Perceptions and Perspective

Perceptions and Perspective

4.6.22 readability. My words are in single quotes, God’s are in double quotes. If there’s no quotes it’s me thinking.


I’m not fully trusting God in this house move. I’ve been scared. Because bad things happen to good people, because trusting God doesn’t always mean that bad things aren’t going to happen. Lord get me to the bottom of this please, in Jesus name. Teach Me Lord. Tell me, give me the secrets in the hidden places, the secret riches in the hidden places.

Why wouldn’t He know what He’s doing? He’s God.

So for me to think that, means I’m not trusting God. For me to think that God doesn’t know what He’s doing, makes me appalled. Me being appalled at myself starts a spiral down. How…whatever I am or what I think about myself.. I’m not going to even voice it. That is what that ‘nest’ of feelings is when I feel bad about myself. What the enemy grabs onto and that’s how suicides happen…thinking you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re awful, you’re whatever. It’s a nest of lies that the enemy gets ahold of.

Holy Spirit has been teaching me about perceptions and perspectives. The perspective on this, is of course, God knows what He’s doing. So since He knows what He’s doing, that means either He isn’t telling me because He wants me to trust Him, or He’s not telling me for some other reason. Well actually it’s not ‘either’ it could be ‘and’.

I haven’t sat with the Lord in a week for personal time. So it could be that He hasn’t told me because I haven’t sat with Him. The remedy to that is sitting with Him. It could be that He wants me to trust Him. And that’s the more likely reason because trust is a big deal. That’s why when humans break trust with each other through lying or infidelity or whatever is trustworthy, it’s a big deal. You can gain trust back. But humans are fallible, God is not. God never lies. He always has my best interests at heart. So if God always has my best interests at heart, then He has His reasons for moving me out into this wilderness. I need to decide to trust him.

My big fear is being 68 years old and my health being the way it is. So, um, flip it Janine. This means that I am going to get healthy and the Lord is providing a way for me to not be sedentary, to eat better and live better.

‘Lord, I want you to know that flipping it, is difficult.’

“I know it is baby. But once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature. And things will look better and feel better and be better. Because your outlook, your outlook on life is about perspective. This is true of everyone.

How you perceive your life is how you will live your life. If you think that you have done so much wrong, you’re making it all about you. Your perception is skewed. As you have already said this morning. Sweetheart you’re doing well, you are figuring things out. You are thinking things through. You are applying, you are taking what I have taught you and applying it to areas of your life! That’s all I ask! Not to wallow in your mud hole, not to wallow in a pity party, not to wallow and stay stuck in the nest of falsehoods and lies that you have – you being everyone – have lived in for all of your life. But to come out and come up into the light of My life. Come up and come out from the miry clay that is holding your feet down so you can’t fly with Me! I long to fly with every one of my children. This happens through trust. As you let go of the fears and the things that hold you back, as you change your perspectives, as you change your perception of things and place your trust in Me, place your hand in my hand, things change. Things change in your thinking. When you’re thinking changes, then your life changes.”

‘Dad? That’s what they’re saying when they say “change your attitude, change your life” huh?’

“Yes sweetheart. However most platitudes end up being trite and most platitudes do not give an explanation of how to do it. There are thousands, millions of people like you that hear these things, but don’t know how to achieve it, don’t know how to attain it. Because no one has taught them how to think. No one has taught them how to decipher. No one has taught them how to reason, how to change their thinking, how to change their attitude.

No one has specifically said what an attitude is. An attitude is not merely something that is negative, it’s a way of thinking. Most people think an attitude is a bad thing, it has a bad connotation. Attitude means the way you think, the way you feel. The way you were brought up to think and feel. The feelings that have come from circumstances that have affected your life. It’s not so easy to change the core of why your attitude is what it is.

For some people, many people in fact, it is easy for them to change their attitude and then they change their life. Or, their life changes. For others it’s a much deeper issue. These are the people that have been lied to, abused, misused. Haven’t I said that everyone has issues?”

‘Yes Dad you have.’

“Even the people that seem to be able to change their attitude and their life changes, they’re changing surface things. Most people do not delve into the depths of their soul like you do.”

‘Is that okay? My first thought was that it is a bad thing, then I thought that because of everything you’ve told me, it’s a good thing.’

“It is a good thing baby girl! As soon as you get the story on the blog and in a book, and as soon as you get the devotionals written, then others will be able to benefit from your mistakes and your learnings. They’ll be able to benefit from all that I have taught you.”

‘So that’s my purpose Lord? I thought my purpose was that you wanted me to use and sell flower essences.’

fushia flower

“I do want you to do that as well! In addition to the flower essences are the devotionals, the books. Your purpose is to write the devotionals, write the story. Get it all into people’s hands. Books, devotionals, flower essences, joy, laughter, prophetic words, seeing through the fog of unbelief. All the prophetic words I have given you, are what your purpose is. Many have more than one purpose. Your job for me on this earth is to release my power that is available for everyone, to show them the way. Through what I have taught you. Just be you.

To lighten their soul, to brighten their day. To share the prophetic words I have given you, to bring joy and light and laughter to areas of darkness and strife and fear.”

‘That sounds pretty awful God.’

He laughed. “Wherever you go sweetheart, light and joy and laughter follows you. It exudes from your very being. That’s why you need to be careful on where you go.”

‘Careful Lord? That doesn’t sound like you.’ “Leave it there, ruminate on it.” ‘Yes Lord.’

“Pay attention.

Everywhere you walk, every place your foot shall tread, I have given it to you. I want you to recognize, as I have said before, what the other person has that drips from their life. Go back and find the entry we did on people and their jewels. Go back and read what I have told you about people dripping droplets of joy or whatever gift I’ve given them. You are a gift, you are the gift I’ve chosen to bring out the gifts of others. Releasing others, through essences, through joy and prophetic words. Just as I’ve said already in the past. Releasing, imparting. Many gifts, many gifts I’ve given you. Rejoice my child! Rejoice Janine! You are a delight to many.”

‘Thank you Lord, I don’t feel like a delight.’ “You will, soon enough. You’ll see. Now that your perceptions have changed, you’ll see.”

‘Lord, on the ‘careful’ up there, I think what you’re saying is, it’s not so much ‘careful’ as it is ‘pay attention’ to where I spend my time. That as you told me with this church I’ve been going to, I’m there for a season, to impart words and pray for what You want me too. If they don’t accept it, it’s not on me.’

“Yes my girl! Good catch! Very good! This is a part of being a prophet, or a prophetic voice. Don’t let ‘them’ get you down, shake the dust off your feet and move on.”

‘Yes Lord.’

He smiled. ‘You’re smiling ’cause I said Lord instead of Dad huh?’

“I am. Good catch. It’s all right sweetheart I understand you and I love you. I will not break my Covenant with you. I cannot break my Covenant with you. I do not wish to break my Covenant with you. I do not wish or want to break my Covenant with anyone. I am for you, I am not against you, I have your best interests at heart. I have plans for you, plans to prosper you and give you a hope and a future. You are in that now Janine, going to this land, you are going into your future.”

Silence from me.

‘My future, according to that scripture, is NOW???/  “Yes!”

Cue the song He just gave me in the shower.

Is this true of everyone?

If they will accept it, it is. If they will trust Me, look to Me, do what I have called them to do. There are many that need to run for office, a council seat, a board, but are hesitant, fearful. There are many that should be raising their voices, but don’t. There are many that should be homeschooling, but don’t. There are many avenues I want to open up, however people are listening to the wrong things, to the wrong people. To the wrong ‘news’. What is the ‘news’ Janine?”

‘The good news, your Word.’

“Very good, yes. Also news is what *I* want done, where *I* am going. Lance is correct, people are thinking to get out of this world, when it’s on this earth I have placed you all. To shine your lights. To make wrongs right, to dominate. It’s where the enemy lives, but it does not belong to him, it belongs to me. The earth is mine and everything in it. When my people, which are called by My name, humble themselves, seek My face, turn from their wicked ways, do what I want, listen to Me instead of fear, then I will hear them and heal their land. This land IS My land, it was made by Me for you.”

‘Excuse me Lord, thank You for that. It was, uh, involved. Are the plans You have for us for a hope and future, happening now for others?’ [Sometimes I can ask again, and He’ll give me an easier answer. But I couldn’t figure out a different way.]

He chuckled. “See above.” He laughed, “scroll up.”

He was referencing when people ask on text or email about something and it’s already been written, but they didn’t pay attention so they ask the same thing. I get vexed and say, ‘scroll up’.

‘Point made Dad.’ I laughed. [another lesson. Don’t get upset, laugh!]

"You can't be triggered if the memory is gone!  "

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