Iteracare wand water- structured, water therapy

Structured water. What the heck is it? Is it real or an MLM ploy to sell more units?
I say the latter.

I purchased an iteracare wand after listening to so many people say they were healed of this and that. Then I heard about them saying the water is ‘structured’ or it’s H2O3, or it’s H3O2, or it’s water therapy or it’s linear water, it’s cohesive water or hexagonal water. There is an enormous of people talking about this structured water and yet they can’t define what it is.

water molecule, structure cannot be changed
water molecule structure cannot be changed

I began researching. I’ve researched for days, trying to understand what I’m reading and finally, understanding alot of it.

Below is what I have found about structured, cohesive, linear water, water molecules and more. Below that, is what I think based on what I’ve researched and know from other studies.

Water molecules cannot be changed into something else. They can be transformed. Water is transformed into vapor, condensation and freezing. But the water molecule, 2 hydrogen atoms stuck to one oxygen atom at a bent angle remains the same no matter what. is good for a very short synopsis.

No amount of adding or removing anything to/from it will change the molecule of water.

IF water were linear, the molecule would be straight, it would not be polar and this would be quite disruptive. Water would no longer be strongly attracted to itself or other polar molecules. So water would no longer have surface tension. Insects which walk on water would fall through.

Using the wand, it sends out heat. As the water sits, it warms up toward room temperature. The warming causes the solubility of dissolved gasses to decrease, hence they come out of solution as bubbles. To put it in different words, warm water can’t hold as much gas in solution as cold water, so it gives some up as it warms.

Water contains dissolved oxygen. If it didn’t, it would taste pretty awful.

The inside of your glass may appear smooth but under a microscope it is actually quite rough. The miscroscopic roughness of the glass surface creates nucleation sites which allow oxygen to concentrate at these points and form tiny bubbles.

If you drink the water, it will possibly taste a little odd because it has lost the dissolved oxygen. Take a sip. then stir it vigourously for 30 seconds with a spoon or swizzle stick and taste it again. It will taste different because you have re-incorporated oxygen back into the water.

When warming water, warm or hot water has less surface tension. Which is why it’s better for cleaning. The molecules of warm water move around more than cold water and as a result are less tightly bonded. But it’s still not structured, linear, etc. It may be water ‘therapy’, because you’re drinking more of it.

How is polarity important for water?

The polarity of water molecules allows liquid water to act as a “universal solvent,” able to dissolve many ionic and polar covalent compounds. The polarity of water molecules also results in strong hydrogen bonds that give rise to phenomena such as surface tension, adhesion, and cohesion.

What is polarity?

The dissolving power of water is very important for life on Earth. Wherever water goes, it carries dissolved chemicals, minerals, and nutrients that are used to support living things. Because of their polarity, water molecules are strongly attracted to one another, which gives water a high surface tension.

In order for any of these compounds to carry out functions in the body, they have to be able to circulate in the blood and the fluid within and between cells, all of which are mostly water. Because of its polarity, water is able to dissolve these and other substances, allowing their free movement around the body.

Water’s polarity allows it to form covalent bonds with many substances. Natural water has a pH of approximately 5.6, which is slightly acidic. Acids can dissolve more substances than bases can.

When a polar (ionic) substance is dissolved in water, it allows the water to carry an electric current. Table salt is so polar that it is considered ionic. When a polar (ionic) substance is dissolved in water, it allows the water to carry an electric current.

What happens because of polarity?

Things that are polar can attract and repel each other (opposite charges attract, alike charges repel). The two magnets in the image above will attract because their opposite poles are near. Reverse one of them and they will repel each other. Water is a polar molecule.How does polarity affect our daily life?

Because of its polar nature, water is able to dissolve so many substances that scientists sometimes call it a universal solvent. Organisms absorb many essential nutrients, including carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur from water.

How does polarity affect water?

Water molecules attract each other due to polarity. Polarity: Although the net charge of a water molecule is zero, water is polar because of its shape. The hydrogen ends of the molecule are positive and the oxygen end is negative. This causes water molecules to attract each other and other polar molecules.

If water were nonpolar it would be gas.

H2O3 is Trioxidane, an inorganic hydroxy compound.

What is trioxidane used for?

Antibodies generate ozone and hydrogen peroxide to produce a highly reactive compound called Trioxidane. This compound, which is toxic to bacteria, viruses, and mold, kills all pathogens present.Jul 10, 2013

Trioxidane is in inorganic hydroxy compound.


Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for other molecules of the same kind. Water molecules have strong cohesive forces thanks to their ability to form hydrogen bonds with one another.

Water in our bodies is already cohesive, that’s why it doesn’t leak out when we cut ourselves. Blood does, but water doesn’t pour out of us. Proving, blood is not thicker than water.

Blood is a covenant maker. It is used for bonds, contracts.

Water is a life giver. Without water for 3 days we die. Water gives life.

Cohesive forces are responsible for surface tension, a phenomenon that results in the tendency of a liquid’s surface to resist rupture when placed under tension or stress. Water molecules at the surface (at the water-air interface) will form hydrogen bonds with their neighbors, just like water molecules deeper within the liquid. However, because they are exposed to air on one side, they will have fewer neighboring water molecules to bond with, and will form stronger bonds with the neighbors they do have. Surface tension causes water to form spherical droplets and allows it to support small objects, like a scrap of paper or a needle, if they are placed carefully on its surface.

Cohesive forces are elastic.

What I think:

Dr. Luc Montagnier proved Jaques Benveniste’s experiment correct that water has a memory. There are enough youtube vids that you can go look it up. Dr. Montagnier was a Nobel Prize recipient. It was proven using many labs and scientists in different countries. Done.

Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water have not been proven by anyone. Not a layperson, not a scientist. Which makes it suspect. People have tried replicating the rice experiment, without success.

I know water has a memory. It holds frequencies given off by created things like flowers, plants, bugs, colors, music, etc. It releases those frequencies in our bodies, in the air, wherever we use them.

Many know the placebo effect works.

Science’s definition: Placebos won’t lower your cholesterol or shrink a tumor. Instead, placebos work on symptoms modulated by the brain, like the perception of pain. “Placebos may make you feel better, but they will not cure you,” says Kaptchuk. “They have been shown to be most effective for conditions like pain management, stress-related insomnia, and cancer treatment side effects like fatigue and nausea.”

I know prayer and forgiveness works to heal. I can’t break it down and say how, but I know it works. Quantum faith works.

[if nothing else you’ve GOT to read that and/or listen to her and her father on youtube about this]

NO ONE in the iteracare multi-level-marketing scheme that can specifically tell how water  is structured, H2O3, H3O2, cohesive, hexagonal, linear or therapy. Everyone is repeating what they’ve heard. They think they feel a difference. More power to them, like the placebo effect. I can find nothing on structured water that holds water. LOL Pun intended.

Since no one in this MLM -multi-level-marketing scheme can not explain why it works as they say it does, they are just perpetuating the scam. To drink warm water it is better for your body, that’s a fact, but drinking water that’s had this unit blowing over it? You believe what you want too. I don’t. Structured water? No, it’s not.

Using the Iteracare wand on water may be the biggest hoax and scam since the covid shot. Scalar energy, have you researched what that is? No I bet. There is a scalar field, do you know what it is? No again.

I don’t believe this is generating terahertz frequencies, nor scalar waves. The company that they say manufactures it for them doesn’t have it listed in their products. Terrasense. No one talks about structured water except them and the people perpetuating this myth. Feel free to send me actual scientific support of structured water.

I will try using it for a while, see if there’s anything that actually changes in my body/areas of pain, and I will write about it then.

Difference between a scam and a hoax:

Scammers devise them so they will withstand the highest degree of scrutiny customary in the affair, hoaxers are confident, justifiably or not, that their representations will receive no scrutiny at all.

A SCAM is usually a business proposition where someone lies toy uou to get you to give them money. Also called a ‘con game’, a ‘confidence trick’.

A HOAX is to deceive someone by making them believes something which has been maliciously or mischievously fabricated.

A hoax is deliberately intended to deceive or trick while a scam is a fraudulent deal.

Which are you falling for?

As of today, 10.27.23 I will use the wand on areas of my body that have issues or pain. But I’m not blowing it in my water.

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