"If you're trying to be perfect, you're missing out on the finer freedom points of life.  "

Janine Joi


Happiness and joy in a bottle. Mimosa lightens the mood, shining its light of happiness in our lives. An essence to bring lightheartedness into our lives again, Mimosa Flower essence lifts heavy spirits. This gentle pink flower helps you regain your optimism and sense of curiosity when life feels weighty, inviting light to infuse your heart and energizing you with spiritual delight. Effervescence in a bottle, Mimosa is a bright ally for encouraging states of creativity and play. It reminds us laughter is the best medicine and that everything is going to turn out ok. Known for its ability to dispel depression, insomnia, anxiety and gloom, Mimosa shows us that happiness springs from within and every day contains a reason to celebrate. The aroma is that of plumeria and cucumbers. It is decidedly different than most aromas, light, sweet, refreshing, delightful. A child-like sense of wonder emanates from Mimosa, bringing to us hope, joy and laughter.