"Worrying has NEVER changed anything except the state of your health. Stop! Take EVERY WORRY to Jesus and LEAVE IT with Him.  "

Janine Joi


is beneficial when anxiety and fears of the unknown arise. When there are vague feelings that something terrible is going to happen, or when there are indications of loneliness or isolation; wanting a larger family or clan; lacking a feeling of belonging to a group, difficulty fitting in with one’s family, aspen is the essence to take.

Aspen essence is useful for those struggling with the lack of a supportive community. It may help you find a group to belong to, or to notice with fresh eyes that, indeed, there is already a community and family. It may point out there was an internal thought pattern was distorting the view. It increases the awareness and appreciation of one’s place in the immediate family unit, but also in the various other communities one may belong to. For some people, the aspen essence refreshes the good memories of those that have passed through their life, becoming a source of comfort.