Neutrinos – Where Time Meets Time – With Jesus

Neutrinos – Where Time Meets Time – With Jesus

Time is a continuum. Like a conveyor belt,. They say things keep coming around every 20 or 30 or 40 years. The same clothes, that music is basically the same. It’s as if [and it is] time is on this conveyor belt – continuum, these ideas, these things, fall off and happen again.

“When space is used, it’s not destroyed. When time is used, it’s not destroyed. There is infinite time and space.” Glenn Clark

Neutrinos, where time meets time. Where before is now and the future is now. Neutrinos, scientists found them, couldn’t explain them, so folded them back into their world of explained things.

Prayer has no limits of space or time. It works for all time, in all space.

With Jesus, there are no time constraints. He can take us on journeys to our childhood, teach us, heal us.

If we will take time and put it to use for good, Jesus will manipulate time for our benefit.

That’s why he’s never late or early. HIS time is different than our time. If we get in sync with him, allowing him to control our lives and time, then his time will become our time and time will flow more smoothly. In and out, a rhythm with God.

How? Sit with Him every morning. The time of day before your day starts. Focus on what He wants to do in your life. Don’t try to be someone else or to do the things that others do. Sit with him, he longs to minister to you. However long it takes every day – 1, 2, 3 hours. Make it about sitting with him. You’ll know when the time is done for that day. Jesus will tell you what He wants you to know. Don’t worry about time. Time is relative.

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