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Ultimate Irony

When God releases blessings or breaks strongholds, it happens over time for many people.  For instance 2005 was the year of things coming full circle.

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Janine Joi

Perceptions and Perspective

Perceptions and Perspective 4.6.22 readability. My words are in single quotes, God’s are in double quotes. If there’s no quotes it’s me thinking. I’m not

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Addressing Fear

Well, I’ve been reading my journal and posting it on youtube. As the Lord has asked me to do. The purpose is to let others

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My Son

J, my son, was 11.5, when I sent him to live with his dad. For years his dad had nagged and hammered me to send

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It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been going thru some stuff. The last of my molestors died in August. My dad. I have

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"Receiving is all about perceptions. Giving is all about intentions. Janine Joi  "

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