The Cork Road

This is how to understand the quotes and other things. I know how quotes work. However, there is SO MUCH talking in here, that even *I* wasn’t understanding who was saying what. Especially between me and Jesus. So His words are done with proper quotes, ” “, myself and others are in single quotes. ‘ ‘

Also, I’m sure you will find things that may not make sense, if so, please email me with them so I can fix them. It’s a very good story that once I start editing, I get engrossed in, again. So it’s likely I’m missing some stuff.

I hope this story blesses you.

The Cork Road – What This Is About, Wounded Parts and More
The Cork Road – The First Vision
The Cork Road – January 2018
3rd Month 3-6-18 to 3-8-18 Cork Road
3-10 thru 3-12-2018 Cork
3-13-18 thru 3-15-18 Cork Road
3-19-18 thru 3-22-18 Cork Road Mysterious Coats
3-23-18 thru 3-26-18 Cork Road
3-27-18 thru 3-29-18 The Cork Road Movin – On Up
3-30-2018 The Cork Road
3-31-18 The Cork Road
4-3-18 Pulling up the Cork
4-4 thru 4-5-18 Cork Road
4-6-18 Story With Lesson Cork Road
4-7-18 Unexpected Gifts
4-8-18 Talking To The Little Ones
4-9-18 Warrior Princess Staying Here
4-9-18 Surprises Everywhere!
4-10-18 Tangible Surprise!
4-12-18 Blueberry Sauce
4-14-15-2018 Soldiers Of The Cross
apr 16-18, 2018 Little Girl Lessons and Cork Road Story
Apr 19, 2018 White Bunnies and Glasses of Fear
4-20 thru 22, 2018 Not My Fault, Being Forgotten, Forgiveness
4.22.18 Wow, what a great lesson on rejection!
4.23.18 Lots of Questions, Lots of Answers
4.25.18 Flying With Jesus, Believing For Things
4.25.18 Hearts and Honor – The Cork Road
4.26 thru 4.28 2018 Healing the Little Ones, Anger, The Cork Road
4.30.18 The Cork Road and a Lesson in How to Know God’s Voice
5.1.18 Forgiveness and People have ISSUES The Cork Road
5.2.18 A Huge Lesson for Everyone, Issues and Cover-ups
5.2-3.18 Lion Suit, Risk, Cork Road, Lessons, Fighting the Devil
5.4-5.18 Lessons for the 7 yr old, Short
5.7.18 What Prayer Does, Activating Angels, Forgiving, About Heaven
5.8.18 SUPER Important Answer about Angels and Prayer
5.18.18 What Is Putting On The Armor of God?

"Every woman that gets a facelift is telling other women it's not okay to grow old.  Janine Joi"

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