Addressing Fear

Well, I’ve been reading my journal and posting it on youtube. As the Lord has asked me to do. The purpose is to let others know they are not alone. It’s basically a story to me and for me, yet also for everyone and anyone else that wants to avail themselves of the lessons, wisdom, knowledge and comfort the Lord wants to give you. A LOT of the time, the Lord is talking to everyone, not just me. I’m the listener and record keeper.

Yesterday I read 1.13.18. It’s about a shack, fear I had and how to get thru that fear to the other side. The Lord has been dealing with me lately on fear. I never knew there were so many different things that are actually fear. This lesson will come up in future days. Everything builds upon the lesson before it.

Today is 12.24.21. A friend and I went for a walk today. A new place. There is a pond nearby and since it hasn’t been raining, I figured I could walk to it and see what’s around it. I was right. There were ducks on the pond, until Canadian geese came flying in and then the ducks left. We continued around the bend in the dirt road and, uh, what’s that? Yep. It’s an old shack.

shack of fear
shack causing fear

One of the things the Lord is teaching me, is the difference between fear and caution. It’s such a fine line. I was going to turn back. I mean, those were chairs in front. Then I stopped, remembering the story and explaining the lesson to my walking-mate. I reminded myself that the Lord is with me and there are angels with me as well.

chair thru trees
chairs thru trees

I was trying to ascertain if this was caution or fear. I figured it was fear. So I continued on. I stopped and took photos with my phone to distract myself. It worked a little. But then, as I got opposite the shack, I saw a bag of trash. A BAG OF TRASH! That means, there’s someone there. I took another photo of the trees reflecting on the water.








Along with the bag of trash, there’s a fire ring.

bag of trash made me fearful
bag of trash

oh my word! Nope, nope, I’m not going to get into fear. No, I’m not. I turned an took another couple of photos of the reflections in the water, as we continued to walk. My companion says, ‘oh look at the chairs, and there’s a fire ring too.” Yes, yes there is.


I’m looking around, not getting IN to fear, but right there at the edge of it. We passed the shack. My walking companion is afraid of nothing. However they don’t understand fear either, so they are not much use for me. There’s no soothing words, no encouragement, no quoted scripture. It’s probably a good thing in the long run, it means I have to do this on my own, even with someone there. Which is true, the fear we have is ours until we get rid of it.

Just as we got to the next corner, I heard someone ahead of us inside the chain link fence make a call. Like ‘hey’. Course, my walking companion didn’t hear it. LOL

I’m supposed to read and re-read this story the Lord has given me. I have not re-read it in quite some time. But there is SO MUCH encouragement in it and so much help, direction and wisdom, I need to get to reading it.

I just thought it was intensely interesting that I read that portion and came across a shack the next day.

I’m doing my best to get the journal read and put online. It’s already on this blog, but the Lord wants as many to hear and read it as possible. He wants His children healed. And by cracky, I am FINALLY at the place where it doesn’t matter what I think or want. It really, really is all about Jesus.

Until next time, remember, you are a treasure. You are loved beyond measure. You are worthwhile.

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"Fear shouldn't stop us from doing something. We push through fear and do it anyway. We stop at caution.  "

Janine Joi

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