Showing Up Or Showing Off?

Showing Up Or Showing Off?

Are you showing up or showing off?

I have just watched 1.1 of the vids Sunny Lenarduzzi put out. June 30 and just started the one after that.
She’s talking about ‘showing up’ and voicing her opinion from a platform that was never about voicing her opinion about personal matters or world events. Her platform is teaching people how to make youtube work for them.

So now she’s talking about her opinions and why she’s going to start giving them.

I had a light bulb moment just now. This is why it’s always been me on the outside looking in thru the frosty window pane. Frosty from the cold shoulders I’ve gotten all my life because…I voice my opinion, I stand up for the underdog, I think outside the box, I say the unpopular thing, I’m transparent.

Most people are not ‘real’. They only show a facade to others.

Social media lends itself to showing off rather than simply showing up.Sunny Lenarduzzi

And THAT, right there, is why I’ve always struggled to even be on YouTube. Because I have always shown up. I’m always transparent and 99.7% of the time, I get slammed for it.

I’ve had my personal journal online since 2003. It used to be called my-walk-with-god and probably pages can be found on the wayback machine.

Now it’s which I haven’t updated in quite some time since I started this nonprofit.

The Lord told me last year, that now is my time. I have caught up to the future of me. Instead of me always being and thinking and having ideas 2 years ahead of time, now is my time. I have seen for some time that the way I am, in being transparent, is what everyone else is trying to be, while I’ve been trying to fit in. [isn’t that a hoot? lol] God has not allowed that to a certain extent.

If I could just figure out how to start a YouTube video…..what to say…maybe now that Sunny is going to be more transparent, maybe now I will be able to learn things that *I* can use. I haven’t been able to put much into practice yet, as I haven’t learned how to simply ‘show off’.

I’m good with the blog. For now. LOL It’s a fear I will have to face sooner rather than later and I will. But not today.