Transitions Flower Essence


When anyone or an animal is transitioning to a new home, a new family, anything having to do with fears of change. Those who have trouble moving forward in life or in relationships. For those who find it difficult to let go of the familiar to take hold of something new.
Transitions Essence release mental and emotional fears that limit our abilities to see the joy in new situations, helps us feel comfortable in new places, with new people. Decreases fear of change, promotes transformation and an optimistic view of life. Transitions releases joy, a lilt in the step and opens the heart to a sense of the good in ‘what can be’.

Poinsettia, brings a sense of joy, fun. Perseveres through whatever trial one is going through to bring you out to the other side with joy. Whimsical.

Muscari, helps those that feel lost or abandoned to feel at peace within themselves. Muscari brings calm to a chaotic mind and to situations.

Blueberry: releases mental and emotional fears that limit your ability to manifest your higher purpose in physical form. Blueberry helps you feel comfortable with your truth when it feels foreign and strange at first. It helps you get used to the changes you’ve made or need to make and feel comfortable in bold choices.

Bauhania, increases emotional and mental flexibility, decreases fear of change,  especially when changes are life altering events. Helps to be accepting of others, encourages a change of bad attitudes, gives ability to cope.

Cayenne – promotes transformation and change.

Gentian, helps us to maintain an optimistic view on life, along with faith in a positive outcome.

M&M, opens the heart to love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love.

Transitions Flower Essence: