The Arrest of What Most Hold Dear – TRUTH and FREEDOM

The Arrest of What Most Hold Dear – TRUTH and FREEDOM

The arrest of what most hold dear, Truth and Freedom, has happened. Everything the majority of those that say they are Christians, in particular, have given up without a fight, so far.

John, left and Casey Cusick Taken from web

Have you heard about James Cusick? The pastor in Orlando Florida? The Washington Post’s headline says, “A Florida Man Admitted Storming The Capital, Feds Say. Then he told the FBI his pastor came with him.”


Christians are afraid to say anything because they’re afraid of being hurt, arrested, afraid of losing their freedoms.


This is an explanation of what the ‘writing on the wall’ means.

People are wanting to stay safe. But the arrest of Jim Cusick tells and shows the message that you don’t have to do anything! You don’t even have to be a Christian to be taken down! Thank God, literally, this man is a Christian and there are people appealing to heaven on his behalf! Would anyone have known about this if the man had not been a Christian? The media didn’t broadcast this. The Washington Post, as always, had a misleading and lying headline. Rarely do they speak truth.

It has happened to me as well. I’m thinking, “well here I am, x years old, my voice doesn’t matter. People aren’t going to listen to me. Why say anything? Just keep myself safe. Keep my head down and myself safe.”

That’s what generations have grown up with. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Keep your head down and just work. Protect your family, work hard, be honest. Don’t rock the boat.

That’s what demonic forces are telling people. Christians that are young enough to run for office, get on school boards, speak up in councils and especially older Christians. Telling us all we have no voice, no one will listen, what can we do anyway?  AND BOY HAVE WE BEEN LISTENING!!!

This arrest of Pastor James Cusick, his son and a person in his congregation, proves otherwise.

When people say, “Satan overplays his hand”, what it means, is that he does the same thing over and over. Or he does something like the arrest of Jim Cusick that is so blatant, so off the wall and off the charts, that Christians are alerted to what is going on!

ARE YOU ALERTED YET? Do you get it? Are you going to continue keeping your mouth shut, thinking “it” won’t happen to you?

You have seen “it” can. Are we going to finally fight back?

Are we finally going to say something?

Are we going to allow the truth to set us free from fear?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Ps 145.15 The eyes of all look to Him in hope.

Where have we placed our hope? In our own ability to keep quiet?


Are we going to allow the passions we have for life and freedoms, the very passions God put in us to make this world a better place for all, to come back? Are we going to fight for our country? God placed us in the USA for a reason. It wasn’t to sit back and let things happen to us. It’s to fight for, to speak up for what’s right.

Are you going to step out? I am.


P.S. Make sure you watch Flashpoint Tuesday and Thursday nights, starting at 8 eastern. They tell us the truth of what’s going on. They tell us where to go and what to do. We, out here, need a leader! Many are willing, we just don’t know what to do!