Hi Friends!

Doors To Joy is here to let you know, above all else, God is in love with you. We offer flower essences to help heal your emotions and we open to doors to Joy!

God loves you
God loves you

In some form or another people’s minds and emotions have been attacked. Either thru media or war or abuse. We are here to help turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. To help you find joy, peace and freedom to live the life you have been given to live.

We offer help from flower essences to teaching you how to get your own story of healing, to know God as your Daddy [and Mama if you need one] and knowing just how much God loves you, just as  you are!

I teach how to feel plants, make essences and how to hear God. Please email if you are interested in having me teach you or your group.

I am a Spirit-filled Christian, here to share powerful keys to emotional and soul healing with you. [hint: square pegs are not supposed to fit in round holes!]

The Cork Road is my personal story, from which you may receive insights and healing for your own life. It’s definitely entertaining! 😉

A capella songs on the Janine MJoi YouTube channel are to share the music. [it’s about the music not the voice, lol, remember that please!)

Amazon has my ebook: “Frequencies and Flower Essences: Witchcraft? New Age? Christian?

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Please consider becoming involved! A virtual assistant, donations, a soon-to-come membership portal; there are various ways you can help us give to others, to find emotional freedom.