"A person doesn't usually change until they see a lack in their life.  "

Janine Joi


brings a deep understanding of issues and questions while you sleep. Sunflower works on father wounds and heals distortions in relationships to those in authority. When we grow up with a conflicted relationship, or lack of relationship, to our fathers, it plays into self-esteem issues. We also tend to project the natural relationship we had with our fathers onto how we see God. None of us had perfect fathers in the natural; our issues may cause a block in our ability to receive from the Father who is perfect. It also impacts where insecurity is an issue, where the person continually tries to convince others of their value. Sunflower is corrective of both insecurity and pride, bringing the person into balance in the grand scheme of things.

Sunflower essence Promotes wisdom in how to deal with sudden emotional issues that come; like the death of someone. It softens the blows of revealed betrayals, bringing an ability to forgive and find joy in life. Promotes restful sleep.