Doors To Joy was started to help others be healed emotionally.

After the Lord told me to “use and sell flower essences, it’s Mine and I want it back”, I began to study and use essences. The Lord has called me to drill down into nuanced emotional issues, journal it all AND share my personal journal so others can be healed emotionally. “Will you share your personal journal? Will you share all of you? It will help heal the emotions of others, knowing they aren’t the only one, that there is help and they will understand who I am and how much I love them.”

Join me and others as we no longer try to fit our square peg into the ‘norm’ of the round hole, but we are happy fitting our square peg into the wild unknown! All through Jesus, essences, stories and lessons!

If you have any emotional issues – as the Lord says, “there’s an essence for that” and if we don’t have it, we can make it.

For myself, I went from wanted to unwanted in 2 short years. I had all the issues others have/had. Because of Jesus I have been set free. He furthers my emotional freedom as I use the essences and the other methods: Prayer, of course! Also color therapy, gems, music, painting, etc.

I offer abstract paintings created with the flower essences of your choice – or mine if you leave it up to me – for a $95 donation.

Flower essences work because they are a universal law. A Universal Law means it is true for everyone.

We are to help you. From my personal journal to flower essences to learning how to have vision quests with the Lord, Doors To Joy is here to help you be an overcomer and live the life you have, with more joy. My songs to help you overcome, heal, worship and have fun, are on YouTube.

Through your donations and partnership with Doors To Joy, we are able to reach more people with the power of God in every bottle of essence that leaves here. Every dollar is used to support Doors To Joy, none of it goes to salary or wages. Partner with us and share in our anointings!

The Flower Essences are for a suggested donation and INCLUDE shipping of one bottle.

We are in need of a volunteer virtual assistant. Probably about 1 hrs a week. Website maintenance and Mail Poet newsletter Please contact me at hello @ doorstojoy.com for further info.

YOU are NOT alone! Be set free emotionally!


"Just as a little leaven leavens the whole lump, so do words. If you will speak the prophetic words you've received, if you will speak scriptures out loud, good things will start happening.  "

Janine Joi

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