"If you're trying to be perfect, you're missing out on the finer freedom points of life.  "

Janine Joi


for the broken heart. For the loss of someone loved deeply. Enables you to see and understand and most importantly feel that this hurt will not last forever, this pain begins to ease and you see, you feel, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Where before you could not even see the end because it was so dark, you see a glimmer of light. And you know, everything will be alright in time.
imparts strength, energy, confidence and rejuvenation. It rejuvenates the body and mind, increasing energy at the cellular level. Imparts a ‘can-do’ attitude. Energizing the cells, it helps the mind to overcome feelings of weakness. Amaryllis gives a feeling that things are not so daunting to accomplish. Amaryllis gives confidence, you know you can do this, whatever ‘this’ is. Gives strength, the energy of fire and strength of gentleness. Amaryllis is the perfect helper when coming out of sickness.
flower essence helps us to remove any notions or hang ups we might have that tell us we need an intermediary between us and God. If we have set someone or some religious system as a substitution for a direct line of communication, Angelica shows us how we’ve done so and that this is not necessary. Angelica flower essence helps us strengthen that connection between heaven and earth.
is beneficial when anxiety and fears of the unknown arise. When there are vague feelings that something terrible is going to happen, or when there are indications of loneliness or isolation; wanting a larger family or clan; lacking a feeling of belonging to a group, difficulty fitting in with one’s family, aspen is the essence to take. Aspen essence is useful for those struggling with the lack of a supportive community. It may help you find a group to belong to, or to notice with fresh eyes that, indeed, there is already a community and family. It may point out there was an internal thought pattern was distorting the view. It increases the awareness and appreciation of one’s place in the immediate family unit, but also in the various other communities one may belong to. For some people, the aspen essence refreshes the good memories of those that have passed through their life, becoming a source of comfort.
turns things around for good. Allows no stagnation in our lives. Assists in dealing with regrets, helping to heal the emotions that come with saying goodbye to unfulfilled dreams. Calico aster helps us deal with impatience, whether with ourselves or others. Allowing for self expression, it helps us to be gentle and protective with ourselves while we are on the path of change. Allows us to believe and feel we are not alone, there are others willing to help if we just ask.
For those whose hard-working efforts create the feeling that they are isolated and that progress is small and difficult, this flower essence changes the feeling of pursuing a goal, to feeling as if you are drawn to it. This is the essence of choice for performance anxieties.
This was an extremely hard plant to identify. The only difference in appearance is the ruffled edges of pilea depressa and this one, no ruffled edges. This is an astounding essence for those that take things too seriously and too personally. When things happen, we are able to hold them apart from ourselves, enabling us to see we are not being personally attacked. Baby tears allows us to step back from the situation while releasing the inner resources we didn’t know we had to meet the challenge. Instead of internalizing it and taking the blame or anger or whatever is aimed at us, this essence keeps things at arm’s length. We are able to look at things objectively instead of taking things personally and getting all upset about it. We are able to think rationally because we are not consumed with having to defend ourselves mentally. Whereas before, I would try to speak calmly and then have to deal with being upset afterward by myself, it doesn’t even get to that. It’s not MINE, it just is, but I don’t own it. Baby Tears stops negativity from getting on us because it acts as a shield. In circumstances that would normally offend, it helps us to not become personally involved, i.e., not give away our power. It helps us to focus on good, instead of allowing fear of whatever to take a foothold. We are able to think more positively because we don’t have the emotional negativity haunting and hunting us down. Baby tears helps us calm down more quickly, forgive more quickly, thereby not getting as angry. It changes the outlook, opens up understanding, makes us more sure of what we know, more calm and not so hard on ourselves. This is an excellent essence for those who have had issues of neglect, abandonment and molestation issues, along with perfectionism and control issues.
Increases emotional and mental flexibility, helping one to keep an open mind. Bauhania also helps to decrease fear of change, especially when the change is a life altering event. Embracing new concepts and ideas. Open to change. Accepting of others, changes bad attitudes, gives ability to cope. Bauhania allows one to pursue goals and opportunities with greater faith and awareness, reaching out instead of withdrawing and trying to remain in one’s comfort zone. This essence helps us to feel excited and empowered by the changes that are occurring so we can better embrace them with ease. Bauhania helps us keep an open mind, decreasing fear of change.
Blackberry is in the rose family. Blackberry brings laughter, ferocious strength, an ability to bend and not break, go with the flow. It brings strength to the soul, beauty, tenacity and a joy that will break through no matter what the blockage may be. Blackberry overcomes inertia and procrastination. It delivers the breakthrough to get you moving and laughing. Teaching you how to break things down into steps of action that aren’t overwhelming.
is for heartbreak, grief and codependency. It helps us to acknowledge our grief in a healthy way and in so doing, helps the heart to mend. It gives us the ability to love others unconditionally, with an open heart and emotional freedom.
Bluebell is the essence to promote openness, vitality and the ability to rise above the restrictions of the past. Blue bell helps you trust you are moving forward in the right direction. It helps us to be optimistic about our future. Bluebell helps to bring openness and joy where previously there was darkness and fear. Bluebell is a great essence for embracing change. It can be used at the beginning, in the middle or the end of change. Its blue color promotes calm, its pink color promotes thinking and joy.
says:  I help you to release mental and emotional fears that limit your ability to manifest your higher purpose in physical form. I help you feel comfortable with your truth when it feels foreign and strange at first. I help you get used to the changes you’ve made or need to make and feel comfortable in bold choices, especially when you are called to a singular path that separates you from others.
high electricity, better blood flow, brings about better rest. Hot pink bougainvillea deepens our breathing, encouraging feelings of peace and ease. If you need a little happy-go-lucky pick-me-up, this might be the one!
helps you break free of the expectations of others. For those who feel they have had certain behaviors trained into them and especially if they have been overly compliant to fit into the “box,” this essence can help. Strict upbringing and with a very strong sense of what kind of  behaviors, thoughts and opinions are acceptable, can shift into less shameful states of consciousness. With boxwood, you can still mind your P’s and Q’s, fitting into situations and different company while standing your ground where your individuality matters.
offers us the ability to see ourselves as unique, with the confidence that being different is more than ok, it’s healthy. Bursera essence liberates the strength and confidence within that you can do it, you are strong.
helps us recognize and understand our fears around taking a step forward in our intimate relationships. Just as the flower itself heals wounds in the natural, so it heals wounds in the spiritual. Calendula helps us recognize our fears around sensitive issues. For those at a loss regarding their intimate relationships, Calendula gives emotional resiliency and sturdiness. For those afraid to show their weaknesses, calendula sheds gentle light in the soul, cultivating receptivity in relationships and communication. A balm in the natural as well as the emotional, Calendula soothes.
Calming, reduces frustration and anxiety.
Desert Cassia aka Green Cassia Senna nemophila, Imbues with strength to get the job done, carry on in life. Cassia flower essence gives confidence, brings it up from the deep. Makes us stand straighter.
Promotes transformation and change.
clears away the cobwebs. Just like the feathers it represents, this essence clears away the fogginess, the cobwebs, helping us think and speak more clearly. Cock’s Comb does this in both introverts and extroverts. If you live near power lines, this is one you should have on your shelf.
encourages a profound enthusiasm for life, opening your heart to childlike wonder and delight. By releasing doubt and negativity, Cherry Blossom helps you refresh your perspective and see the wondrous potential in all things. This sweet essence promotes a deep trust in existence and the ability to believe in new beginnings. Cherry Blossom will help you rediscover your hope and reinstate joy at the center of your life.
supports those times when there is a fear of letting go, of losing control and having a mental/emotional breakdown. These are times of high stress and anxiety due to unconscious patterns/conflicts/shadows rising to the surface.
Helps overcome procrastination. Chickweed flower essence releases the willingness to share instead of being tight-fisted and uptight.
For those that feel deprived of love, chicory helps with abandonment issues, wounds from rejection that result in holding people so tightly they tend to pull away. Chicory helps you to love yourself and others without strings attached. .
prepares the way, it turns the unmalleable heart, malleable. Take China Doll Flower Essence when embarking into a new regime, a new lifestyle. China Doll takes the bad and turns it into workable.
Fosters good energy throughout the day, helping bring balance to the soul and spirit. Chrysanthemum seems to mitigate the soul’s concerns about letting go of dogmatic thinking in order that spiritual freedom can take place, so a more harmonious trinity can emerge. Chrysanthemum enables the body to listen to our spirit. Usually when we talk to ourselves it is with harshness or demanding, chrysanthemum gives our self-talk voice kindness and compassion.
Allows you to let go of things without a cloying, grasping, falsehood of sentimentality. Helps you to move on in reality.
is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. It opens the subconscious to accept joy in one’s life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears and destructive tendencies. It also raises self-esteem, and by letting go of the past, it allows one to move forward optimistically, enjoying new experiences and explorations.
Lemon, Cara, Clementine, Kaffir lime – releases stress, levels emotions, heightens awareness of joy, soothes jangled emotions. Only comes in a combo.
Using the sun to bring forth its vibrant colors, Coleus shows us we need the Son to bring out the best in us. Coleus opens emotional stoppages in our soul, allowing our confidence and courage to be shown not only to ourselves but also to the world around us. Coleus is great in helping introverts open themselves up. In all its varieties of leaf patterns and colors, Coleus, like people, showcases how unique each plant is, while still belonging to the same plant family. It will encourage differentiation in us to be ourselves, while still acknowledging we are unique, separate people. Coleus also helps us pay attention to details.
flower essence helps one to access their truest calling and to confidently follow through with their next steps towards actualizing it. It aids creativity, trust in the process and gives confidence. When one feels a bit lost or uncertain of how to manifest their spiritual gifts in the world, Columbine helps provide clarity and determination. Columbine is the perfect essence for a child feeling insecure about their presence in the world and the gifts they have to offer.
infuses energy to the core of our being. To be alert, aware. It helps to break through the fog of fear and unbelief in ourselves. Crape Myrtle flower essence builds inner strength. It works on many things, like adaptogens work in the body in whatever area they are needed, so Crape Myrtle flower essence works in whatever area it’s needed in our souls. Crape Myrtle facilitates a cleansing process that aids the release of stagnant energies so our energies are free to flow like a river.
Opens our hearts, bringing hope and an awareness that life begins again. It encourages us to leave behind the old and venture into the new, putting aside our limiting beliefs while bringing our souls into harmony with the newness of life. This is a good essence to use when one is skeptical of energetic medicine as it opens the heart to a deeper trust in life around us and the possibility of guidance from a higher power.
Used when you don’t trust yourself or the inner guidance you are receiving. When you constantly look to others for answers, Yellow Currant aligns your thinking so you are able to access the wisdom from Creator.
gets to the root of an issue. It will bring tears and cleansing.
shows you that you are pure, not dirty. Gets right to the issue currently happening.
says: I help ease the stress of tight muscles, I unclog congestion and sluggishness. I bring hope and joy. I work especially well for the over-achiever, the one who pushes themself beyond what they should. For the perfectionist, the one who over plans and finds it hard to sit when there’s ‘so much to do’. For the one who takes on too much, or takes on others’ responsibilities. I teach how to have balance.
this flower encourages free expression of self and helps eliminate social masks. It works on the roots of shame and feeling dirty, shining love and light into areas that have usually only received negativity and self hatred. White Trumpet Lily addresses the spiritual and physical aspects of the reproductive organs, especially in women. It helps when there has been abuse or misuse of sexuality, even on a generational level. White Trumpet Lily addresses a range of sexual and relational issues due to past or generational trauma, beliefs and mindsets concerning sex and love.
Provides grounding when one is overwhelmed with fear or uncertainty.
Ability to open emotions and form deep, committed relationships
enables us to turn loose of feelings. For the times we think we should do this or that, Fairy Duster allows us to let go of the ‘shoulds’ we put on ourselves. Helps us to roll with the punches. Fairy Duster essence is excellent to lift heavy hearts and encourage the user. Its action is strengthening and supportive of change, allowing one to trust in higher guidance. It brings inner strength, courage and enthusiasm.
Brings calm. It enables a person to find the words in their brain and bring them to their tongue. Makes one more talkative. ‘It is that strong’ says Holy Spirit. “It changes the soul dna.”
Gardenia increases knowledge and understanding. Promotes being prophetic in a Christian. Separates the small stuff from the big stuff, the important from the unimportant. Calms.
helps us to maintain an optimistic view on life, along with faith in a positive outcome.
Red – enhances femininity, releases excitement in an understated way, heightened awareness, feeling pretty. Imbues the body and mind with strength. Pink – brings out gentleness White – brings confidence
restores and releases bottled up femininity.
helps us to be fully in the present. Brings about an acceptance of current life conditions. There is time for reflection while helping us to let go of the past to see our present clearly.
huge relaxant, brings up emotions, is comforting. Clarifies the mind to think.
relaxing while gently stimulating mental awareness. Anti-depressant, going gently to the root of buried negative issues & surrounding them with love, causing fear to subside, releasing blockages from being able to experience joy
says – dives deeply to get to the heart of an issue, cutting away falsehoods, fears and unraveling threads binding these to the soul. Leek flower essence softens your heart to release hurt and fear. It shines Light on the problem areas, bringing awareness of deeply known and unknown fears enabling us to acknowledge and release them. I encourage you to release negativity and embrace life.
used for anxiety, fear of thunderstorms and loud noises for people or pets.
releases pent up, harbored negativity. Cuts straight to the issue, relieving emotional pain, nervous tension.
Aids in those that set impossible standards for themselves. Helps in releasing burdens not meant to be carried.
Helps those with a sensitive nature feel more socially confident. It helps us to let go. Gives us emotional strength to believe in ourselves.
helps those with a sensitive nature feel more socially confident. Lilac helps us find new joy and purpose, it helps us recover the energy and enthusiasm of life. Lilac helps us to let go and have emotional strength to believe in ourselves while also helping us to release burdens not meant to be carried. For those that can’t seem to delegate, Lilac promotes self assuredness. Helpful for aligning one’s spine and holding an adjustment. Rejuvenates and uplifts. Restores lightness of laughter and a spring in the step.
For strength of convictions, perseverance, seeing beauty around you
Confidence, in who I am, Whose I am, that I can. I stand straighter, due to confidence coming up from deep within. I feel love, peace and comfort. Confidence that I don’t melt into the crowd, but stand on my own as an individual.
Malva helps to desensitize, soothe and unravel the reinforced patterning. Stopping the rejection cycle we can be free to mend relationships. Malva prompts the bravery needed to stay and experience the reality that’s beyond the initial perception, and melt away the feelings of paranoia and not being loved. Those who need to step back or break free from activities which are causing us to stress and burn out. When we are in danger of becoming exhausted, use this essence to let go. To help free us from energies that try to possess us. Within each of us there can be hidden possessive energies that try to control our lives. These energies may originate from our parents who tried to dominate our lives or from others who would try to control and so, ‘possess’ us. Mallow brings these hidden possessive energies to the surface where we can see them. When we identify them for what they are, they lose their power over us. It is always the things hidden in the shadows, where we can’t see them that cause the most problems.
Happiness and joy in a bottle. Mimosa lightens the mood, shining its light of happiness in our lives. An essence to bring lightheartedness into our lives again, Mimosa Flower essence lifts heavy spirits. This gentle pink flower helps you regain your optimism and sense of curiosity when life feels weighty, inviting light to infuse your heart and energizing you with spiritual delight. Effervescence in a bottle, Mimosa is a bright ally for encouraging states of creativity and play. It reminds us laughter is the best medicine and that everything is going to turn out ok. Known for its ability to dispel depression, insomnia, anxiety and gloom, Mimosa shows us that happiness springs from within and every day contains a reason to celebrate. The aroma is that of plumeria and cucumbers. It is decidedly different than most aromas, light, sweet, refreshing, delightful. A child-like sense of wonder emanates from Mimosa, bringing to us hope, joy and laughter.
opens the heart to peacefulness and calm. It prepares the heart to receive love. Gives the ability to relax the mind to receive love, nurture and healing.
amplifies our ability to connect with the Still Small Voice, especially in areas of right and wrong and fulfilling our purpose. Decision-making becomes clearer and our ability to stand strong and stick to our guns is enhanced. Mullein allows a calm certainty and sense of protection as you walk your unique path. For anyone who is indecisive, or who has difficulty recognizing the voice of God, Mullein has a way of making things clearer. You can move into action with confidence.
says: I help those who feel lost and abandoned to feel at peace within themselves. I bring calm to a chaotic mind and to situations. I bring thoughts and feelings together so they aren’t disjointed. I am durable and won’t be put off. I help those with feelings of not being able to stand up for themselves, people that feel they ‘can’t take anymore’. I bring the strength of you, back in to you, bringing your power back to you so everything lines up as it should be, within yourself. I provide a sense of grounding and coherent stability.   Oceanspray, syringa – When you need to flow but feel bottled up inside, when you’re stuck in a rut, when you need inner strength, that is not a show of bravado, Oceanspray is the essence for you. Oceanspray releases freedom within, strength to begin, a release to flow into what you know.
Myrtus communis – opens the heart to receive love, acceptance, calm, hugs, everything will be alright, you’ll be fine. No confusion, anti-depressant, creative, fun, whimsy.
This blend opens the heart to love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love. It’s in every bottle that is a blend.
When you need to flow but feel bottled up inside, when you’re stuck in a rut, when you need inner strength, that is not a show of bravado, Oceanspray is the flower for you. Oceanspray releases freedom within, strength to begin, a release to flow into what you know.
When you feel like you’re fragile, but inside you know you are strong but just can’t find it, passion flower essence is the one for you. If you have a tendency to cling and not let go, to be afraid of new places, to eschew the comfort others want to give you; if you are a loner, if you give up more than you should, this is the essence for you. Passion flower awakens us to the appreciation of beauty; provides comfort, welcomes all, helps us to reach out. It brings a sense of adventure, helps us to not be afraid to extend our borders. Passion flower opens up the emotions to receive support. Releases the ability to persevere and stay the course, keep living, finding the joy in life.
for strength and to open our eyes to see the beauty around us.
This flower gives strength and empowerment without obnoxiousness. It gives energy and brings joy and happiness. It is a happy plant. Poinsettia Flower essence is not ashamed of how it looks while coming out to full glory and imparts that confidence to us. Poinsettia knows its’ outward glory is a reflection of its’ inward confidence. It provides courage to express your own feelings.
brings out the femininity women so often push down in their nurturing of others.
involves balancing the polar relationship between the physical senses and soul consciousness. Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for the person who identifies as very practical, yet the intuitive side is being stifled through fear. They are afraid of ‘going off the deep end’ as-it-were, into the occult or similar, so they stay in their ‘safe’ zone and probably call themselves pragmatic. This deep struggle between doing the right thing as they see it and doing the things God has called them to do, can make a person substitute their own distorted sense of being ‘practical’ to the detriment of stepping out in faith. Queen Anne’s Lace brings a unifying energy, bringing harmony between the spirit and soul, allowing the intuitive spirit within us to be free to explore the beautiful life given us by Creator, instead of being shut up in our own world of practical self-survival.
when there is so much to do, and it’s hard to find the priority, rabbitbrush helps with scattered thinking.
says – I help to stop negative energies from settling on you. I promote mental flexibility and bring the mind into alignment with Divine Will through the heart. I encourage a relaxation of inappropriate mental control, while balancing the rational and the intuitive.
sustainable joy, everything is going to be alright, no matter what it is.
Brings to the surface deeply buried feelings of blame, freeing our emotions of self doubt and hate, bringing new understanding of the past and present. Not weighed down with feelings of not measuring up, what remains is understanding of self. Mr. Lincoln Red Rose essence aptly brings freedom to see the truth of situations.
I pull down fences, uncovering what is holding you back when you can’t find answers. I help you surrender your heart to God and what He wants to do in your life. I deal with deep heart issues.
For breaking free of fetters
brings a deep understanding of issues and questions while you sleep. Sunflower works on father wounds and heals distortions in relationships to those in authority. When we grow up with a conflicted relationship, or lack of relationship, to our fathers, it plays into self-esteem issues. We also tend to project the natural relationship we had with our fathers onto how we see God. None of us had perfect fathers in the natural; our issues may cause a block in our ability to receive from the Father who is perfect. It also impacts where insecurity is an issue, where the person continually tries to convince others of their value. Sunflower is corrective of both insecurity and pride, bringing the person into balance in the grand scheme of things. Sunflower essence Promotes wisdom in how to deal with sudden emotional issues that come; like the death of someone. It softens the blows of revealed betrayals, bringing an ability to forgive and find joy in life. Promotes restful sleep.
stops confusion, releases newness of life, helps us go forward into adventure. Thai basil flower essence allows one to overcome the uncertainty & confusion of not knowing what to do. It opens us up to different paths we can take.
I am a sound. Just as the trumpet calls forth, so I call forth the sound of the Lord deep within. All are made in the image of God. I call forth courage. I bring forth the solid footing of that which you need. I bring strength to the fore. Strength in thinking. Strength in having courage, strength is facing fears and issues. I bring a settledness. I call from your depths, courage and strength. Use Torenia Flower Essence if you avoid some issues because of fear; if you circle around something inside your heart because it seems probably scary to face; if you don’t face your fears easily, if you tend to hide yourself from others, or feel shy about or worried that others might judge you.
rekindles the joy of youth. Energizes the little ones inside of us to believe in a bright future again. Renews joy.
banja luka-red tops, yellow bottoms – super stimulating, energizing the soul. Like smelling salts. Brings about an upbeat positive mood, brimming with get-it-done energy. It helps you find humor and optimism everywhere and enhances social situations. If you’re an introvert that has to be around a bunch of people, this will help you “extrovert” temporarily.
Frees up emotions to flow freely through the body, enabling expression of a full range of human emotions.