Partnering With Doors To Joy

When you partner with Doors To Joy, you are blessing yourself along with others! When you give to this ministry, you also start a supernatural flow of your finances and you partake of the anointings and blessings on my life.

Partnership is becoming a joint owner of something. Often, it’s something we can’t do ourselves, so we give money or time. It’s a covenant and a joining together in faith, becoming a part of something bigger than yourself.

When you partner with this ministry, you can partake of the blessings and anointings on my life and this ministry. They are:

The Joseph blessing. That is marketplace ministry, being prophetic, leadership, finding your passion and your gifts. Hearing God, wisdom and administration gifts, being able to apply what God calls you to do.

Prophetic intercession, which means having an urge to pray for things, oftentimes later, you will learn of the outcome. It’s praying until the urge to pray for it ceases. Holy Spirit tells you something to pray for and you do.

Pioneer Anointing ….Is a lifestyle, a driving force, an urge, a need, to go where few or none have gone before. Being the first, blazing a trail. It is the same as fore-runner.

This ministry is a break through, break down, break out and break in ministry. This is a proton ministry. The pioneer anointing generally starts in an alone place. Often, we are the only ones in that place for quite some time, until others catch up and catch the Spirit of new ideas, new theories, new places.

It is a place where you think of things others don’t think of, do things others don’t, go places others don’t go. It’s a willingness to endure hardship, confront fears, climb over, go through, in order to get to where you know God wants you to be. It can be frustrating, disheartening and lonesome.
It is also exciting and fun. A pioneer is an innovator, sees potential, has joy, drive, perseverance.

The extra bonuses of this anointing, along with the above, are having an extremely close relationship with the Lord, of hearing directly from Him and a special gift He gives only to you.

Issachar anointing: Knowing when to speak and when not to speak. Being sensitive to God and picking up things in the Spirit. Being a blessing and a benefit to others. Understanding what is going on in the part of God’s world you are called to know and how it can be conveyed to the physical world.

Treading Anointing – has strong similarities of the Pioneer Anointing. This is an anointing of breaking through, breaking out, breaking down, breaking in. Breaking out of the mold, healing the sick, casting out devils, setting the captives free.

We don’t fit in the cookie cutter mold of ‘normal’. The devils get nervous when I pray and you will have this anointing as well.

This is not a ‘don’t rock the boat’ type of ministry. I have been called to be the ‘town crier’, shouting FAITH, HOPE, JOY, GOD, PRAISE from the rooftops. This is a take over & take back ministry!

If you need bulldog faith, perseverance, BOLDNESS, JOY; if you want more understanding, if you want to be more of a giver, if you want any of the above blessings in your life, if you want to know the fun, light-hearted side of God, if you want an entrepreneurial, adventurous spirit, if you want to know deep in your heart that God loves you, partner with this ministry!

Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Doors To Joy values all seed that is sown into this ministry to help us spread the Gospel of the good, healing news of Jesus the Messiah.

Donations are accepted via Zelle, most banks and credit unions have Zelle. The address is adoor @ Other donations are accepted through PayPal. Please consider adding 3% to cover the costs of your donation thru Paypal.