Osteoporosis- How to Heal Your Bones

I was diagnosed with ‘severe osteoporosis’ around 2005? The doctor yelled at me, aghast, “how did it get so bad???” Like, how would *I* know? You’re the doctor.

In the ensuing years, I’ve taken this and that, went walking every.single.day in Phoenix for a year, getting up at 5 a.m. in the summer to avoid the heat. It did nothing, nothing for the osteoporosis they told me.

When I took Algae Cal, it did help. I went from -4.7 to -4.5 I think it was. But they were beyond rude when they refused to continue my wholesale account, saying they wanted more, quicker sales. So they went out of my affordability range.

About a month ago I started researching the algae they use. One thing led to another and I found an article by Vin Kutty on vitamin K2, which lead me to start researching on the Membrane Complex I have and what’s in it.

I now know a TON. Which I’m going to share with you. Now, I’m not a doctor, I’m an herbalist, flower essence practitioner, esthetician, but no doctor quals here. I research. So here is what I found and what I’m taking to help the diagnosed osteoporosis in my bones. I just started a week ago, 10.26.20 taking all these in earnest.

I learned of the Advanced Research Membrane Complex from Anne Boroch, she wrote the book Healing Multiple Sclerosis: Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover for Total Recovery . I saw her on a talk show. You know, those ‘inadvertent’ things you see, that you realize later, God directed you too? Yeah, one of those.

So I bought some Membrane Complex because she said it was THE BEST to use for everyone. But I took it sporadically. You know nothing happens taking stuff that way right?

But I started researching it a few weeks ago while I was researching all things calcium.

Calcium, ALL calcium is elemental, it’s what it’s ATTACHED too that makes it work or not work. Most calcium is attached to citrate or carbonate, neither of which dissolves completely or helps get the calcium where it needs to be.

I started reading the papers Dr. Hans Nieper wrote, located at Brewer Science Library in Richland Center, WI and ONLINE! What a GIFT they have given the world, if the world would avail itself of this gift. Don’t bother with the ‘contact us’, they never reply.

So, the bottom line on this is: Calcium Orotate is elemental calcium attached to orotic acid, which is a salt. [update 8.24.21 I’ve since learned the expiration date of the salts is 5 years. So the minerals don’t expire, of course, but the salts do. Advanced Research does not put expiry dates on anything, so call them up. The more people that call them and ask, maybe they’ll put expiration dates on them. Or, maybe they’ll stop taking calls, who knows.] Membrane Complex 2-AEP is amino ethyl phosphate, which are salts and are attached to calcium, magnesium and potassium.  Calcium Orotate  as well as 2-AEP Calcium get in to the inner part of the cell. Called the mitochondria.

Membrane Complex provides the electrical charge needed for the cells to work as they were created to do. It’s like a little generator. All cells need electricity, good electricity, good vibes, good energy, to work right. Minerals are what charges and keeps an electric charge in the cells, but the energy needs to get to where it’s needed. Take a flower essence to help all parts of your being get what it needs. Flower essences are what heals the bad energy in our emotions and makes our souls work in harmony with the rest of our body. It all works together so beautifully!

Membrane Complex goes to the ‘doors’ on the cell walls, opens some and shuts others. The ‘doors’ are actually pores. Some of the pores are lipid [fat], others are water soluble. Docs surmise these lipid pores are the areas where toxins, bacteria, viruses, all the bad stuff enter the cell.  To make it as easy to understand as I can, Membrane complex seals the doors where viruses and toxins go in and opens/unclogs the other doors so healthy things can go in. Because it has minerals attached, those minerals go in a charge things up. They prepare the way.

When our cells have energy, WE have energy. They also found out that it works best with ascorbic acid, [vitamin C] and omegas, the essential fatty acids. I take a sea buckthorn blend of berry and seed oil, in the last swallow of 2 packets of emergen-c in 8 oz of water, in the morning, right after I wake up and 1 hour before I eat. It only takes 12 drops of the blend a day, to give me the amount of essential fatty acids I need. 500mg. [I’ll see about putting a blend on the site] remind me.

ALL minerals are elemental. It’s what they’re attached too that makes them work inside our cells or not. The best salts studied and used in clinical and empirical trials are orotate, aspartate, arginate and 2-AEP, colamine phosphate, aka aminoethylphosphate.

If you purchase on Amazon, please choose Doors To Joy Inc as the charity you want to support on smile.amazon. com, we will get a commission. Small but every bit helps you know?

Please let me know if you have questions. I’ll do my layman’s best to answer them.

My protocol:

First thing in a.m., Put 2 packets emergen-c in 8 oz water. Take 2 caps Membrane Complex, put the seabuckthorn blend in the last swallow, drink it down. [it tastes like carrot flavored olive oil. Some hate it, [me] some don’t mind it. [others].  Wait 30 min to 1 hour before eating.

Eat something. I take oh gads, are you ready? Updated 8.24.21.

2 calcium orotate, 1 vitamin k2 from innovixlabs, Vin Kutty’s place, 2-5k units each, Now brand D3, 2 Jarrow activated silica [but as soon as I take what’s in the bottles I bought, I’m going to be taking liquid activated silica], 1 B complex, current brand is a store brand in Virginia, usually it’s something I can’t remember the name of, will post when i do.

I’m trying to remember to take zinc mid-afternoon, it can’t be taken with calcium. “They” say do not take zinc on an empty stomach, so it’s hard to time it right, so I don’t take if often. [being honest lol]

Later after the evening meal, 1 cal orotate, 1 5k unit d3. 1 silica if I remember.

I eat about twice a day. Smoothi of spinach, soy milk, sometimes greek nonfat chobani yogurt, my sweetener Healthy Sweet™, email me if you want to buy some. 1# is $17. Measures almost like sugar. Sometimes more, sometimes less. An inulin product that’s proven to keep the calcium what? in the blood or ? I’ll have to look it up cause I can’t remember. Email me if you want to know. It helps with regularity a LOT too. And collagen. Then pills.

Then whatever dinner is, then pills. If I’m eating all day, take the pills after I quit for a time. [you know, THOSE days]

If I remember, 1 or 2 membrane complex just before bed.



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