Earlier in 2017 Wow!

Earlier 2017 – Please, if this speaks to you, put YOUR name in where mine is. This isn’t just for me, this is for those that need it as well.

I asked the Lord where are the blockages? He said my great grandmother, my Dad’s side. Moggie’s mother*.

From the book “Operating in the Courts of Heaven” I tackled blockages. The Lord told me to read Deuteronomy 22-28. I repented for myself and my bloodline going back to Adam and Eve for every item mentioned in chapters 22-27 and whatever the Lord brought to mind. I then prayed release of all the promises in Dec. 28.

I remembered a dream I had in August 2016 about there being three holes in the foundation of a dark, poor house I was in. I took it to mean there was a hole in my foundation to the 3rd generation back. I pictured this hole after I had asked for release of all the promises in De. 28.

*great grandmother Dad’s side is third generation back. LOL light bulb!

I asked the Lord about those holes. I looked down and it seemed they were still there. God said, ‘wait, look’. The bottom most one filled up from the bottom up with concrete and the hole was filled. I kept looking. The next one was filled up from the bottom up with concrete and the top was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The last one I couldn’t quite see. The Lord told me to praise Him.

I did. He told me to take communion, I did. He told me to bow before Him. I did. He placed a cloak, a mantle on me. it was light blue, [my last liked color, strange] with white fur trim, He fastened it together with a brooch. A brooch like I’ve never seen. There was one middle precious stone in a square shape with rounded corners, with ceramic and other precious stones around it. It was so real I reached up to touch it. I laughed because there were many, many pockets in the mantle. The Lord knows I like pockets, but to hide them in a cloak? How fun!

I still couldn’t see anything. I asked Him to show me the last hole.

OH! OH! It’s NOT THERE! There are workman building a new house on the new foundation! That lovely smell of cut wood is in the air. The framing is up, new, sturdy wood, 2x4s straight and true. The concrete floor is as smooth as anything. It must have been a master concrete layer, yes, it was God.

The old dark house is gone, the torn, thin, dark blue carpeting, the walls, the whole house is gone.

God said to go stand next to the moringa tree. As I went outside, there’s a ginormous thai basil plant, God said to stand near it. I did. It’s to release newness of life and stops confusion He said.

Moringa releases love as it gets to the heart of spiritual issues. Moringa does a deep work. But it’s clothed in love. [it’s quite amazing really]

So Father, is there any doors? God said, ‘yes, there will be. How big would you like the house’? Me, ‘big and full of light’. God laughed and said, ‘yes, I know you like light. It will be big and light, lots of shelves for all your things. And there will be lots of doors, some with glass, some oak, some carved oak, some will have screen doors’.

Father, do you want to give me a particular gift? *laughing*,  “Why yes, I believe I already have, laughter.” Me, ‘anything else Father? Like being prosperous in my business? Like money? Like telling me for certain what is my destiny’?

God, “hmmm. I have already made you prosperous, I said so in my Word, all you have to do is speak it into existence. Come into agreement with me Janine, you already know my promises are in the ‘atmosphere’, come into agreement. Speak it, own it, have it.”

Me, ‘seriously? It’s as simple as that’? 

God, “it’s as simple as that.”

Well, I’ve been doing that, and it hasn’t happened, so now what?

“Spray, cleanse the air around you. Bind the demons and they will flee, have faith in my Word. Have faith in me that I will accomplish it.” 

Don’t I have faith in you now?? 

 “Yes, but not enough, in a different way. Come my child, take my hand. Remember, you yourself said you would stop being fearful and you would follow me and fly with me.” 

‘Yes, yes I did.’

“Take my hand, let us soar, reaching new heights in this, YOUR life. In the here and now.” 

‘Yes God, I can see how fear still grips me.’

Placing my hand in His I said, ‘don’t let go!’

God, “aw my child, I will never ever let you go. Not ever. No matter how much you squirm, struggle or rail at me, I will never let you go. You see, you are my daughter, my child, you gave your heart to me and SO MANY times you have said, ‘don’t let me take back what I’m giving You’.

‘Yes, Lord, I still mean it.’

“I will never let you go Nini. How could I? How could I forget you? That would be like forgetting how to breathe, and how could I not love you? That would be like telling my heart to stop beating. No baby girl, I will not let you go, I will not lose you, I will not forget you, I will not neglect you, I will not lie to you, nor hammer your hands, nor spit on you. I am not a man to lie or to treat you like that. I will never, ever, let go of your hand. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter if you think you are turning your back on me, I will never, ever let go of your hand. You, my beloved Janine, are mine. Your name is written in my book. 

I have your life mapped out before me. You are precious to me. So very precious to me. I know you fear things my daughter, I know you are working on it. No matter how far you walk with me or not, I will never let go of your hand. I have your back. I have your front. Be careful whom you listen too, don’t listen to those that say I don’t have your back. Of COURSE I have my children’s backs!”

‘Are there any blockages God?’

“Just fear.” 

Just. Forgive me Father, help me to overcome the fears of not really hearing your voice, of getting too far ‘out there’ in all this stuff you have me doing and not being able to get back. Forgive me for praying a thing to death, instead of stepping out, that’s one of the fears too. I’m so sorry Lord.’

“I know you are honey, you are doing better.”

‘Help me Lord.’

“I am, I will, always.”

Little voice, ‘I love you Daddy.’

“I love you too baby girl.”


"The power of God delivers me. The energy of God heals me.  "

Janine Joi

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