I Have Understanding Flower Essence

I Have Understanding Flower essence

I Have Understanding flower essence, enables you to see yourself and the things around on in your world around you, more clearly. It brings the consolidation of understanding of what you have been learning.

As you sit with the Lord and have your date-time with him, you will need to forgive issues that come up. If you need to walk through the remembering of it and deal with the pain of it, do it.

We gain understanding of ourselves along with confidence. We begin to see, to understand, how we fit into the calling placed upon our lives. You will understand more of how you fit in, where you fit in.

How to do this thing God has asked you to do. You will gain more confidence in who you are and in how you are supposed to do it.

You will gain an understanding of the issue and an acceptance of yourself. As you read explanations of things, you understand more of what they are saying, if it applies to you, if it is the truth and how it applies to you.

This essence opens up understanding of how you and your ministry fit in the world, but more importantly, how it fits with you.

I Have Understanding flower essence encourages understanding of what you are going through currently. You will have a greater understanding of what the Lord is telling you and teaching you. You will see how the dots connect. You end up knowing because you understand and understand, because you know.

You have confidence, understanding. You do not undermine yourself. I Have Understanding brings a confidence that no matter your age, no matter your physical body type or problems, you are useful in the Kingdom of God.

PoinsettiaThis flower brings joy, gives strength. It empowers, without obnoxiousness. It gives energy and brings happiness. It is a happy plant. It will begin the work of rooting out the deep traumas that have settled in the stomach area. Poinsettia brings subtle excitement. Its not ashamed of how it looks while coming out to its full glory and brings that to us. Poinsettia knows its’ outward glory is a reflection of its’ inward confidence.

Mr. Lincoln Red Rose – Brings to the surface deeply buried feelings of blame. Frees the mind & emotions of self doubt and hate and brings new understanding of the past and present. Mr. Lincoln Red Rose essence aptly brings freedom to see the truth of situations.

Leek – dives deeply to get to the heart of an issue. Cuts away falsehoods and unravels threads. Leek softens your heart to release the hurt.

Bauhania variegata – Increases emotional and mental flexibility, helping us to keep an open mind. Bauhania helps us to feel excited and empowered by the changes that are occurring so we can better embrace them with ease. We are open to new ideas and concepts, more accepting of others and new life events. Opens the pathway to helping us cope with change.

This can be an especially helpful essence when making a long distance move.

Bauhania has been found [in Australian research] to correct problems with the ileocecal valve. Symptoms arising from a malfunction of this valve can be neck pain, bloating, abdominal distension, headaches and malaise.

Gardenia – increases knowledge and prophetic tendencies. Separates the small stuff from the big stuff. Calming.

M&M blend, Moringa & Myrtle – opens the heart to Love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love.

Combo white & purple lilac – helps those with a sensitive nature feel more socially confident. Helps us to let go and have emotional strength to believe in ourselves. Helps in releasing burdens not meant to be carried. Promotes us to believe in ourselves. Helpful for aligning one’s spine and holding an adjustment. Helpful for depression and low energy due to a lack of self-connectedness. Rejuvenates and uplifts. Restores lightness of laughter and a spring in the step.

I Have Understanding: