How To Understand the Quotes and other things

This is how to understand the quotes and other things. I know how quotes work. However, there is SO MUCH talking in here, that even I wasn’t understanding who was saying what. Especially between me and Jesus. So His words are done with proper quotes, ” “, when I’m speaking, and probably when others are speaking, the quotes are ‘ ‘. It’s a lot easier to do single quotes, my finger finds it easily.

Also, I’m sure you will find things that may not make sense, if so, please email me with them so I can fix them. It’s a very good story that once I start editing, I get engrossed in, again. So it’s likely I’m missing some stuff.

The Lord has told me to read and re-read this story, like I do the Bible. I find there are things in here, just like in the Bible, that I missed the first and second time, or it has new meaning now.

I hope this story blesses you in some way.