Hi Friends!

God loves you
God loves you

Doors To Joy is here to help you know the differences between the voices in your head and to get you healed. We are here to help you strengthen your connection with God and, most importantly, to learn to see yourself through His eyes.

This blog isn’t for everyone. It’s for those that were told bad things about themselves, for those who were hurt, abandoned, neglected, left to raise themselves. It’s for the outcast, the ones that hear voices in their head, that felt they never measure up, are worthless, not loved. Doors To Joy is for you if you don’t know how to get positive words in your head, in order to speak to yourself in love!

From my personal journal on my healing journey with Jesus and flower essences, I am sharing how you can be emotionally and spiritually healthy through Jesus. Sharing with you that square pegs are not supposed to fit in round holes!

If you want to be set free of fear, bad memories and love yourself, seeing yourself as Jesus/God sees you, stick around. It’s all done through Jesus and what God has created on this earth enabling us to be healed, spirit, soul and body.

It will take you participating in the healing process. First is asking Jesus into your life. To live in your heart. It’s being sorry for everything you’ve done wrong, accepting the forgiveness He gives and asking Him to live in you and do something with your life. Knowing God loves you and you accepting that Jesus died on the cross for you, will make all the difference in your life.

That is the most important. However, should you not want too, this blog and the flower essences will work toward healing you anyway. Flower essences [made out of anything, including flowers], are a universal law. They will work whether or not someone follows Jesus.

I have been in all the above scenarios, yet I stand today, healed and whole. Learning who God is, how he is and how much he loves me, has changed my life. He has reprogrammed my mind, heart, ears and has healed my memories. He longs to heal you too.

The Cork Road  is my personal story of mind, memory and soul healing. I share it in its entirety for the healing of those that don’t know what to think, how to think, or even what is the question to ask, to get to the help you need. I share e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. All the lessons, thoughts, fears and facing of them.

There are Flower essences for a suggested donation that heal emotions. Posts on travel. We offer classes in how to feel plants and make flower essences.
Please email [ hello at doorstojoy.com ]  if you are interested in having me teach you or your group.

My acapella songs on Janine MJoi YouTube channel are to share the music. [it’s about the songs, not the voice, k? 🙂  ]

Amazon has my ebook: “Frequencies and Flower Essences: Witchcraft? New Age? Christian?

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Please consider becoming involved! Through partnership and donations, we are able to continue giving free flower essences to those that need it. Our partners are prayed for every day. In partnership, you partake in the anointing on my life.