Individual Flower Essence Descriptions

Baby Tears, Soleirolia Soleirolii - This was an extremely hard plant to identify. The only difference in appearance is the ruffled edges of pilea depressa and this one, no ruffled edges. This is an astounding essence for those that take things too seriously and too personally. When things happen, we are able to hold them apart from ourselves, enabling us to see we are not being personally attacked. Baby tears allows us to step back from the situation while releasing the inner resources we didn’t know we had to meet the challenge. Instead of internalizing it and taking the blame or anger or whatever is aimed at us, this essence keeps things at arm's length. We are able to look at things objectively instead of taking things personally and getting all upset about it. We are able to think rationally because we are not consumed with having to defend ourselves mentally. Whereas before, I would try to speak calmly and then have to deal with being upset afterward by myself, it doesn’t even get to that. It’s not MINE, it just is, but I don’t own it. Baby Tears stops negativity from getting on us because it acts as a shield. In circumstances that would normally offend, it helps us to not become personally involved, i.e., not give away our power. It helps us to focus on good, instead of allowing fear of whatever to take a foothold. We are able to think more positively because we don't have the emotional negativity haunting and hunting us down. Baby tears helps us calm down more quickly, forgive more quickly, thereby not getting as angry. It changes the outlook, opens up understanding, makes us more sure of what we know, more calm and not so hard on ourselves. This is an excellent essence for those who have had issues of neglect, abandonment and molestation issues, along with perfectionism and control issues.

"When believed and spoken, any promise of God is turned into the power of God.  "

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