"An imagination is more important than arms or legs.  "

Janine Joi

Flip It!

Flip It! Flower Essence makes it so we don’t have to dwell on the negativity. This enables our thoughts to be open to positivity, thereby seeing things in such a way that we are able to flip the negative to positive in how we speak and think. Helping us to see, feel and do things in ways that are good for us and not detrimental. Brings back the joy and laughter in our lives. Suggested donation is for a 1 oz bottle with dropper, no taxes. Take 3 drops 4 times a day.

** All essences remove the negative electric charge from our emotions, enabling Truth to rise and shine His Light upon areas that need His healing touch. **

Poinsettia – Euphorbia pulcherrima, red – This flower gives strength, it empowers, without obnoxiousness. It gives energy and brings joy and happiness. It is a happy plant. Poinsettia flower essence opens the part of us where excitement is. It is not ashamed of how it looks while coming out to full glory. Poinsettia knows it’s outward showing, is only to bring close to its heart, that which will heal it.

Crape myrtle – Lagerstroemia indica, hot pink, is an adaptogen for whatever is out of sorts in the emotions. Crape myrtle energizes. Not with energy to run a marathon, but infused energy into the very core of our soul. It encourages us to be alert and aware. It helps to break through the fog of fear and unbelief in ourselves.

Crape myrtle flower essence builds strength in the depts of our being. Just as an herbal adaptogen works in whatever area of the body it is needed, so hot pink, crape myrtle flower essence works in whatever area is needed in our souls.

Sweet cherry – Prunus avium– releases youthful joy and exuberance, returns feelings of innocence and openness; celebrating life; healing painful experiences from adolescence. Sweet Cherry dissolves fear, anger and frustration. It strengthens you to see goodness and softens your heart toward others. It takes down walls of self-protection that keep you from relating properly with others.

Blueberry says – Vaccinium caesariense:  I help you to release mental and emotional fears that limit your ability to manifest your higher purpose in physical form. I help you feel comfortable with your truth when it feels foreign and strange at first. I help you get used to the changes you’ve made or need to make and feel comfortable in bold choices, especially when you are called to a singular path that separates you from others.

Amaryllis, red – Amaryllideaeimparts strength, energy, confidence and rejuvenation.  It rejuvenates the body and mind, increasing energy at the cellular level. Imparts a ‘can-do’ attitude. Red amaryllis gives confidence that everything is alright, releases hope to flood the soul. Even when everything seems lost, it’s not.

Amaryllis energizes the cells & helps the mind to overcome feelings of weakness. Red Amaryllis gives a feeling of things not being so daunting to accomplish. This essence helps the inner you stand straighter & it gives confidence. You know you can do this, whatever ‘this’ is. Gives strength, the energy of fire and strength of gentleness. Amaryllis is the perfect helper when coming out of sickness.

M&M Moringa Moringa oleifera & Common Myrtle Myrtus communis 

Moringa, releases love as it gets to the root of emotional issues, resolving angst. love, peace, calm

Myrtle – opens the heart to receive love, acceptance, calm, hugs, everything will be alright, you’ll be fine. No confusion, anti-depressant, creative, fun, whimsy.

Story Behind the Essence

Flip It. There are sneaky, sly ways the devil tries to ruin our lives. Most of the time, we don’t even know it!

For instance, your mother says to you when you are 7, “I just don’t love your father anymore, that’s why I’m leaving.” Which in turn, makes you think the rest of your life, that people will leave, that you need to leave before they do, that people can and probably will, just not love you anymore.

Or how about that horrible way of thinking, “kids are resilient, they bounce back. They’ll be ok.” Many kids don’t “bounce back”. They internalize their feelings. Some act out, some become very reserved and through either way begins the other emotional problems. Then parents and other adults wonder why Katie is sullen and doing poorly in school, or why Mark is acting like the school clown or getting into fights or why Emma is angry, picks at her food or is promiscuous. Kids do not “bounce back”. A divorce wrecks their world and their life. Constantly moving to new schools disrupts their lives. It gives them no stability.

These actions are all ploys of the devil to steal happiness, kill hope and destroy people’s sense of stable sanity.

Yet, for very many people, they feel they can’t trust anyone and because of that, they feel they can’t call on anyone for help. Not their parents, not siblings, not friends. For some, they don’t know how to ask for help, others don’t know they need help.

So what has Satan done to most people on earth? Caused them troubles. So what we need to learn to do in all things negative, is to FLIP IT. Anything negative is not from God. Anything.

The Lord convicts. He doesn’t make us feel guilty, or bad about ourselves or want to kill ourselves. He doesn’t shame us. He never has someone say to us, ‘shame on you’. That’s not God working through that person.

So when someone says, “shame on you” flip it! “No shame here,” you reply.

When thoughts come that you are unloved, flip it. “I AM loved. Jesus loves me.”

When thoughts come that you are unworthy, flip it. “I am worthy and worthwhile. In fact, I’m the apple of God’s eye.” Deuteronomy 32:10

Instead of frowning, smile. Instead of snapping to anger, flip it and laugh, even if you have to force a laugh. Look up instead of down.

“Two men looked out through prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars.” Dale Carnegie

Flower Essence FLIP IT!



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