eat. Ah, but California has an idiot for a governor. 😉

As soon as I am able to get everything done, I will have flower essences for sale and donations available on this site. Please do read the link on ‘flower essences’ at the top.

I also wrote a book, the link is under ‘Amazon links‘. I think you will find it enlightening, at the very least you will no doubt learn a few things.

The Cork RoadI have a portion of a book the Lord has given me on this site. I add to it regularly. It’s called, The Cork Road. Just hover over the link and you will see a chronological order to reading it.

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or call or email to this address: hello at