"If you are a Jesus follower, the power of God flows through you. Release that power by doing what Jesus did. Pray for another, heal the sick, be encouraging. No one ever got anywhere by  not taking that first step. Janine Joi"

** All essences remove the negative electric charge from our emotions, enabling Truth to rise and shine His Light upon areas that need His healing touch. **

Cassia inner strength to get the job done.

Fairy duster allows us to let go of ‘shoulding’ on ourselves.

Yerba Santa frees up emotions to flow freely through the body, enabling expression of a full range of human emotions.

Evening primrose ability to open emotions and form deep, committed relationships

Cerato Certainty, self confidence

Lupine Stands straight, promotes confidence in who you are, Whose you are, promotes the ability to know you can, releases warmth, love and peace.

M&M opens the heart to love from above. It gives a person the ability to show compassion to themselves and others. It enables the heart to feel love, know love, accept love.

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