"Just as a little leaven leavens the whole lump, so do words. If you will speak the prophetic words you've received, if you will speak scriptures out loud, good things will start happening.  "

Janine Joi


says: I help those who feel lost and abandoned to feel at peace within themselves. I bring calm to a chaotic mind and to situations. I bring thoughts and feelings together so they aren’t disjointed. I am durable and won’t be put off. I help those with feelings of not being able to stand up for themselves, people that feel they ‘can’t take anymore’. I bring the strength of you, back in to you, bringing your power back to you so everything lines up as it should be, within yourself. I provide a sense of grounding and coherent stability.


Oceanspray, syringa – When you need to flow but feel bottled up inside, when you’re stuck in a rut, when you need inner strength, that is not a show of bravado, Oceanspray is the essence for you. Oceanspray releases freedom within, strength to begin, a release to flow into what you know.