Just What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences, what are they?

They are parts of a plant from which the energy of the plant is released into water or other type of fluid. Almost always it’s water. Flower essences are not essential oils. Flower essences take only the energy of the plant, leaving all the chemicals and fragrances of the plant in the plant.

Essences are made from flowers, twigs, leaves, buds, gem stones, colors, music, words, yes, they all have frequencies. In fact, everything in this world is made up of matter and matter vibrates. That vibration is called a frequency. We are bombarded with unhealthy frequencies all day long. Nights too if we use electric blankets or keep our cell phones on, near our bodies. From living near sub stations, overhead wires, flying, getting angry, having a heated argument, the frequencies in our bodies gets out of whack – out of balance – and we need to put them back in a healthy state of balance.

Essences deal with our emotions. Our thoughts have energy that are usually attached to emotions and vice versa. When our emotions are out of balance, things don’t go right. Stress for instance, it’s a physical thing from an emotion, from thoughts.

Essences don’t necessarily heal our bodies, but when we have less anger and less stress, when we allow more love to flow in; when our attitudes and thoughts change, our bodies usually follow. Flower essences are a form of healing using the frequencies of flowers to alter negative emotional patterns. Flower essences do not directly impact the body, but by righting the emotional components that contribute to disease, many find relief emotionally and physically.

Some times it’s hard to put a finger on what we feel, but as you read over the descriptions or see the flower or the color of the flower, you may feel drawn to it. Usually that is the one you should get. Read the description and see if that’s how you’re feeling.

Our essences help with the emotional side of us and our pets.

Flower essences can get to the roots of issues we have experienced in our lives and straighten out the twistedness of emotions stemming from these issues. It could be as simple as negative thinking to as deep as self condemnation.

They help us be the best version of ourselves that we can be. The way we were brought up as a child and the traumas that have happened to us, no matter our age, have damaged our emotions and thoughts. Essences help to fix that. They straighten out emotions that have become twisted ‘strings’.

Essences open up areas of us that are blocked, to receive truth and light. They help us tap into the spiritual realms by opening us up to truth and helping us get out of our own way to receiving truth.

They help us reach our goals. If we want to gain confidence, stop procrastinating, work smarter with more clarity, have focus, it’s essences that will do the job. All you have to do is take them!

Doors To Joy Essences come to you infused with love and prayers for emotional healing.

This is a nonprofit and as such, we are selling the essences for market value. Anything you add to the price marked, can be taken as a tax deduction. We are a 501(c)(3). EIN 83-3243992

We don’t want anyone to do without healing for their emotions because they can’t afford it. So we will be making 1 dram essences complimentary. All we ask is for postage of $4.80 to be paid.

To learn more on this subject, you can purchase my book on Amazon.

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