Setting the Captive Free - Emotionally


Open the door to freedom from hurt, trauma, depression, fears, limitations, negativity, stress and anger.
Essences uplift, balance emotions, build positivity and stimulate our innate healing capacity.
Essences help us to be set free emotionally to live our best life.

Take time for self care.

 Doors To Joy opens doors thru which your emotions can be set free to experience all life has to offer.

The most important thing in life is to know Jesus as our Savior. The second most important is for our emotions to be healed. Using Doors To Joy flower essences with intention, allows our soul – aka our emotions – to absorb the power within nature.  

Taking care of yourself is as easy as taking 3 to 4 drops 3 to 4 times a day. Or using it in a spray or lotion.

Songs to encourage, uplift and sing along all acapella: Janine MJoi YouTube channel.

Amazon has my ebook: “Frequencies and Flower Essences: Witchcraft? New Age? Christian?

Please consider choosing Doors To Joy Inc as the charity you wish to support when you buy anything on smile.Amazon.

Through partnership and donations, we are able to continue giving help to those that need it.

How Essences Work

Flower essences work on the emotional stressors that make up the landscape of our dialy lives. They harvest the frequencies imbued in that particular creation.

Everything has been created by God. (Colossians 1:16)
When making an essence, those frequencies, that energy is transferred to water, the most efficient carrier.
This, combined with the spirit within us and the heart of intent, makes flower essences a powerhouse of emotional healing.

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About Doors to Joy

Having Jesus in your heart will help you tremendously. HOWEVER. Even if you don’t, the flower essences will work toward healing your emotions anyway. Flower essences [frequencies in a bottle – made out of anything, including flowers], are a universal law. They will work whether or not someone follows Jesus.

This is a nonprofit. As such, the Flower essences are for a suggested donation and the cost includes shipping of one bottle..

Mission Statement

Doors To Joy’s mission is opening doors to joy and emotional healing. We all have had offenses and traumas of one type or another. Doors To Joy uses God’s creation to heal those emotions through flower essences.

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