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J, my son, was 11.5, when I sent him to live with his dad. For years his dad had nagged and hammered me to send him, saying J would be better off with him. So when he was 11.5, the Lord said “Send him.” I asked, ‘what about You? Going to church? Any of that?’ [knowing his dad was not a follower] The Lord said, “When he becomes a man, he will be a man of God.”

J went thru some rough years, as all of us have. However, he is now a man and he is a man of God.

When he was about 7 or 8, my son wrote 2 songs. Actually, he wrote the lyrics and some people at the church we attended, Key to Life in Roseville, Ca [now Living Waters], put the words to music. The guy said, ‘This is the best music I’ve written to date’.

J had the Kenneth Taylor Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. [SOMEONE needs to get that printed again] He loved it. He loved the Bible stories and loved Jesus.

J is a leader. He’s an evangelist. He knows the right thing to say to people and says it. He doesn’t withhold his love from others and has a joy about him that is palpable. People are drawn to him because of the God-given abilities that enable him to be interested in others, gently probing to find out what their issues are, so he can pray for them and minister to their needs.

Because of his gift for leadership, he is able to bring others in to Jesus. He is enthusiastic about Jesus and will go out of his way to befriend someone who may not have many friends. J is always on the lookout for whom he can bring in to his home and feed, both with food and the gospel. He knows the value of meeting the needs of people with tangible things as well as spiritual things.

My son is generous with his love, friendship, time and money. He is happily married to a lovely woman who is equally devoted to Jesus.

I am blessed. The Lord says to speak those things that are not, as though they are.



"Fear shouldn't stop us from doing something. We push through fear and do it anyway. We stop at caution.  "

Janine Joi

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