"If you're trying to be perfect, you're missing out on the finer freedom points of life.  "

Janine Joi

Queen Anne's Lace

involves balancing the polar relationship between the physical senses and soul consciousness.

Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for the person who identifies as very practical, yet the intuitive side is being stifled through fear. They are afraid of ‘going off the deep end’ as-it-were, into the occult or similar, so they stay in their ‘safe’ zone and probably call themselves pragmatic.

This deep struggle between doing the right thing as they see it and doing the things God has called them to do, can make a person substitute their own distorted sense of being ‘practical’ to the detriment of stepping out in faith. Queen Anne’s Lace brings a unifying energy, bringing harmony between the spirit and soul, allowing the intuitive spirit within us to be free to explore the beautiful life given us by Creator, instead of being shut up in our own world of practical self-survival.