"Fear shouldn't stop us from doing something. We push through fear and do it anyway. We stop at caution.  "

Janine Joi

Demanding Situations

When demanding situations arise. I was desparate to figure out how to do write the descriptions of the essences, how to name them. So, with intention I went and played with a local child. It was after that I realized how to write the definitions to the essences, how to find them, how to name them. They are taken from my lessons with the Lord. The lesson from the Lord is below in the descriptions of the flowers.
Take 3 drops 4 times a day. This is a 1 oz bottle with dropper, no taxes.

Aplomb – < what it used to be called. To have confidence or assurance, especially in demanding situations.

** All essences remove the negative electric charge from our emotions, enabling Truth to rise and shine His Light upon areas that need His healing touch. **

Mullein – amplifies our ability to connect with the Still Small Voice, especially in areas of right and wrong and fulfilling our purpose. Decision-making becomes clearer and our ability to stand strong and stick to our guns is enhanced. Mullein allows a calm certainty and sense of protection as you walk your unique path. For anyone who is indecisive, or who has difficulty recognizing the voice of God, Mullein has a way of making things clearer. You can move into action with confidence.

Queen Anne’s Lace – when the body and soul struggle between hearing from God and what is objectively perceived and understood through the conscious mind. Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for the person who identifies as very practical, yet the intuitive side is being stifled through fear. They are afraid of ‘going off the deep end’ as-it-were, into the occult or similar, so they stay in their ‘safe’ zone.
This deep struggle between doing the right thing as they see it and doing the things God has called them to do, can make a person substitute their own distorted sense of  being ‘practical’ to the detriment of stepping out in faith.

M&M – opens the heart to Love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion first to themselves then others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love.

Aspen – is the remedy for those whose fear can’t be named. Vague, unknown fears

Chicory – For those that feel deprived of love. Chicory helps with abandonment issues, wounds from rejection that result in holding people so tightly, they tend to pull away. Chicory helps you to love yourself and others deeply without strings attached.

Amaryllis – gives strength. It rejuvenates the body and mind, increasing energy at the cellular level. Imparts a ‘can-do’ attitude. Red amaryllis gives confidence that everything is alright, releases hope to flood the soul. Even when everything seems lost, it’s not.

Lesson behind the essence:

Story behind the Aplomb Flower Essence: Double quotes are God, single are mine. In this part, I am a child, maybe 7 yrs old. The whole story is in the Cork Road books under the link at top.

“Sweetheart, I want to show you some things tonight. And I want to heal you of some things. Do you want to go on a tea party?”

‘Yes Daddy.’ I hesitated just a little, because usually Daddy asks me to go on a tea party before something scary is going to happen.

“Babygirl, I want you to notice something, there was barely any hesitation when you said “yes Daddy”. I am so very, very proud of you! You have come so far Janine! You have come so far!”

Me, smiling, blushing. ‘Thank you Daddy!

Daddy, help me to come with you, help me to come with you Jesus.’

I felt an angel here, I reached out my right hand, the angel took it and I was led to doors. It seems there is one door in front and behind that another door, behind that another door and behind that another door. I can’t get through any door until I go through this first door. It seems like it may be a little foreboding.

The angel seems to be saying without speaking, ‘will you go’? Taking me by the hand and leading me to go, his hand goes forward, past his body, showing me I am to go on. But the angel is staying outside the door. The angel seems to think that it’s okay. I take a step towards the door, and I look back at the angel. The angel is still standing there.

I’m breathing heavy, but it finally dawns on me, the angel is here, this is heaven or whatever it is, even if it’s scary, it won’t be too bad. I gather up my courage, I take a deep breath and I walk toward the door. I go to touch the handle, but the handle is so hot I can’t touch it. The door swings open inwardly.

I see nothing inside. I step over the threshold and I am in a black room with gold in it. The gold is flashing on the walls, a spot here and a spot there, like a lightning bolt – gold is flashing all over, then it stops. I’m scared.

A booming voice (like behind the Oz curtain) says “what are you doing here?” ‘I’ve come to find out why I’m always so surprised when God is being nice to me.’ My bottom lip is quivering and I’m just talking to an empty room.

The voice says “sit on this chair.” In the middle of the room a wooden chair appears. I go and I sit on it, on the edge of it.

The voice booms, “are you afraid?”

‘Yes a little.’ “Then why are you here?”

‘Because,’ I quavered, ‘I want to find out why and because I have found that when I face my fears I get through them and the other side is better.’

All of a sudden the lights came on in the room and angels are clapping.

“BRAVO MY GIRL! BRAVO! Sweetheart, you have faced a fear that was a fear on top of a fear.”

‘Didn’t I do that before Daddy?’ “Yes sweetheart but never with such aplomb.”

‘What does that mean Daddy? I should go look it up right?’ “Right babygirl.”

‘DADDY! That said “doing something with confidence or assurance especially in a demanding situation”. But Daddy, I didn’t do that! I was scared and I was almost crying and I was shaky!’

“But babygirl don’t you see? I don’t expect perfection out of my children! I just expect a willingness to try! I expect my children to come with me, to fly with me and soar with me! I just want my children to come to me of their own free will and try! I don’t expect you to be perfect babygirl! To me, being willing to do something and going forth and doing it, is being perfect.”


“Oh sweetheart, one of the things I want you to tell everyone is that! I don’t expect perfection!

I don’t expect my children to be all cleaned up! I just want a willing heart and obedience! I want my children to step out and try! Do you see Janine? Do you see babygirl? You are always so shocked when you ask me something and I tell you ‘yes, it’s my pleasure’ or ‘yes I will.’ I am not an ogre baby, I am not the Catholic God in the sky waiting to smash on your fingertips while you’re holding on for dear life! That is not who I am. You know that now don’t you?”

‘Yes Daddy I do.’

“I’m so glad my girl. I am so glad you finally know that, finally see that. Why wouldn’t I want to give you good things? Why wouldn’t I want to give you nice things? Why would I tell you no? Why do you think you have that fear sweetheart?

*Shrugging* ‘I don’t know.’

“Think babygirl.”

‘Because my Daddy on earth and everybody on earth except my grandmother told me no?’

“Yes sweetheart that’s it. Because every time you have asked for something, no matter who it’s been from, you have not received it. You have been slammed down for it. You have been told you’re stupid, or it’s not worth while. When people don’t listen to you, you feel like you are not worthwhile. You feel ignoring you is really bad and it hurts you deeply. Because it tells you that they don’t care for you, really. Then, when you ask for something, even the smallest thing, you have not received it. And that hurt you deeply. Because it was a small thing. And all you wanted was to get that thing, which to you, proved that you were loved.

So when I say to you ‘yes’, it’s out of love my girl. It is out of pure, absolute delight and love! I love you baby. I love you babygirl. No one, no one can take your place! No one can take your place in my heart or in my eyes! There is not one person on the face of this earth that has been born or is born or could be born that could take your place in my heart!”


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