Individual Flower Essence Descriptions

Bauhania variegata – Increases emotional and mental flexibility, helping one to keep an open mind. Also helps to decrease fear of change, especially when the change is a life altering event. Embracing new concepts and ideas. Open to change. Accepting of others, changes bad attitudes, gives ability to cope.

Allows one to pursue goals and opportunities with greater faith and awareness, reaching out instead of withdrawing and trying to remain in one’s comfort zone. This can be an especially helpful essence when making a long distance move.

This essence helps us to feel excited and empowered by the changes that are occurring so we can better embrace them with ease.

Bleeding Heart is for heartbreak, grief and codependency. It helps us to acknowledge our grief in a healthy way and in so doing, helps the heart to mend. It gives us the ability to love others unconditionally, with an open heart and emotional freedom.

Gardenia – increases knowledge and prophetic tendencies. Separates the small stuff from the big stuff. Separates what’s important from what’s not important. Calms.

Leek – dives deeply to get to the heart of an issue. Cuts away falsehoods and unravels threads. Leek softens your heart to release the hurt.

Lilacs – Combo white & purple lilac 

White – Helps those with a sensitive nature feel more socially confident. It helps us to let go. Gives us emotional strength to believe in ourselves.

Purple – aids in those that set impossible standards for themselves. Helps in releasing burdens not meant to be carried.

Combo white and purple lilac – are beneficial in aligning one’s spine and holding an adjustment. They are helpful for depression and low energy due to a lack of self-connectedness. It rejuvenates and uplifts. They restore the lightness of laughter and a spring in the step.

M&M blend in every bottle that leaves here.

  Moringa –opens the heart to peacefulness and calm. They prepare the heart to receive  love. Gives the ability to relax the mind to receive love, nurture and healing.
Myrtle – love, acceptance, calm, hugs, everything will be alright, you’ll be fine. No confusion, anti-depressant, creative, fun, whimsy. Together they are a powerhouse of opening the heart to receive love.

Mr. Lincoln Red Rose – Brings to the surface deeply buried feelings of blame. Frees the mind & emotions of self doubt and hate, and brings new understanding of the past and present. Not weighed down with feelings of not measuring up, what remains is understanding of self. Mr. Lincoln Red Rose essence aptly brings freedom to see the truth of situations.

Myrtle flowers – give a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. They release love.

Red Amaryllis – gives strength. It rejuvenates the body and mind, increasing energy at the cellular level. Imparts a ‘can-do’ attitude. Red amaryllis gives confidence that everything is alright, releases hope to flood the soul. Even when everything all seems lost, it’s not.

Passion Flower – When you feel like you’re fragile, but you know inside you are strong and you can’t find it, passion flower is the one for you. Passion flower awakens the appreciation of beauty, provides comfort, welcomes all and is not afraid to extend its’ borders. Passion flower vine opens up the emotions to receive support, releases the ability to persevere and stay the course, keep living, finding the joy in life.

Poinsettia – This flower brings joy, gives strength. It empowers, without obnoxiousness. It gives energy and brings happiness. It is a happy plant. It will begin the work of rooting out the deep traumas that have settled in the stomach area. Poinsettia brings subtle excitement. Its not ashamed of how it looks while coming out to its’ full glory and brings that to us. Poinsettia knows its’ outward showing, is only to bring close to its’ heart that which will heal it.