"If you have no good self identity, you will have no boundaries.  "

Janine Joi

Step Out!

When you need to step out of where you are, step out of the rut, step out from the fear, step up and step out. Get going, move it along. If there is a fear of growing old, mortality, aging, sickness. Step Out! flower essence helps those going thruough a midlife crises or those needing to step out of where they are to step in to the new that’s waiting for you.

It deals with those that identify as being very practical, yet the intuitive side is being stifled through fear. They may be staying in the safe zone where spiritual matters are concerned.
For those dealing with rejection, lack of courage, paranoia or not feeling loved; those that need to step back or freak free from activities causing stress or burnout.
Opening the spirit part of us to receive more clearly from Holy Spirit, this essence brings the feeling sector to the language sector more quickly. It helps us to speak kindly to ourselves from the spirit side of us.

** All essences remove the negative electric charge from our emotions, enabling Truth to rise and shine His Light upon areas that need His healing touch. **

Step Out! Flower Essence:

  • Breaks the fear of spiritual things, helps us STEP OUT into new things
  • Breaks fear of natural things
  • Breaks rejection
  • Strengthens, energizes, brings adaptability
  • Opens self to receive love and peace


Affirmation: Eph 3.20 All glory to You God, who is able, through Your mighty power at work within me, to accomplish infinitely more than I can ask or think.

Queen Anne’s Lace – is perfect for the person who identifies as very practical, yet the intuitive side is being stifled through fear. They are afraid of ‘going off the deep end’ as-it-were, into the occult or similar, so they stay in their ‘safe’ zone.

This deep struggle between doing the right thing as they see it and doing the things God has called them to do, can make a person substitute their own distorted sense of  being ‘practical’ to the detriment of stepping out in faith.

Essences as a whole, bring full spiritual awareness to everyday life. We learn to deal with things as they happen, in truth and love, instead of blocking ourselves off to healing by burying it. Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for those that tend to be over-achievers or perfectionists.

Queen Anne’s Lace brings a unifying energy, helping us find inner strength and an integrated sense of well being. It’s an outstanding flower essence for harmonious integration of spirit and soul, allowing the intuitive spirit within us to be free to explore the beautiful life given us by Creator, instead of being shut up in our own world of practical self-survival.

Crape Myrtle – energizes us. It helps us be alert, aware, breaking the fog of fear and unbelief in ourselves. Crape Myrtle builds strength in the depths of our being. It’s an adaptogen for the soul. Whatever needs Light, will be brought to the Light. There’s a clarity of thinking and feeling. It opens pathways to truth and helps us to laugh.

Chrysanthemum [orange]  – Fosters good energy throughout the day, helping bring balance to the soul and spirit. Chrysanthemum seems to mitigate the soul’s concerns about letting go of dogmatic thinking in order that spiritual freedom can take place, so a more harmonious trinity can emerge.

Chrysanthemum enables the body to listen to our spirit. Usually when we talk to ourselves it is with harshness or demanding, chrysanthemum gives our self-talk voice kindness and compassion.

Malva – helps to desensitize, soothe and unravel the reinforced patterning. Stopping the rejection cycle is the only way to obtain what’s needed through relationships. Malva prompts the bravery needed to stay and experience the reality that’s beyond the initial perception, and melt away the feelings of paranoia and not being loved.

This helps those who need to step back or break free from activities which are causing us to stress and burn out. When we are in danger of becoming exhausted, use this essence to let go.

M&M – opens the heart to love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion first to themselves, then others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love. It’s in every bottle that is a blend.


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