Doors to Joy – Setting The Captive Free – Emotionally


Hi Friends!

God loves you
God loves you

Doors To Joy is here to set the captive emotionally free!
Emotional healing is SUPER important to God. After salvation, it’s the next most important part of our lives.

I’m tellin’ ya up front. This blog isn’t for everyone. It’s for those that were put down, outcast, abandoned, neglected, left to raise themselves. It’s for those that hear voices in their head, that feel they never measure up and/or not loved. Doors To Joy is for you if you don’t know how to get positive words in your head, in order to speak to yourself in love!

You know, square pegs are not supposed to fit in round holes! 

This is a ‘self help’ shop. You have to be willing to work on yourself. Not others. You. Flower essences help you with that. But you have to be willing to do the work, put the time in. As with everything valuable in life, we all have to put the time in.

I have my personal journal on here, as well as the healing story the Lord has given me, to share with you the lessons I’ve learned. 

Subscribe, follow along and learn how to release the joy God placed inside you, hear his voice and be healed.  

Having Jesus in your heart will help you tremendously. HOWEVER. Even if you don’t, the flower essences will work toward healing your emotions anyway. Flower essences [frequencies in a bottle – made out of anything, including flowers], are a universal law. They will work whether or not someone follows Jesus.

This is a nonprofit. As such, the Flower essences are for a suggested donation and the cost includes shipping of one bottle.

We offer classes in feeling plants and making essences. Please email [ hello at ]  if you’re interested in having me teach you/your group.

My acapella songs on Janine MJoi YouTube channel are to share the music I’ve written/God has given me. [it’s about the songs, not the voice, ok? 🙂  ]

Amazon has my ebook: “Frequencies and Flower Essences: Witchcraft? New Age? Christian?

Please consider choosing Doors To Joy Inc as the charity you wish to support when you buy anything on smile.Amazon.

Through partnership and donations, we are able to continue giving help to those that need it. Our partners are prayed for every day. In partnership, you partake in the anointings on my life.

YOU are NOT alone! Be set free emotionally!