Flower essences work on the emotional stressors that make up the landscape of our daily lives. They harvest the frequencies imbued in that particular creation.

Everything has been created by God. (Colossians 1:16)
When making an essence, those frequencies, that energy is transferred to water, the most efficient carrier.
This, combined with the spirit within us and the heart of intent, makes flower essences a powerhouse of emotional healing.

The Cork Road, the personal healing story, with lessons! the Lord has given me, to share with you.

Doors To Joy is here to release the joy of God through one of the mediums He has given in these last days. Learn how to be free of anger, how to hear God, how to feel the plants!

Having Jesus in your heart will help you tremendously. However, even if you don’t, the flower essences will work toward healing your emotions anyway. Flower essences [frequencies in a bottle – made out of anything, including flowers], are a universal law. They will work whether or not someone follows Jesus.

Doors To Joy, as a nonprofit sells these flower essences as one of the ways to bring the love and healing power of God to you, for a suggested donation which includes shipping of one bottle.

We offer classes in feeling plants and making essences. Please email [ hello at doorstojoy.com ]  if you’re interested in having me teach you/your group.

Partner with us!

YOU are NOT alone! Be set free emotionally!

"If keeping the fear inside you is more important than facing it, then you will believe anyone that will feed your fear. Janine  Joi"

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