The Cork Road – January 2018


me about 5 years old
About 5 years old

Daddy, it seems like I’m always struggling and I’m always failing. I’m always trying to do what you want but it seems like I’m always failing.’

“Would you like me to show you how?”


“Then I will!”


“I don’t hold back from my children who seriously, really seek me.”

1-12-18 a.m.

Holding Jesus’ hand I said, ‘I love holding your hand’.

“In the future, we won’t be, you’ll have to trust me. But not right now.”

We’re walking along a path. He’s in front of me. I’m hurrying to catch up. I’m about 6. He’s around a bend. There’s a tree right at the bend. Yellow leaves are all over the ground. It’s fall. Yellow leaves on the tree too, dark bark. I think it’s pretty. I come around the bend and there’s Jesus. His back is to me because he’s walking, but he knows I just came around the corner. He turns around with a smile on his face. I run to him. He kneels down and grabs me in a bear hug when I run into his arms.

‘Why are the leaves yellow? Is it fall?’

“Because you like them. They’re crunchy too, like you like them.”

I tried crunching one with my foot.

‘Yes! They are! And I DO like them! Thank you!’

“You’re welcome.” Jesus said gently with a smile.

‘Do they mean something else too, because they’re yellow?’

“Yes, but that’s for later.”

I knew he was in front of me. I wasn’t scared or anxious, I just had to catch up.

1-12-18 evening

Jesus told the 2 yr old Warrior Princess to teach all the others how to fight the enemy. So all the others she told them to accept Jesus and come out of hiding and they did. They all accepted Jesus and even the babies, they were nodding their heads. The babies and the littlest ones went to heaven to play with the others that are there, healed. The other ones stayed and they’re all being trained on how to fight the devil for Janine.

They are all, right now, Warrior Princesses. They have the armor of God on, which they will never take off and every time the 2 yr old fights the devil, they will learn how to do it. They will grow exponentially in this ability and they will all become very strong and that also means I, Janine, will become very strong and we will all be one strong Warrior Princess in Jesus.

1-13-18 a.m.

I put my hand in Jesus’ hand and we walked over to this grassy area and he had a tea party set up. It had a gorgeous lace canopy over it, like an umbrella. It was lace and pink and it was so pretty. I asked Jesus if I could see more of what was around the area and he opened up my eyes and I saw there were cows over far off, they were eating grass. We didn’t really do much. I guess I got sidetracked.


I asked Jesus if we could go somewhere else.

“Don’t you like it here?”

‘Yes, but I want to do other things too.’

Jesus laughed and said, “you only have to ask. Would you like to go down the slide?”

‘Yes, will you go with me’?

“Yes, of course.”

Then I was in front, between his legs and Jesus and I went down a really big, white slide. He had his white robe on and I had my white lacy dress on and it was a water slide but we didn’t get all wet! We had the fun of it but we didn’t get wet.

“Do you want to go again?”

‘No, can’t we just walk around here?’


I had my hand in Jesus’ hand and we walked around what looked to be like fairgrounds. There were clowns and green grass, white booths and cotton candy. Balloons and everything nice that you would find at a carnival or fair.

It was nice. We are just walking around the fair with my hand in his. It’s so nice to be able to walk with Jesus, who is my Daddy. Just walk around, lookin’ at stuff.

‘Jesus? Will you let me smell the grass and the cotton candy and smell you? Will you let me taste the sweetness of the cotton candy? There’s a lemonade stand and I was thinking about lemonade is sour and cotton candy is sweet and it would not go good together.

“But the lemons in heaven are different lemons. They smell like lemons and you can smell the tartness, but it’s a different lemon. Oh! It’s whatever kind of lemon you want it to be. If you want it to smell like a lemon and look like a lemon, it does. But if you don’t want it to taste so tart and sour, it does not. If you do want it to taste like that, then it does.”

‘Jesus, where else can we go’?

“Where do you want to go?”

‘I dunno. Do you have a special room somewhere’?

“Are you done here?”

‘I think so’.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go pet the animals?”

‘unless I’m supposed to pet the animals, I’m not a big animal patter’.

“Ok. Well, let’s walk over here.”

There was a wooden walkway and then there was a small wooden shack. For some reason I got scared.

“Why are you afraid Nini?”

‘I don’t know. Because it’s small and dark’.

“You know I’m with you, right? You remember?”

‘Yes. Is this one of the ‘face your fears’ things Daddy?’

“Yes, it is. I am right here with you. We are still holding hands.”

My right hand is in his left hand and my left hand is pushing on the door of this shack.

‘Jesus, if I’m going to go in there, I have to let go of your hand. Can we wrap me in your robe so I can go in there further to look around’?


I stepped in to the hole in the robe. It was a long robe and I start pushing the door open.

I look back at Jesus and he is just sitting there, looking at me, just watching, waiting.

I remind myself the two year old is inside me and she’s fighting for me. And Jesus is not leaving. And, I’m wrapped up in his robe. Which is like under his wings. So I’m just going to go ahead and go in.

I know what’s on the other side is flowers and grassy, but there’s a fear right at the door. That’s what I need to get through. And it’s no good sitting here crying, [in real life I am], because if I’m afraid of it, that means it’s evil. That’s bad. I have Warrior girls inside of me. Warrior Princesses inside of me and they’re all learning, so I pushed open the door and it seemed like it was really dark.

It was black. But it wasn’t. It was a lie. Because what’s in there is more green grass and flowers and birds and blue sky. It’s really nice in there. But right by the front door, it’s like a hallway or something. It was very black. It wasn’t the truth, it’s what the devil wanted me to see. As long as I have courage and know that God is with me, I can fight it back.

‘Jesus, I was made afraid a lot when I was little’.

“I know.”

I was going back and forth, from Jesus into this room, back and forth, back and forth. It was dark each time and I would have to fight the battle to get through it each time. So I just said it all out loud, ‘resist the devil and he will flee, greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world, in Jesus name’. And the devil shrunk and he left and now there’s nothing there and the little ones learned how to fight.

‘how did I do Jesus’?

“You did fine. I’m proud of you my girl. What do you want to do now?”

‘I’d like to go to bed. I want to read the rest of this book and go to bed. And I want you to give me really nice, fluffy, nice dreams’.

“ok. Read the rest of the book and go to bed. I am always with you Nini.’

about 5 or 6
about 6.5


I’m with Jesus and I’m a little afraid.

I told him the lace canopy over the tea table was really pretty. I told him that I didn’t feel like I appreciated it as much as I should have when I was here before.

“Do you want to go back to it now?”

I nodded my head yes. So we went back and it was there. It was just beautiful. It was round like a hoop, but wider and it was white lace. There were beautiful pink rose buds and roses on the edges of it and they were beautiful.

They looked like pink icing.

Jesus asked me, “do you want to eat one?”

‘yes, but then they’d be gone’.

“No they won’t be, they’ll still be there.’

I doubted it a little bit, but I remembered that that’s one of the problems that I’ve had is doubting God at his Word, so I wasn’t going to do that. So I reached out and with my fore finger and thumb, I took a rose bud off and I put it in my mouth.

And even though I took it off and put it in my mouth, it was still there on the canopy!

“Good things never go away with me. I am never without things. Everything I have, never goes away. It will always be here.”

I tried it again. I pinched off the bud and put it in my mouth. Now I saw my fingers do that and I tasted it in my mouth, but that bud was still there. It was so cool!

“You are still a little afraid aren’t you?”

‘yes, that’s why I don’t want to go do the vision again. Because I am a little afraid. Why am I still afraid? What am I afraid of’?

“Because the vision you had last night, the trip we took, it was the shack and you were afraid and there’s a little bit of lingering fear.”

I remembered about it. ‘Jesus, why am I afraid since I was with you’?

“Because you had to do something that you thought you were alone in. You’re being taught at a rapid pace. You just need to remember I am always with you.”

‘Jesus? Will you please show me what else is around here? I saw cows eating the grass, will you show me what else is here? Without me being afraid’?

“Yes. Do you want to fly with me?”

I pushed down the fear and I said ‘yes, I want to fly with you, I want to soar.’

“Close your eyes.”

So I did in the natural. Then he said, “open them”.

I opened my eyes. In my mind’s eye I could see I was in a cloud with Jesus. I wasn’t afraid at all! I was wrapped up in his robe. The cloud was his robe. I was just wrapped up in this white and I wasn’t afraid at all! I felt like how my dog feels when I’ve got my arms tightly around him so he doesn’t have to be afraid. I felt the same way. I was with Jesus and I didn’t have to be afraid of heights or anything else.

I looked down and I could see down on the ground. We weren’t moving, we were just up high, but we weren’t moving.

“I’m proud of you Nini. That was a good hurdle for you and I’m proud of you. You are my warrior daughter.”

‘Daddy? What now’?

“Do you want to move?”

‘YES! I want to move’!

So we started moving. It wasn’t scary at all. It wasn’t scary at all.

“It’s you and I together right now. At a point in the future it will be tandem and then it will be where you are flying by yourself. Same thing, you won’t be afraid then, just as you’re not afraid now.”


Jesus smiled.

“There are things I want you to see.”

‘What things’?

“Things. Some good, some bad. Things I want you to see so you can pray over them. So you will know the plight of some people. So you will have a greater understanding of what people are going through.”

‘Jesus, don’t I know now’?

“Yes, you know quite a bit, but you close your eyes to it because it hurts your heart so much. But I want to show you things. It won’t hurt your heart. You will be able to pray better, more intelligently; you will be able to speak to the demons and command them off of people. And healing people, you will see in the spirit better.”

‘that sounds kind of scary God.’

“It won’t be Nini, you are my daughter. You have been chosen. You are brave and you are courageous, just like that 2 yr old inside you. You are brave and courageous.”

‘it sounds like you are placating me’ I don’t want too. I don’t want to. Do I get a choice in this?’

“Yes, but if you don’t choose to, then you won’t go to where I want you to go.”

‘You’re moving me along too quickly Lord. I think maybe this whole thing is not from you.’

“Nini, you can’t pick and choose. Whenever you get afraid of something rebuke that fear, because that is not from me.”

‘Can we go back to the tea thing’?

Jesus smiled, “Yes.”

Later…’Are you mad at me God?’

“Oh no honey, why would I be mad at you?”

‘Because I was scared.’

“No, while it’s not ok to be afraid, I understand. I know you poppet.”

‘Why did you call me poppet?’

“Because it’s an endearing term and I love you dearly.”

‘That’s an English term.’

“I know. It made you feel good, didn’t it?”

‘Yes it did. I’m glad you’re not mad at me.’

1-17-18 12:11a

How spiritual is this God? [flower essences and the like]

“It’s as spiritual as surgery. It’s like the neutrinos Janine, you’re going into places that most people don’t go. That most people don’t bother about, they don’t go poking around in the further reaches of the universe because, why? Because they think it’s scary. Am I scary Janine?”

‘Not usually God. I guess – I guess God, it’s like fear of the unknown? It just doesn’t seem to me to be a spiritual thing. There’s so many other spiritual things that could be done, seeing in the spirit and all these other things.’

“They will come. This is where the rubber meets the road Janine. This is one of the avenues that I have prepared, that I have created, that I have made, to heal my people. To help them further along. It is of utmost importance that Christians make flower essences and pray over them. Yes, as you said in your book, they will work anyway. Of course they will! I made them that way. However to have a follower pray over it, touch it, hold it, handle it, makes all the difference in the world. Just as you read in that book you are reading now, [The Veil] Blake says “everything you touch brings me into it”. Everywhere you go, I go. It’s about releasing me in a wider form.”

‘Whoa God.’

“Releasing me in a wider form to more people that are open to this. There are so many people that are open to this Janine, that do not know me, do not follow hard after me. There are so many people that are looking for something and it is imperative that my children get on board and seek out the supernatural and supernatural things.”

‘You’re telling me that flower essences, that frequencies are supernatural things“?

“To most people yes. It is not, but most people are not into physics, cosmos, the neutrinos that you love so well, you’re right about the neutrinos Janine.


“There is so much that I want to teach you and train you in and train you ‘how’. It’s not just S. Janine, it’s not just her that has a great handle on this, you do too if you will let yourself go and let yourself get into this. I AM has called you to this, I will not. let. you. fall. I have told you that already Janine. Also, I am not tired of you asking. And you’re smart, you’re asking in different ways. 🙂  I just so long for you and others to get on board and to get going with this. There is so much more Janine!”

‘Geez God. Father will you please show me something new on this? Show me something different, and new?’

“Yes Janine I will”.

“Thank you Father. *Whispering*, that is my fleece God, my sign”.

God whispering back, “I know. Most Christians think that everything in the world, is of the world. There is more in the spirit world having to do with frequencies than meets the eye. Getting into this, gets in to the spirit world.”


Jesus wanted to take the seven year old on a vision trip. So I told him ok. He took my hand and we went across the swamp and bog in like two seconds and I wasn’t afraid because I had his hand. Then we came to a clearing and there was a garden.

He asked me, “what do you see?”

‘I see a garden with a bench’.

“Look closely and tell me everything you see and spend time looking.”

So I was looking. I said ‘there’s grass, a pond, a bench, there’s trees, there’s dark beyond the trees and there’s flowers.’ In my head I said, ‘and there’s sprites.’ I did not say they were sprites out loud for a few minutes.

“you have let your imagination stagnate. All the fairy tales you read when you were a kid, some were scary and it wrecked my imagination. Imagination is where people soar.”

So I said out loud, ‘I see sprites. No God, this is too weird. Please back this up in your Word.’

I felt I was crazy. “Janine, get that book Prophet Arise, and read it again.”

‘I will, but I want you to show me in the Bible where the stuff is. I don’t want to get up now, my feet are cold.’

“You could turn on the heater.”

‘Yes but I don’t want too. I want you to prove to me in the Bible.’


‘You’re not mad at me?’

“No, I see your heart. You just have to watch yourself on where your heart is when you’re demanding of me.”

‘I don’t know how you’re going to prove sprites to me in the Bible.’

That agreement I made with the Peter Pan movie of not growing up. I break that now in the name of Jesus.

‘Why do I see the 7 yr od as a tomboy?’

“Because that’s when she started to become a tomboy.”

I looked up the definition of ‘tomboy’ and it’s a girl that is noisy and gets in more physical activities than other girls.

‘Do you still like me as a tomboy?’

“Oh honey! You’re both! Yes of course I like you and love you.”

‘What do you want me to see here?’


‘Marshmallow chairs. And lollipops that look like flowers. And a buttercup flower like a cup and everything is edible. What about the sprites Father? Did I see those?”

“Yes you did. That was so you would look it up and I will use that later with the nitrogen and the lightning and oxygen.’

‘The marshmallow chairs are fun!’ Laughing, ‘how come everything is edible?’

“Because you like to eat.” He laughed.

There was spongy earth. It was fun and comfortable. ‘Will you show me other things? What’s beyond the trees?’

“Do you want to go look?”

‘No! not without you!’

“It’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. We’re in heaven remember?”

I was a little bit afraid, but I knew I wanted to get over my fear. So, I went toward the darkness. I kept looking back at Jesus all the time, making sure he was there. He was, he didn’t budge. And I turned around backwards, because I knew if I couldn’t see it, it couldn’t hurt me. I realized I was trying to escape the fear and I didn’t want to enter into it that way. I wanted to go with my eyes wide open, so I turned around and faced it. And I walked into this darkness.

It was really soft all over my body and it was warm and it was wet without being humid. It was really comfortable.

“Are you afraid?”

‘No. Why am I not afraid’?

“Because you know I’m right here. You know I haven’t left you. You know I am with you all the time. Remember the 2 yr old. She had an angel on her right side and I was on your left. I Am with you always, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter what is attacking you, I am with you always.”

‘How come I don’t know you’re with me all the time when the devil is attacking me?’

“Because it’s where you put your focus. If you put your eyes on me and praise me and worship me and quote my Word and scriptures; if you put your focus on me and not on what you are feeling, not on what you are sensing, or seeing, then you will remember and see that I am with you. It’s where you put your focus. You were born in sin like everybody else. You have to rise above all the things that you were born in to and raised with. Just like everybody else.

Some people work at knowing me, they pursue me, and they want to rise above where they’re at. Other people do not. Most of the time, the predispensation of gifts is otherworldly things. Things that people don’t think are ‘normal’. Things that most people don’t see, don’t understand, don’t ‘get’, because they don’t pursue me with their whole heart. Michael K.’s is otherworldly spiritual stuff.”

‘Why do you always bring him up when you’re talking to me?’

“Because he has gifts I want you to see.”

‘See or experience?’


‘How am I supposed to experience them?’

“You will see, he is going to have a school, like you saw he has this conference. He’s going to have a school of the supernatural, but it won’t be called that, and many people will be brought in.”

‘Brought in like for a conference to teach other people, or brought into the Kingdom of the Lord’?

“Both. Mostly people will be brought into the Kingdom. He has a great work to do. He’s on the right path. And he is not afraid. Janine, that’s what I want you to see. He’s not afraid of the unusual.”

‘so how do I get there?’

“Like the book said that you just read, practice every day. Come into a vision with me every single day. Let me heal your little ones, let me take you further everyday Janine, every day. And one day, it’s just going to all come together and burst forth!”

‘yes Father, thank you.’

“Oh my girl! You are welcome! You will see. I want bigger and better and more things for you than you do. Just keep pressing in.”

‘Do you want me to tell him what you said’?

“If you want. If he wants.”

‘Why wouldn’t you want me to tell him?

“Because he already knows. It’s ok to keep things to yourself Janine.”

‘even things like that?’

“Sure, I already have told him. You can give him the confirmation.”

‘That bit where I thought you told me not to say anything to him,  ‘because he doesn’t know you’, that doesn’t sound like you God. ‘

“Good girl! You got it! I’m proud of you!”

‘is there more here you want me to see or do or look at?’

“No, it’s getting late and you’re tired. Do you want to go back and have some dinner?”


“Yes, you should be hungry after all you’re exploring!”

‘Yes Dad. Thank you.’

Jesus took my hand and we walked out of the garden. We walked back through the swamp and the bog and it was all really green like it was before. The swamp didn’t look as scary and we were stepping on mossy stones and walked out of there.

“What would you like for dinner?”

‘Spaghetti, with lots of meat in the sauce.’

“Ok! Will you let me pick out the desert?”

‘Yes!’ I said excitedly.

‘Will you please make the place bigger, or different? Will you make it look different?’

So he did. He said that living room I had back in Carmichael, it was orange and red and rust and everybody liked it, including us, so that’s what he made this look like, because they’re warm, comforting colors.

I was sitting at one of those old dinette sets with red chairs. My legs are dangling and swinging and I was eating my spaghetti. There was a sofa in there. Everything was orange and red and rust. There was carpet on the floor but not right underneath the dining room table. And it was a kitchen, an old Formica kitchen. Jesus was standing over by the sink. Just watching me eat with a loving look on his face. He was turned sideways to me. The fingers on his left hand were playing with a kitchen towel.

‘Is there something you want to say to me?’

“No honey, other than I love you and I’m really proud of you for all that you did today.”

‘really God? Wow!’


‘Nini! Nini! I’m up here! Come up!’ I looked up and Jesus was up there. I asked ‘how do I get up there’?

“Remember that part in Mary Poppins where all they had to do was laugh and they went up in the air?”
‘Yes.’ [in my mind I thought I hadn’t even seen it at that point when I was 6]

Then God said, ‘I use all memories from all things. Look up, keep your eyes on me. Look up, stretch out your hand and keep your eyes on me up here and then you will come up.”

At this point, I put the phone down in my lap and I reach for a cookie and broke off a piece.

“What are you doing?”

‘I’m eating a cookie’.

“You eat when you’re frustrated, when you’re scared and when you’re confused. Because you are trying to escape the reality of whatever it is you think you’re seeing or whatever it is you are seeing. This is your escape from reality. Just like closing your eyes when you are afraid is escape from reality. It doesn’t mean it’s not there Janine. It just means that you are trying to escape it by human means. There is no escaping spiritual things by human means.”

“So how do I deal with this Lord, where it seems like it’s just really weird what you’re saying or what I’m hearing? How do I deal with this?’

“By trusting in me Nini. Just believe that I am, believe that I love you, believe that I will lead you in the way everlasting and the way you should go.”

‘Do you know that you talk to me a lot? Do you know that we talk a lot together????

“Of course I do.”

Do you know that people say this happens not much? Like Billye Brim says you talk to her once or twice in her life and stuff like that? Do you know that everybody says that you don’t talk to them this much?

“Isn’t it ‘everybody’ in your mind?”

‘Sheryl has said it, and that Kate somebody insinuated it. People just don’t believe that….”does it matter what people believe”? God interrupted.

“yes God, it does matter. Because if I say that you talk to me all the time or this much, they’re going to think I’m crazy.”

“Does it matter what people think Janine? Doesn’t it only matter what I think?”

‘In theory it only matters what you think God’.

“Are you ready for the vision now?”

‘Yes Father’.

Jesus sat me on his lap above the clouds and he pointed everything out. I could see everything. All the cities and towns and grapes and tendrils and flowers, trees, everything.

‘why are you showing me this?’

“Because I want you to see all this, it’s all mine. And what I have is yours. You don’t have to wait til I die, cause I never die. LOL It’s all ours. Right now. If you want some chocolate, you’ll get it. If you want whatever you want, all you have to do is ask me. It’s yours. Just like Eve took the apple from the tree, even though I told her not to eat the fruit of that tree. She knew it belonged to me and she wasn’t afraid to take it. 

Everything I have is yours Janine. Nini. Everything I own. All the cattle, all the grass, all the riches and secret places, they’re all yours honey.”

‘how do I get them’?

“By believing. Believe you have them and they are yours.”

‘I don’t understand that Daddy. I wanted things before and I didn’t get them.‘

“It’s not wanting, it’s believing.”

‘how do I believe’?

“Do you believe I’ll give you good things? If you ask for them, do you believe I will give you good things?”

‘I think I believe that.’

“You have to believe that. You have to know that. Nini, a lot of adults have this problem. I want you to be able to show them and tell them how to believe. If you believe, then all things are possible.‘

‘what is believing Daddy?’

“Believing means trusting. Believing means you know.”

‘So if I believe for a dolly then I’ll get it?’

“Do you believe I have a dolly?”


“The scriptures say believe what you have when you ask for it.’

‘I don’t understand that Daddy’.

“It means, know that I’m going to say yes. If it’s something that I want you to have, then the answer is yes. Do you know what I want you to have Nini?”

‘I dunno know. You want me to have a happy home life, you want me to have good grandparents, I dunno. I dunno what you want me to have.’

‘‘Get your Bible out Nini, the one I gave you.”

‘I don’t know where it is.’

All of a sudden Jesus had one open on his lap. “Here, let’s look at this together.

Do you see these pictures? Can you tell what I want you to have just by looking at the pictures, not by reading?”

‘Well Daddy, you want me to be happy. You want me to have love, you want me to be happy. You don’t want people to hurt me, you want me to have friends. You want me to have food on the table, you want me to do my chores, you want me to sit up straight and eat my vegetables. You want me to be nice to other people. You want me to be kind and loving.’

VERY good Nini! When you do the things that I want you to do, then you have the things I want you to have. And I want everybody to have more of me and to have those blessings in this life that bless them and bless others. Money, health, joy, enlightenment.

‘Enlightenment?????? What does THAT mean??’

“It means I want people to learn more and more and more. And look up to me all the time. And read their Bibles all the time and figure out what the Bible means to them and figure out what their dreams are. Figure things out and the more they get close to me by doing all this, the more I give to them.”

‘ohhhh. Daddy? Can we talk about something else?’

“Sure baby, what do you want to talk about?”

‘Can I have a puppy?’

God, laughing, “that’s for your parents to decide.”

‘Can we play?’

“Sure! Let’s go to lollipop town!”

‘Lollipop town?’

“Come! Hold on to my hand little one!” We flew through the air and I wasn’t afraid.

“See? You’re getting used to it. Honey, it’s only when you’re not used to things that you’re afraid at first.”

I walked along, holding hands with Jesus.

I like holding hands with you.’ “I like holding hands with you, too.”

I looked everywhere around. It was like small town street. There were lollipops everywhere.

‘What else is here?’ “The grass, you can eat it.” ‘You can?’ “Sure, taste it.”

So I picked a blade and was just about to eat it when I started to fall asleep.

‘Jesus, can I quit? I’m awfully tired.’ “Yes.”



"Worrying has NEVER changed anything except the state of your health. Stop! Take EVERY WORRY to Jesus and LEAVE IT with Him.  "

Janine Joi

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