"Happiness comes and goes, joy and contentment is a state of heart.  "

Janine Joi

My Heart is Healed

If you don’t know how to stop hurting whether it’s from death, a break-up, divorce, rejection; when you feel like you will always hurt, like you just can’t do another day of feeling like this. When you wonder if you are going to have to live with a broken heart forever; if you feel like you are depressed and going down to despair, this is the essence for you.

My Heart Is Healed Flower Essence helps us to get over grief and heartbreak. This blend was made for those suffering with disenfranchised grief. Defined by Ken Doka, MD as significant loss and the resultant grief that is not openly acknowledged, socially validated and supported or publicly mourned.

Such as a breakup when one [or both] of the participants was married, a child grieving their parents divorce, the death of a friend when others are focused on the family and the friend’s grief isn’t recognized. Grief, heart break, rejection, hurt, emotional pain. It comes in all shapes, sizes and levels.
$24 for a 1 oz bottle includes shipping. Take 3 drops 4 times a day.

** All essences remove the negative electric charge from our emotions, enabling Truth to rise and shine His Light upon areas that need His healing touch. **

My Heart Is Healed will begin the process of unraveling the threads of pain, hurt and rejection that are bound so tightly to your heart that it feels like you can’t breathe because it hurts so badly.

This blend shows us there is light somewhere, it must be coming from the end of the tunnel! It allows us to feel feelings of hope, showing us our broken heart won’t last forever. My Heart Is Healed Flower Essence helps us to see what is important and what is not, giving us the impetus to go on.

This essence releases healing energies into the soul. We have the knowledge the pain and that things will get better. It helps us to not ‘should’ on ourselves; it enables us to have confidence in ourselves to stand with strength. It encourages us to have compassion for ourselves, through doing the right things for ourselves; eating right, exercising, thinking positively.

My Heart Is Healed opens pathways to love, enabling us to know, feel and believe in life and love again.

Acacia – Acacia Famesiana – Acacia is a strong essence, ever so gently opening the heart to hope. Acacia shows us there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stirs faith within.

Cassia, gives strength, clarity of vision, confidence, makes one stand tall, shoulders back.

Fairy Duster – Calliandra californica, allows us to let go of the ‘shoulds’ we put on ourselves.

Bleeding Heart, helps us to acknowledge our grief in a healthy way and in so doing, helps the heart to mend. It can be used for the person who has lost a pet and as well for the pet who has lost its human companion.

Cara Cara, calming, reduces frustration and anxiety.

Passion flower, when you feel fragile, need support and to get thru the day, passion flower is for you.

M&M – Moringa and Myrtle – opens the heart to love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love.

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