"Being an adult, being mature, is not based on age. It's based on us being willing to learn, to grow up in our emotions. To give up our grievances and change our perceptions when they are not based on truth.  "

Janine Joi

Relief N Rescue™

Relief N Rescue™ Flower Essence – For people and pets.

This is Doors To Joy’s ‘rescue remedy’. Relief N Rescue™ functions as the quick, go to for nerves, loud noises, acute situations of anxiety or distress. Sudden set of nerves? Take Relief N Rescue™. Going into an interview? Anxiety or fear caused by loud noises, travel thunderstorms, gunshots, loud booms, things that make pets and people run for cover, Relief N Rescue™ to the rescue.
This essence brings peace to jangled nerves, releases stress, heightens awareness of joy and soothes tangled emotions.
Great bottle to carry in pocket or purse. Donation is for a 1 oz bottle with dropper, no taxes, includes shipping. Take 3 drops 4 times a day.

** All essences remove the negative electric charge from our emotions, enabling Truth to rise and shine His Light upon areas that need His healing touch. **

Lemon balm used for anxiety, fear of thunder storms for people or pets

Cara Cara orange calms down, reducing fear, frustration and anxiety, equalizes feelings so frustration and anger levels mellow out.

Elm provides grounding when one is overwhelmed with fear or uncertainty.

Dill soothes nerves, opens pathways of calm to the emotions.

M&M opens the heart to love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love.

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